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Found 5 results

  1. MOVED FROM "USER CONTRIBUTIONS" SUB0FORUM (A REFERENCE SECTION) TO THE SUPPORT FORUM< SO IT CAN BE ANSWERED. Hello everyone! There is an inactive Frasca 131 simulator in our aeroclub with fully functional panels/instruments but unfortunately the "old times" computer with DOS has fallen apart along with its ISA graphics accelerator. I believe that the drivers of Frasca software are specific for this ISA card but I can't find it anywhere to buy it. Therefore, I have the physical instruments and hardware of Frasca 131 but I can't display anything on the screen with the software. Soooo, I came up with the idea to connect the Frasca 131 's serial port to a modern computer which will run the FSX and have the FSUIPC being the connection bridge between the serial data transmitted from the Frasca and the FSX simulator. Do you have any ideas if this is even possible or how to make it happen? I presume that there has to be a program (written in any language) with no graphics that will run before the FSX and read all the traffic from the serial port and afterwards push it to the FSUIPC and then to the simulator. And probably vice versa in order to have the instruments displaying the actual measurements. Any help is very welcome Thanks!
  2. Is it possible to program the transition in reverse with the joysticks on a HOTAS WARTHOG and if so how to proceed. Thank you for your help. *** Moved from FAQ to Support Forum: please post support requests in the Support Forum ***
  3. Hi all, I'm new to this forum and cockpit building in general and had some questions regarding programming mouse macros with FSUIPC: I have physical switches that I want to program with the pmdg 737, when I click "create mouse macro" and try to click one of the switches in the cockpit it dosnt let me. The problem is that whenever i move my mouse, FSUIPC thinks that the mouse movement is what i wish to program. in other words, when i move my mouse it wants to program the mouse movement instead of what i actually want to program. I hope this makes sense. Does anyone have and ideas on how to fix this? Regards, Max Kreckel
  4. Hi there A friend of mine has recomended FSUIPC for programming switches, when looking at his version of it, there seems to be many commands missing. In the default Cessna 172 in FSX the first switch in the lights section is Beacon On/Off (but looking through the list of available commands I could not see this command) is there an easy way to do this? I'm doing my homework before I get too deep in this project, so i know it should all work. Thanks Phil
  5. Members. What are your views take the time to reply, even if it is just to say nuts! In the meantime I would like to start a discussion on the merits of FSUIPC, how perhaps even more users could benefit from it. i guess the product is installed on hundreds if not thousands of computers across the world. It is used by many flight simmers of varying programming skills, from novice to advanced. I read on how the product has improved their flying experience, so clearly there is a need for FSUIPC in the flight sim community. I am an IT project manager, do I know anything about programming No. Because I do not need too, to do my job, alas with this product I feel you do need to have some programming skills/knowledge call it whatever you want too!. All I want to do is when I turn my computer on is to fire up my flight sim and fly, no weird movements of my joystick, or my throttles go haywire, or interfaces between programs fail, and then FSX CTD's.. I think most of us have been in this situation. .. My own situation is probably similar to many many users. You purchase add-on software, which states, included is a free copy of FSUIPC. To achieve full functionality you should purchase the licensed version, written by Pete Dowson.. How many times have you come across this?? So you purchase the licenced copy, and install it.. What did it actually do, to enhance your flying experience, if like me nothing!!! other than add another menu to the add-on's in flight simulator. When you read the manual it tells you all the nice things the program can do, So I think great..as I see it filling in the gaps and fine tuning, bits that in my case FSX does not do.. Or it can do it better.. So it is an interface. Which is very good as anything to ease my frustration of FSX is welcomed. This is where I hit a brick wall, I read the manual more than once, and I am still confused. To the point where I give up In my case it is because I am faced the so many screens and options, and sometimes am so overwhelmed by choices, click this, press that push two together and so on, I scurry back to the safety of default options!! So to the point of my post, a new forum with moderators not just a post within this forum. Where users, and this is the important point, for those that have a legal registered copy. They have bought the product but are not benefiting from the features and enhancements. A forum where profiles and settings for specific hardware, such as the Saitek products can be exchanged. Also for members to share tips and tricks, on how to use FSUIPC with their hardware and software.. Here is a an example of how FSUIPC worked in one instance for me.. I downloaded the excellent Plan G software by Tim Arnott, struggled and I mean struggled for days trying to get it to work with SimConnect. Nix's nothing.. Change of mind set.. Instead of SimConnect, why not use this product with FSWide... 30 seconds, I do not lie.. my client and server are talking to each other.. So my question is why do not all software developers use FSUIPC.. and insist on SimConnect, can anyone answer that question.. So in conclusion, a new forum for registered users of FSUIPC, who have no programming skills and can feel free to ask any question without feeling like a numpty. (look it up). Because it is sure, someone has asked the question before.. Am I right?, is there such a forum already in existence? let me know. Enjoy the flight.. .
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