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Found 5 results

  1. This is the first of two issue reports - I just upgraded the P3D to the latest P3Dv3/P3Dv4 version, and I'm getting a consistent crash in PMDG_777X_2.dll on shutdown. Ordinarily, I'd report straight to PMDG, but I'm seeing the following issue in the FSUIPC log at the end: 89638 === Closing session: waiting for DLLStop to be called ... 114973 === DLLStop called ... 114973 === Closing external processes we started ... 115971 === About to kill any Lua plug-ins still running ... 116127 === Closing global Lua thread 117125 === About to kill my timers ... 117328 === Restor
  2. Hello, i´m use FSUIPC to control my Stick in the sim. (Axes and buttons) i want to set the "Main Button" and "Secondary Button" on my Stick with FSUIPC. but i can not find "Alternate Static sourece (on/off)" and "propeller sync (on/off)" in the list for Buttons in FSUIPC. im sure that they are in, but in other names? whats the correct names for this in "control send when button pressed"? Thank you!
  3. Hi there, I'm sorry if it has been previously answered somewhere else but only had time for a brief search. I have recently noticed that my Model MActhing on Vatsim through VPILOT is incorrect. For example I fly with a friend and when he was connected as a Lufthansa A321 it said he was a Condor A320. It happened again tonight so I thought I'd ask for a bit of advice. Hopefully there is a simple fix, Many Thanks,
  4. Hi all, I've tried just about everything I can think of and am coming up 100% empty. I purchased a license for FSUIPC under the understanding that it would run on Prepar3D v3. However, once I installed it, Prepar3D no longer starts at all - it just sits and hangs on the the initial loading screen, with nothing happening thereafter. I've tried completely wiping both things entirely from the system and reinstalling fresh, with no results. I have also tried installing the SP2 simconnect in the P3D redist directory, with no results. In all honesty, I'm entirely at wits end, and don't understand w
  5. Hey Pete, I have a little problem with FSUIPC and P3Dv3. Running 4.496, can bind key presses with no problem. Have my axis defined in P3D, working fine. When i try to tweak the axis within FSUIPC it doesn't pick the axis up. So for example i cannot set my throttle up within FSUIPC or yoke. Any ideas? Thanks for your help. Ian
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