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Found 4 results

  1. Experimenting using the FsFrequencyCOM and am getting overflow exceptions when I try to use the P3D4 Offsets (0x05C4, 0x05C8, 0x05CC and 0x05D0). I assume that this is because they are uint instead of ushort. Any plans to extend FsFrequencyCOM to handle these, so I can represent a frequency of 132.925 without fiddling with xxx.x2 is really xxx.x25?
  2. I am running FSUIPC 5 1.03g, registered. I am trying to run a LUA script (via Key Presses section) that I used with P3Dv3 that controls my PMDG 737NGX home made overhead panels, etc. in P3Dv4. I exclusively use UDP to communicate between Arduinos and FSUIPC which uses Lua Sockets. I now get the LUA error: I am assuming this is because I have not compiled a 64 bit version of LUA. I installed the 32 bit version a long time ago and I muddled my way through it with Luarocks version 5.1.x, I believe. My question is, am I on the right path in believing that I need to figure out how to compile it again with 64 bit? I am not very strong on these sorts of things and I can't find any clear cut ways to do it on my Win7-64 box. The searches I am coming up with are all over the map on ways to do it. Has anyone done this yet that could advise on what I need to do or point me to a URL that explains the best way? Thanks in advance, Dustin
  3. I have a question about button settings in FSUPIC 5.151 in P3D4. I had a button on my Sytek Flight Yoke System to send a "Gear Toggle" control when it was pressed, like so: The problem is that the button raises the gear when it is pressed and lowers the ger when it is released. In FSX it behaves differently, I believe. Instead, pressing the button toggles between raised and lowered, and releasing the button does nothing. (This is under version 4 for FSX.) To make this work as expected in P3D4 I reprogramed the button to send the G key instead like this: This is okay, but not an ideal solution for me because I like to avoid programming keys in P3D4 for this kind of thing. (I like to reserve keys for external utility apps like ChasePlane for example.) Is there a setting in P3D4 or FSUPIC to make the Gear Toggle control work as expected? Thanks for your input. Gil Yoder
  4. Dear Folks, Let me show you some work in progress without commenting it :) Vic
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