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  1. Hello all! When I open Prepar3d V4, it loads the splash screen disappears, and acts like it isn't even open. In the task manager, it shows it's open and running. I found out if I take out the FSUIPC .dll file from the modules folder, and reload Prepar3d, it opens perfectly, but FSUIPC isn't running. I have: 1. Deleted the Prepar3d files in the Local,Roaming, and Program Data. 2. Run Prepar3d in admin mode 3. Reinstalled Prepar3d V4 Thanks in advanced!
  2. Engine stop/start/auto rotary knobs inoperative in VC mode. 2D panel works ok. Anyone else find this? Thanks Alastair
  3. With your new/old upgraded product for P3d. What repaints do you ship with it...Same as the FSX Version? If so have the repaints been made 64B compliant
  4. With your new/old upgraded product for P3d. What repaints do you ship with it...Same as the FSX Version? If so have the repaints been made 64B compliant EDIT: I found repaints that work on the FeelThere Site under download.... I have since purchased this product. Lighting is my main complaint
  5. Updated June 2017 Please see the below link to set up MyTraffic 6 for Prepar3D v3 and v4 using the add-on.xml file method ================================================================================ =============================================================================== ------- Introduction
  6. PLEASE ALWAYS POST SUPPORT QUESTIONS IN THE SUPPORT FORUM! So, I've had the Saitek X-56 Rhino for a while, and it's worked without problems, until about a week ago. Neither the stick or trottle quadrant is working in P3D at the moment, but the wierd thing is it's working in the Saitek program. I've tried most of the usual stuff like changing USB port, I've also done a troubleshooting in Windows, with no results. I am using FSUIPC 4 and I have disabled my controllers in P3D. I've been told you can change the JoyNames in the fsuipc.ini file, but to what, and what numbers to change? Very wie
  7. Flight Control Video Streaming is a software that it permits to stream camera views in RealTime of your Prepar3d v3.X(>=3.4) in the net! It isn’t important that you stream in the same machine or in another machine in the Network! Flight Control Video Streaming , after a simple configuration produce a Session Description Protocol (sdp) file that it can be copied and opened in all machine in the Network that have a compatible VideoPlayer ( like VLC player for example). You can stream Prepar3d real time View anywhere! Obviously you must have a Player that it can
  8. When I try to start Prepar3D I get a "fatal error" and the sim shuts down. Found a strange entry in my registry at: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers The FSUIPC4.log shows no error: WINDOWS Event Manager shows the following Application Error: When I correct the entry in the registry Prepar3D starts without a problem. After some flights the strange registry entry shows up again.
  9. Hello, I have question, when i write METAR data string in Prepar3D (offset 0xB000) it crash with message (in FSX i write same data, and it work fine and properly): Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BEX Application Name: Prepar3D.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 57d9b14e Fault Module Name: MSVCR120.dll Fault Module Version: 12.0.21005.1 Fault Module Timestamp: 524f7ce6 Exception Offset: 000a46bb Exception Code: c0000417 Exception Data: 00000000 OS Version:
  10. Hi! Is there any offset in FSUIPC that can tell me if the simulator is connected to a multiplayer session or if it's flying "offline"? Thanks!
  11. I tried to upload the latest FSUIPC files FSUIPC4.4.957 to the appdata\local\temp wzdc8a\install FUUIPC4.exe Got the following message...... "Operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software." Was stopped my Windows Defender as a Trojan:win32/Varpes.M.cl I am using Prepar3D now and wanted to update the latest downloads from you, but didn't like when this message appeared. Would appreciate to as why this appears. I won't install this unless you can show me it is safe. Thanks Walt
  12. Hi I bought the Network edition of MAP! when using FSX- Now i use Prepar3D due to the better Stability. It seems that MAP! doesn't work with P3D. Can anybody confirm this? Or do you get this working in P3D v2.5? Best Regards Rico
  13. Hi all, i have p3d v3.2 and saitek panels + yoke. the drivers of the saitek panels require fsuipc to work.so a month a go i installed fsuipc 4.949h in p3d v3.2 perfectly fine. the one day,i tried to manually install fsreocrder.it didnt work and together fsuipc stopped working.i removed the line of fsrecorder in the dll.xml and tried to fix fsuipc. so i did : 1.Reinstall fsuipc. 2.removed the fsuipc.dll and removed the line in the dll.xml file and reinstalled. 3.i renamed the dll.xml file and then installed fsuipc. 4.i reinstalled simconnected. 5. i created a new dll.xml with only fs
  14. Hey all, i have P3D V3.2 and as controls i have saitek yoke and panels. as drivers for saitek panels i use SPAD Which requires fsuipc to work. so till today FSUIPC was working fine. earlier on i tried to install FS-Recorder 1.331 Manually. and when i launched the sim. fsrecorder did not work although i edited the DLL.XML and also FSUIPC Was not working + GSX. so i left fsrecprder aside and tried to fix fsuipc/ so i tried remove the dll from the modules and reinsalling... not working so i then tried to0 manually edit the xml file......not working so i then desperately restarted my
  15. SuperTrafficBoard Client (STB) can be run on the same computer as your simulator, or on a different computer. The reason you may want to run it on a separate computer is related to simulator full screen mode. If simulator full screen is required (for Prepar3D this means "blackout desktop"), you must run STB on a separate computer. Otheriwse you might want to run STB on a separate computer if you are short of screen space on your simulator computer. In order to operate on a separate computer STB needs a supply of additional information beyond that obtained by normal means (i.e. from th
  16. I have a problem with installing FSUIPC . Here is a log /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Installer for FSUIPC4.DLL version 4.853 Looking in registry for FSX install path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator\10.0 Parameter"SetupPath" Not there, so looking in: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\FSX Parameter"AppPath" ... NOT found! ... Looking in registry for ESP install path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft E
  17. i7-4770 3.4GHz | NVidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti v358.78 Oculus Runtime 0.7 | FlyInside Beta Pro 0.4002 | Leap Motion Controller LM P3D v3 | FSUIPC v4.947c Windows 10 With the HMD on, I can only launch P3D v2.5 or v3 if FSUIPC is disabled. When I launch v3, after a few minutes, the Prepar3D splashscreen disappears, but the executable stays running. When I launch v2.5, the app crashes to desktop right when the scenario should load. I already had a debug session with the developer of FlyInside, he created this png illustrating the problem without his software installed.
  18. STB can be used with the following simulators, see each section below the latest version information and for the development and support status: Lockheed MartinPrepar3D V5; Lockheed MartinPrepar3D V4.2 and V4.3; Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V4.0 and V4.1; Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V3; Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V2; Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX); Dovetail Games FSX Steam Edition; There are various editions of STB available, depending on the Simulator or combinations of Simulators you have installed. Each STB edition can be installed and used on the s
  19. Has anyone used Precision Flight Controls with Prepar3D? We have a PFC modular flight deck that uses a serial port to interface with a PC running FSX or Prepar3D. PFC has an installer that loads a DLL for FSX, and PFC shows up in the Add Ons menu along with FSUIPC after install. The installer is named PFC_Serial_Driver_FSX which was downloaded from the PFC website. An info window is shown when running then installer, and it has a section that is titled "INSTALLATION FOR Prepar3D v2:". In this section is the message: !! WARNING !! This version of Prepar3D is later than any known by this
  20. These set of instructions are designed specifically for those who want to install My Traffic 6 on Prepar3D v2.5. I do not have instructions for FSX (boxed), FSX-SE, earlier versions of P3D. Sorry. UPDATED: August 29, 2015 PDF File: Simplified Installation - MyTraffic6 P3Dv2.pdf Screenshots:
  21. I haven't been able to figure this out. Since I've upgraded to P3D v2.3, I have not been able to use FSUIPC. When I use any version of FSUIPC, Prepar3D would load up to "100% complete!" and then promptly crash with the window "Prepar3D has stopped working". I've checked the Windows event viewer logs and it always traces back to MSVCR100.dll. I had hoped that upgrading to P3D v2.4 would solve the problem, but it remains. I've used different MSVCR100.dll files, started with clean Prepar3D.cfg and scenery.cfg files, but no luck. When I remove FSUIPC.dll, P3D loads up without any problem. F
  22. Hi Pete, Until a few days ago I was running P3D V2.3 with unregistered FSUIPC and the A2A C172 and all was good. I then registered FSUIPC, at which point it seems to have started to cause problems with the A2A C172, which no longer responds to control inputs, with the green bar message saying FSX Simconnect has encountered an error and will be restarted. I'm not sure where to start looking, as this error seems to be related to the FSUIPC activation (the error only started at registration) and all other aircraft (Q400, Realair Legacy, Carenado Bonanza, QW 146) seem to be completely una
  23. Hi Pete and all the others who can help! I wanted to make a small Motion Platform for my Desk... and I wanted to know if its possible to get the movement data ,such like pitch, roll, acceleration and so, out of FSUIPC? Are they saved in special Offsets? Hope you're understanding what i'm asking for ;) Thanks Philipp
  24. I noticed the View AI function does not work both Aerosoft Airbus Extended and Majestic Dash. When the view AI function is invoked, Prepar3d will just switch to some view of the aircraft VC and not the AI. Only happens with the 2 aircraft vs others. Is there any workaround or fix? I have the latest STB V3.3 and Prepar3d V2. Thanks
  25. Hi Pete, I use FSUIPC 4.928 on my fs-pc. Installed is FSX and on a different hdd a version of P3D 1.4. On a second pc I run the wideclient to use different help programs (i. e. moving map, weather, etc). Both pc's run on win7 with fixed ip-adresses in the same network. With FSX there is no problem. But when I start P3D and the WideServer runs up, it tells me: "Unable to serve (see logs)" in the top of the fs-window for a very short period of time (< 1 sec.). Then it shows ".......waiting for clients". But a connect is not possible. My logfiles are attached. Can you see where my e
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