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  1. This is what's happening.... FSC9.7 needs FSUIPC5 it won't work with FSUIPC4 (or it Won't connect with Prepar3dv4.2)Prepar3DV4.2 needs FSUIPC4 it won't work with FSUIPC5 ( It bogs right down to an almost freeze) Pete what I did to get FSC9.7 to work was to rename the FSUIPC5.dll file to FSUIPC5.dllX and FSC9.7 works...... BUT ! now prepar3dv4.2 gets all screwed up with the rudder and controls and almost freezes up it gets so slow. Now to be able to run Prepar3dV4.2 I have to rename FSUIPC.dllX back to FSUIPS.dll and prepar3dv4.2 works again...... BUT FSC9.7 will now be unable to connect to Prepar3dv4.2 becsause it needs FSUIPC4. Hope your with me on this. Because I love FSUIPC, I love FSC9.7 and I love Prepar3DV4.2. So I am kind of stuck Peter Dawson said to contact FSC post as it might be a config problem. Hope someone can help me and I do appreciate any help I can get on this.