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Found 23 results

  1. Hi Pete, Like many others I have made the transition to P3DV4 and am enjoying the opportunity to keep my PC alive and to enjoy my FSX/FSX.SE until further. I have started put very slowly and am trying to get FSUIPC5 (Paid) up and running together with LINDA. The install and registration runs fine but I was only able to access the first FSCIPC5 screen when using the demo setup. I then wnet back and paid my dues with pleasure (Old hand like yourself). On restarting I noticed a black rectangel appear briefly on the left hand side of the screen and have not been able to access the FSUIPC5 screens since then. Linda loads up and only shows sync taking place to FSX but shows the 'Aircraft' module and confirms that it is connected to P3DV4 and I can input button data to the current a/c which is fine but I need to be able to set up profiles etc. I have read through your various responses on this subject, in particular the wuestion og wxstationlist.bin but I have not been able to find this file in AppData\Roaming P3D. I would, however believe that the black rectangle I could see may have something to do with the issue as it resembles the size of a simconnect transaction but what would I know. I would appreciate any thoughts you may have on this and will supply further data if you require it. The FSUIPC5 intsall file is included. Thanks in advance Schaefer (Bruce) FSUIPC5 Install.log
  2. Here's the next beta update for STB for Prepar3D V4, major changes in bold: · Further content updates (airline logos, aircraft and airline configuration files) for Just Flight TrafficGlobal. · Major upgrade of the STB Date-Time architecture to support 64bit values and multiweek schedules. The latter provide schedule repeat periods of TWO, FIVE and EIGHT WEEKS in addition to the default. · Dates now presented in US format (e.g. Month Day) when the local Windows culture is set to US (or any other culture that uses the same convention). · Added the schedule repeat period value to flight details dialogue and show both local and Zulu schedule times when tracing is set to verbose level. · STB is compiling all traffic files starting with ".BGL", rather than those that are ".BGL” exactly. · Bug fix: When determining the width of the airline logo column, the AirlineLogoWidth setting is always used rather than column properties saved to the settings file. · Bug Fix: Null exception caused by STB AI Observer · Add a small margin to the airline logo width column to ensure it displays correctly. · Added exception handling to the methods that handle callbacks from Simconnect that would otherwise fail silently. · Force integer division to double precision where the result can be -1 > 0 < 1, to avoid underrun. The multi week schedule support turned out to be a huge piece of work, essentially requiring a new approach to the concept of time in STB which took quite some time to get done. We need a more flexible approach when displaying date/times, so here's an example of what you'll see with a multi week schedule: Flights that occur a week or more away include the full date and time, while those from tomorrow up to a week just include the day name. The other big change is support for the US style date format, and any other cultures that present the month before the day name. In other words, looking at the screen shot you will now see "Sun Jun 25 06:24" instead of "Sun 25 Jun 06:24". The format is automatically set by the culture your Windows PC is using. Given the amount of change, I'd like to run this update as an open beta. Please download and install, and please share your experiences whether "good", "bad" or "everything's fine" You can download the STB Client update from here: http://bit.ly/2JFmf9m And the STB Data Server combined update and installer from here: http://bit.ly/2Ocw6aj Many thanks Simon
  3. Hello Pete and simFlight community, Since the launch of the Aerosoft Airbus I am struggling with my AI. For example, if I fly into the Frankfurt area FPS lower to 3-5 for a number of seconds to load all AI at the airport. Normally not a big issue, but since the Aerosoft Bus requires 18FPS for the FBW my plane is going crazy. I have tried some AI traffic removers (Unwanted AI Remover, AI Traffic Manager), but they cannot avoid that all the aircraft are being loaded at Frankfurt if that is my destination (unwanted AI remover only removes AI except departure and destination; AI Traffic Manager loads only every 60 seconds, so when the stutters occur they are too late). So I am wondering what FSUIPC can do on that part. Is it possible that the Traffic Limiter only loads a select amount of aircraft when entering that area, so the stuttering will decrease or even disappear? Many thanks for answering my question! Erik
  4. *** Updated 22 July 2018 I've updated STB with the latest content for TrafficGlobal Early Access V1.1.0.6. As well as adding new airlines, almost all of existing airline logos have been updated and improved where available. If you already have STB, there are three ways you can get this content: STB V3 for FSX, install the V3.6.2018.20200 update. This isn't available in the shops quiet yet, but please contact me and I'll be happy to help. STB V4 for Prepar3D V4.2+, install the V4.2.2018.20200 update. Full details here: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/85698-stb-client-update-v42201820200-for-prepar3d-v42-and-later/ If you have an older STB product than those listed above or don't wish to update, you can get the latest content by following these instructions: http://www.supertrafficboard.com/downloads/How_to_configure_STB_for_Just_Flight_Traffic_Global.pdf *** End of update While the new Just Flight Traffic Global is going through "Early Access", it's likely the content will change much faster than I can make and publish official installer based updates for STB. With that in mind and the need to cover legacy versions of STB also, here's a guide for how to configure your STB for Traffic Global to get the latest in logos, airline data and aircraft data. As changes occur (e.g. new logos etc.) I'll make announcements here and at Just Flight. How to configure STB for Just Flight Traffic Global.pdf (Note: The latest STB V4.2.2018.13500 for Prepar3D-V4.2 product update has content for Traffic Global, but it is not up to date with the latest developments in Traffic Global. Therefore I still recommend you use the procedure described here When Traffic Global exits Early Access, I'll look at providing an official STB product update).
  5. Hi! I am a long time fan of STB. Recently moved up to P3Dv4 and I found out that UTlive was at the moment the best option for AI-traffic. Waiting for JF Traffic Global to get ready. However, I read about the limitations of STB with UTLive, but I haven’t found any information about which functions DO work. I mainly use STB for the approach separation feature, does that work with UTLive? What other functions work? If the approach separation works I will go ahead and buy the P3dv4 update, but if it doesn’t work with UTlive I better wait for Traffic Global. Best regards Jan Jönsson
  6. Summary The download link for the client update is http://bit.ly/2IHyrtD The download link for the STB Data Server (which is both an update and the full version of the application) is at http://bit.ly/2rIgZvE Client Update I’m delighted to announce the availability of the next update for Super Traffic Board for Prepar3D V4. This is V4.2.2018.13500, and the key changes are: Content for Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access), including airline logos, aircraft and airline configuration. As changes occur during the early access program, I will continue to update STB to reflect those changes. Support for hotkeys: Map the function keys (F1 to F12) to the most common STB commands. I’ll talk a little more about this one in my a separate post. Other changes since V4.2.2018.13500 include: Further enhancements to the user experience when issuing STB commands. Once selected most commands now report what they are doing in the STB message area at the bottom of the screen. Changed Uninstall process to use a "RunOnceID", which should help prevent excessive instances of the uninstall utilities being started. Bug fix: During uninstall, the undeployment UI is only shown once even if the UnDeployer is invoked multiple times by the windows uninstall process. This can happen as a result of installer configuration prior to this update. As always consider this “early access” which is why I make it available through the forum here. I’ve tested extensively and not found any problems, please let me know if how you get along with it. STB Data Server Update There’s also a new version of STB Data Server (STB-DS), again V4.2.2018.135. The changes there include: Bug fix: tolerate traffic BGLs that do not contain any schedules that would otherwise resulting in an index loading exception. Changed Uninstall configurtion to use a "RunOnceID", which should help prevent excessive instances of the uninstall utilities being started. Bug fix: During uninstall, the undeployment UI is only shown once even if the UnDeployer is invoked multiple times by the windows uninstall process. This can happen as a result of installer configuration prior to this update. It’s is mandatory to install the STB Data Server update along with the client update if you are using STB on a separate computer to Prepar3D. Remember the STB client goes on the other computer while STB Data Server is installed on your Prepar3D computer. Simon
  7. Moved to Main Forum. Please ask questions related to FSUIPC always in Main Forum. Hello - I have the latest FSUIPC release (5.124) is this capable of macros at all? I know the earlier release isn't but I'm not clear about the latest version. And if not, I need a way to turn on the IRS switches in PMDG-NGX 737 (P3Dv4.2) - either by a push button or a physical switch ... any suggestions? Many thanks Father Dane
  8. spacecoast

    Feelthere Map! for P3DV4?

    Hello since you have implemented the Feelthere Map into the Embraer Pack for P3DV4, I wanted to ask if you can update the Feelthere Map! program to use for all the a/c's in P3DV4? That would be very nice! Thanks Jan
  9. Hi, I am creating a flight plan YMML-NZQN. All goes well creating the approach into RM23 at NZQN until I encounter two waypoints with the same name in different parts of the world. I can see on the FSC flight plan map the way point I want, a fix called GOSPA but when I insert GOSPA in the flight plan string, the flight plan diverts some 7850 Nm to an Int of the same name. I looked at the manual to see if I can convince FSC, but could not find. I ended up placing a manual fix(fix10) which seemed to work on the FSC map. Yet to see what happens in P3D. When I manually set up a flight plan in the a/c (FSL A320) I can insert the correct GOSPA ok Anyway, just wondered how I can chose a waypoint I want when the wrong one of the same name is chosen by FSC? Win 10, P3Dv4.1, FSC 9.6 rev 9
  10. Hey, since yesterday i have a big problem with FSUIPC5. I need it to run the IvAP-Client from IVAO. I installed FSUIPC5 but every time I launch P3D it crashes about 5-10 seconds after launching it. When I delte the "Modules"-Folder, it is launching perfectly again. So it has something to do with FSUIPC5. I found this error in my Install-log: "Attempt to set the ACL entries for Modules access permissions failed, error = 1332" I also tried to launch P3D as administrator. I almost tried everything - nothing helped until now. Maybe someone can help me with this problem. Thank you :) Julian
  11. So, PLEASE HELP. I've searched all over to see if anyone is having the same problem as me and can not find it anywhere. I have P3Dv4 installed and working perfectly fine. Once i install FSUIPC V5.122(registered), i try to run P3D and the little loading screen pops up, loads for about 10 seconds, then disappears. I check the task manager and P3D is still running in the background and the only way to close it is throug task manager. Once i delete the Modules file with FSUIPC in it, P3D loads right up again with no problem at all. Add ons, Fly Tampa Sceneries, PMDG 737, 777, 747, GSX, Active Sky Weather, Chase plane and 737 immersion(which does not work due to FSUIPC not working). Not sure if this means anything but the .ini file is always empty when i open it. Here is my log file. ********* FSUIPC5, Version 5.122 (17th November 2017) by Pete Dowson ********* Running inside Prepar3D v4 Module base=7FFF44BC0000 Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit reported as Build 16299, Release ID: 1709 (OS 10.0) Prepar3D.exe version = Checking the Registrations now ... User Name="***********" User Addr="*************" FSUIPC5 Key is provided WIDEFS7 not user registered, or expired 0 System time = 22/11/2017 00:36:12 0 FLT path = "C:\Users\***\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files\" 0 ------ Module Version Check ------ 0 acontain.dll: 0 api.dll: 0 controls.dll: 0 fs-traffic.dll: 0 G3D.dll: 0 language.dll: 0 sim1.dll: 0 visualfx.dll: 0 weather.dll: 0 window.dll: 0 ----------------------------------
  12. In previous version I could make a mouse macro by clicking on the Buttons+Switches tab and then clicking on Create Mouse Macro. I have looked for it in the latest version but I can't find it. Can you help me out, please? I need to create some mouse macros for use with the latest PMDG 737NGX for P3DV4. Sorry to sound like a dummy, but I just can't see it. Father Dane
  13. Hi Dave, Been using FSUIPC and P3Dv4 for a while now with my setup and recently bought the full version so I could wrangle some better button assignments. All this week though I've had an issue when in the air (and only in the air) that the zoom keeps resetting every couple of minutes. closed down connecting applications in turn to try isolate turned on logging in FSUIPC Removed FSUIPC from sim When I removed FSUIPC from the sim I no longer had any issues. I also use Little NavMap and FightConnect for P3D, both of these were turned off during step 1 and the issue was stil reproducing. I turned on logging for FSUIPC https://pastebin.com/E18VkkvT and thought I'd found something. Each time it happened I would pause the sim so I could read in the log where it happened: 249328 KEYDOWN: VK=80, Waiting=0, Repeat=N, Shifts=0 249328 .. Key not programmed -- passed on to FS 249328 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 65561 (0x00010019), Param= 0 (0x00000000) PAUSE_TOGGLE I thought A HA! VK=80 would always appear just before my PAUSE_TOGGLE event... but then I later realised that VK=80 is the P key... So I removed FSUIPC from the modules directory and no longer had the zoom reset issue. Of interest, this only happens whilst in Flight. I can sit and taxii on the ground for ages and have no issues. I am using the LDR Grumman Mallard from SimOutHouse and am unsure if it is affecting other craft but I guess I will have to load one of the default aircraft and see if it happens there too. However it is worth noting that this has only started happening after I registered. Config file attached and log file extract in pastebin https://pastebin.com/E18VkkvT Hope you can help. FSUIPC5.ini
  14. PROBLEM SOLVED Hello, this is my first post.I had just installed P3Dv4 and PMDG 737NGX and I have some issues with the connection.It recognizes FSUIPC5 but no input or output! (FSUIPC version is 5.121a and says it is a BETA and needs no registration) I placed the .lua file in the modules folder but nothing. i suppose it has to do that FSX and P3Dv3 were 32bit and this 64bit? Is there a solution? Thanks for your attention!
  15. Hi Fabio Just about to purchase, I'd be grateful if you could answer a quick query. I can't see included on the list of animations features for v3.5, reverse thrusters for PMDG. Will your software eventually include this animation also? Thanks Dave Nash
  16. Hi Guys, I am using FSUIPC 5 and today I installed the new FS2Crew for P3Dv4. As expected, I am running into problems unfortunately. So, after installing and configuring FS2Crew for P3Dv4, FSUIPC 5 is not keeping the profile saved for the same plane. Which means I have to select the profile each time I run the same plane. Any idea what or where the problem could be? Thanks in advance for your kind help and feedback. Kr, Enrico
  17. Hello, I own a registered copy of FSUIPC5, version 5.103 in P3D V4. This issue occurred in the PMDG 777. FSUIPC5 disappeared out of the addons list about 4 hours in I started P3D, and when I look in the Prepar3D v4 Files, where the Autosave files are normally placed by the sim, none are there. The sim did not crash and I continued the flight as normal. FSUIPC5 Disappears: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j1van8ekhbnwldn/fsuipc.png?dl=0 Autosave files have vanished: https://www.dropbox.com/s/spurmfvftglpiz7/Autosave.png?dl=0 My FSUIPC5.log file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gxnmohykt4mimp6/FSUIPC5.log?dl=0 Thank you :) Félix
  18. I have a problem, when I save the flight plans, I select the P3D V4 main folder, and I cannot find the flight plan in the main folder or any sub folder. I have checked in my documents folder and still cannot find the flight plan.
  19. Hello, Compiled lua files give me an error "Bad header in precompiled chunk" with P3D4 and FSUIPC 5.103. Source LUA files are OK. Everything was OK with P3D3 and FSUIPC4 : both sources and compiled files were executed. I tried x86 and x64 versions of luac53, no change, still the same error. Any idea on how to execute compiled lua scripts in P3D4 is welcome, thanks in advance and sorry for my English ... Regards, Frederic
  20. Hi, We have a win-10 machine with P3D-v4 running. After install FSUIPC5 P3D starts, but after 5 seconds it totally freeze. Reject the Modules folder P3D runs without problems. It is a fresh installation of P3D, and currently only the KA350 as default plane is used. We would like to use P3D in combination of Warpalizer, but this isn't installed yet. (first solve this issue) Of course all used software is registered... This is the log- file created by FSUIPC: ********* FSUIPC5, Version 5.10 (1st June 2017) by Pete Dowson ********* Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit reported as Build 14393, Release ID: 1607 (OS 10.0) FSUIPC5.dll version = Reading options from "D:\P3D-v4\Modules\FSUIPC5.ini" Running inside Prepar3D v4 on Windows 10 Module base=7FFEC0B40000 User Name="Matthijs Thijssen" User Addr="matthijs@flightillusion.com" User WideFS Addr="administratie@flightillusion.com" FSUIPC5 Key is provided WideFS7 Key is provided 0 System time = 27/06/2017 10:34:58 0 FLT UNC path = "\\FALCON-SIM\Users\Simulator\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files\" 0 ------ Module Version Check ------ 0 acontain.dll: 0 api.dll: 0 controls.dll: 0 fs-traffic.dll: 0 G3D.dll: 0 language.dll: 0 sim1.dll: 0 visualfx.dll: 0 weather.dll: 0 window.dll: 0 ---------------------------------- 15 FS UNC path = "\\FALCON-SIM\d\P3D-v4\" 156 ---------------------- Joystick Device Scan ----------------------- 250 ------------------------------------------------------------------- 250 ------------------------------------------------------------------- 281 LogOptions=00000000 00000001 281 ------------------------------------------------------------------- 281 SimConnect_Open succeeded: waiting to check version okay 281 Opened separate AI Traffic client okay 1156 Running in "Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v4", Version: (SimConnect: 1156 Initialising SimConnect data requests now 1156 FSUIPC Menu entry added 1156 ... Using Prepar3D with Professional License 1172 \\FALCON-SIM\Users\Simulator\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files\default.fxml 1172 \\FALCON-SIM\d\P3D-v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\Beech_King_Air_350\Beech_King_Air_350.air 12375 User Aircraft ID 2 supplied, now being used 12375 Aircraft loaded: running normally now ... 13031 System time = 27/06/2017 10:35:11, Simulator time = 14:06:20 (12:06Z) 13047 Aircraft="Beech King Air 350" 21109 Starting everything now ... 106578 **** No SimConnect events or states being received! Re-connecting now ... **** 106937 SimConnect_Open succeeded: waiting to check version okay 106937 Opened separate AI Traffic client okay Does someone know whats wrong? Thanks in advance, Matthijs Thijssen
  21. Second issue report - I'm not seeing a value for a specific PMDG777 offset when using FSUIPC5. I check offset 0x6C1D to get the PMDG equipment type code as a sanity check to ensure that I'm getting proper PMDG data. In P3Dv3 using FSUIPC 4.967, the code is non-zero (4) and it correctly detects the -200LR. When using FSUIPC5 and the same aircraft in P3Dv4, the offset is zero. I've checked my 777X_Options.ini file and the EnableDataBroadcast=1 setting is set under the SDK section, so it should be available to FSUIPC. Is this functionality enabled in P3Dv4, and how can I help determine whether the data is is making it to FSUIPC? (FWIW, it looks like the alloc/free count doesn't match here either, but I'm not getting a P3D crash on shutdown like I do with v3). Cheers! Luke FSUIPC5.log
  22. 72VirginExpress

    FSUIPC 5

    Pete - as a registered user, I want to extend my thanks to you for your service and products to the Flight Sim community. Given that you just got off holidays I hope you are refreshed and are pounding the coding keys necessary for FSUIPC 5 - It is simply a must have... I wish LM had worked with you from the outset to ensure this was a part of the roll out. Anyhow...I'll not waste anymore of your time but to extend my thanks again...
  23. Hello Mr. Dowson, Thank you for the time and effort that you are putting into FSUIPC 5. I wanted to provide some feedback that may be of use to you. I have a registered version of FSUIPC 5. I am currently using beta version 5.101j. Under the Button + Switches tab, I am attempting to allocate the "kneeboard view" to a button on a CH Yoke Eclipse. After saving this button allocation and resuming the sim scenario, my scenario is fine until I access the Kneeboard with that button. Upon using that button, the Kneeboard will display, but then all of my FSUIPC defined buttons and axes immediately become inoperable. However, the sim does not freeze. If I go back into FSUIPC and clear "kneeboard view" from the yoke button, everything is fine again. This issue occurs whether or not I am using default aircraft or add-on aircraft. I've attached the LOG file below. Let me know if there's anything else that you would like me to provide. FSUIPC5.log

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