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Found 1 result

  1. Here's the final version of the STB for Prepar3D V3 update, for forum follows to enjoy first before going public STB V3.4.0.29 for Prepar3D V3: http://bit.ly/2dLoA8y STB-DS V3.4.0.29 for Prepar3D V3: http://bit.ly/2dujmL7 The STB download is an update installaer for your current installation, while STB-DS download is the full product. Please uninstall any previous versions of STB-DS for Prepar3D V3 before proceeding with this one. The full list of changes since the last published update: ⦁ Exploit Prepar3D View System to offer Multiple Extended AI Views (using native P3D Cameras and Observers); ⦁ Automatically update Prepar3D.cfg with the “LoadAIVirtualCockpit” statement, as required by STB V3.4.0.12 and onwards to support the Prepar3D Camera System; ⦁ Reset the main view to the user aircraft cockpit when the AI aircraft subject to an Extended AI View is deleted; ⦁ Add a setting in the settings notebook for individually disabling the Extended Ai View Cameras and Observers; ⦁ Reintegrate the STB Shadow AI command to use one of the extended AI Views (Prepar3D AI Cameras and AI Observers), offering a more stable visual experience compared to the user aircraft cameras; ⦁ Use SimConnect ChageView() command to switch the main view to the legacy View AI Camera instead of a simulator event; ⦁ Improve the messages displayed when connect to Prepar3D and STB-DS; ⦁ Distinguish the “Connect” button colours: ⦁ Orange means “Connecting to simulator”; ⦁ Yellow means “Connecting to STB Services/STB-DS”, or “Simulator is not running a flight”; ⦁ Provide an additional statistics window displaying the number of AI aircraft under simulation. ⦁ Remove workaround for Prepar3D v3.2 Zulu local day bug for Prepar3D V3.3 and later; ⦁ Report distance between airbourne AI (>100ft) and the user aircraft; ⦁ Fixed bug that resulted in a delay in the nearest airport being shown when automatically connecting to the simulator at STB startup and automatically select closest airport is active; ⦁ Fix problems deploying the STB Simulator Plugin experienced by certain users; ⦁ Prepar3D.cfg backups are now created in the STB backups folder in the Prepar3D application data folder; ⦁ Catch SimConnect exceptions occurring after the simulator has declared the interface closed; ⦁ Update sqlite to System.Data.SQLite; ⦁ During the remote client wizard experience, open a local PDF with instructions rather than a web page. ⦁ Use a better method for determining the location of the application data folder; ⦁ Update MakeRwys to; As always I'd be glad to hear of any feedback. Thanks Simon

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