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Found 5 results

  1. Folks, I am new to the forum and am trying to use Cirrus PFC yoke, rudders, power and radio console (Used with Elite) with FSX. I purchased and downloaded FSUIPC4. I can't find PFC under controls, and seem to believe I need to download drivers for it, i.e. pfcfsx.dll. Not sure if I am correct, and where to find it. If someone can point me in the right direction, It'd be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Can anyone tell me "Peter" if the PFCFSX.dll will work with P3D? If the answer is yes, where is the .dll file placed as P3D doesn't have a modules folder. Also, is there a configuration file showing that it is working and being able to select the appropriate Com Port? Thank you Derek Clarke Flight Simulators UK
  3. Has anyone used Precision Flight Controls with Prepar3D? We have a PFC modular flight deck that uses a serial port to interface with a PC running FSX or Prepar3D. PFC has an installer that loads a DLL for FSX, and PFC shows up in the Add Ons menu along with FSUIPC after install. The installer is named PFC_Serial_Driver_FSX which was downloaded from the PFC website. An info window is shown when running then installer, and it has a section that is titled "INSTALLATION FOR Prepar3D v2:". In this section is the message: !! WARNING !! This version of Prepar3D is later than any known by this FSUIPC4. There may be problems. Please check for a later version of FSUIPC4!. The installer then goes on to say "FSUIPC4.DLL version 4.931 Installed into Prepar3D okay!". However, there is no PFC menu item under Add Ons like there is for FSX. We have downloaded FSUIPC from http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html, and the version is 4.943. We just purchased the license for P3D and it is version 2.5.12946.0 according to its installer. Is the PFC DLL using FSUIPC to interface the PFC controls to FSX? If so, then it seems to me that if our sw interfaces successfuly to FSX and P3D using FSUIPC version 4.942, then the PFC DLL should also be able to interface the controls to PSX and P3D. Again, it does so for FSX but not P3D. If anyone has used PFC controls with P3D, could you please tell me how you did it?
  4. Pete- Per your request................ Thanks for your patience and assistance (as usual). After ALL of this- my solution for the SERIAL PFC HARDWARE & THE PMDG NGX (using PFCFSX.dll v4.40 & FSUIPC v 4.859s) is the following- I put this here in the hopes of saving some other poor soul from the frustration encountered- DO NOT CALIBRATE THROTTLES OR REVERSER AXIS IN FSUIPC USE PFCFSX.dll for throttles and reversers- calibrate those axis in PFCFSX.dll ONLY FLY AND ENJOY THE NGX :) Best- C
  5. My PFC Cirrus II Yoke is not responding in FSX. With FSUIPC 4.853 installed, the device is recognized over COM1 within FSX. Throttles and switches respond correctly, but the yoke reports a solid '64' in the configuration screen. Throw the hidden switch under throttle panel and the numbers jump to '17' and flicker to '23'. Some details of the configuration: Precision Flight Controls Cirrus II Serial Flight Console (w/hidden switch under throttle panel) Windows 7 64-bit (fresh install) FSX with Acceleration Pack Lava PCIe Serial Card - 64 bit driver / tested with known working serial cable FSUIPC 4.853 pfcfsx.dll Opening up com1 via putty, I'm able to ascii scroll by as I throw switches and push buttons. The yoke also seems to send data (was trying to ensure it wasn't a hardware failure). Additional efforts: I've also tried the ELITEFS serial driver without success (same issue with yoke not working). My original goal was to get this device working with ASA IP Trainer. ASA provided me with CirrusBATD.dll and it was also unsuccessful. I'm very encouraged that Pete has gone to the trouble to author and maintain FSUIPC. I'm looking forward to being a registered user and practicing for my IFR rating. Thank you for your assistance.
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