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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, Well, after a full day making white hairs, I think I need your help with FSUIPC and keystrokes sent from a program. At this time I am trying to understand why ProsimUtils has issues to control GSX : commands are sent from the CDU to ProsimUtils, and then to P3D through FSUIPC/WideClient. Sometimes, the command CTRL+SHIFT+F12 opens the usual FSX window, but it's rare, and the command following the first one (1 or 2 to select an option) does nothing ... After that, if I want to open GSX window again, it simply doesn't work. All commands are registered in FSUIPC log, so they are well received but no event. It's pretty much the same issue than the one reported by Ramon here : https://forum.simflight.com/topic/91365-prosimutils-181-simconnect-window/ I coded a small python script to send keystrokes to Prepar3D through FSUIPC and WideClient. And I noticed something really strange. I would be glad if someone can comment or point me to the right direction. The keystroke used is simple : it's S to change the view. If I execute the script, the keystroke is registered by FSUIPC and I can see it in the log, but nothing happens. If I execute the script two times, and with around 0.5-1s between each execution, the keystroke is registered two times by FSUIPC, but this time (and unfortunately not each time), the view is changed (and only 1 time, which is fine in fact). I can't see what's wrong with my script. Here it is : import pyuipc pyuipc.open(pyuipc.SIM_P3D64) pyuipc.write([(0x3110, 'u', 1070), (0x3114, 'u', 2131)]) pyuipc.close() Pretty simple, isn't it ^^ ? And the logging messages : 351906 WRITEex 330A, 2 bytes: D2 07 .. 352062 WRITEex 3110, 4 bytes: 2E 04 00 00 .... # first run 352062 WRITEex 3114, 4 bytes: 53 08 00 00 S... 352531 WRITEex 3110, 4 bytes: 2E 04 00 00 .... # second run after 0.5s-1s 352531 WRITEex 3114, 4 bytes: 53 08 00 00 S... 353718 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 65567 (0x0001001f), Param= 0 (0x00000000) VIEW_MODE I use Prepar3D v5.1 HF1, with different sceneries and add-ons (UTLive2 beta, ASP3D, Prosim737, FSUIPC6.11). Python 3.7 is used with pyuipc installed from FSUIPC/SDK folder. I am experienced with Python, but not with FSUIPC SDK, so I probably do something wrong and can't see what it is ... Thanks for your help !! Olivier
  2. Hello, In the accesibility software I'm developing, I've been asked to interface with A2A aircraft. Many of the specific settings that A2A uses can be accessed with local panel variables. My question is, what's the best way to do this? I need to be able to read several variables from the sim and then pass the data to my software, I assume with a fsuipc offset? I may also need to write variables, based on user input from my software. I know I can do a direct read of an l:var with fsuipc offsets, but I can't quite work out how to do it with the pyuipc module in python. I've also read that this can be slow, especially if I'm reading a lot of variables. Is it best to do this with a lua script and then just write the data to some of the user defined offsets that my software can then read? I assume that someone will need a registered FSUIPC version for a lua script to work, correct? Any pointers would be apreciated.
  3. Hello, I've been hunting around the web all evening trying to find an answer but I'm not getting so far. I'm looking at developing an application with node.js which will need to be fed live data from FSX. I've looked through a few of the examples in the SDK, in various languages but I just want to see if any one knows if any of the following exist before I have to hack something together: Program that will save flight data to a JSON or XML file, and update on a set interval A server that can allow access to live data via an API. If you've seen PWFServer I mean something like that, but it documentation for accessing the data Node.js app which uses a C or Python as a bridge to FSUIPC I realise what I'm asking might be a little ambiguous but any help or pointers would be great. Thanks!
  4. Hello Guys, I would like to use FSUIPC with Python 3.X Can please anyone help to do this? The SDK is for Python 2.7 and win32. Is there any chance to compile the module for Python 3.5 and amd64? Is there another way to geht the pyuipc module for Pyhon 3.X? Where should I start? Is there anythind out which does this? Thank you very much, Andreas
  5. Hi There, while trying to write into the COM1 standby frequency (Offset 0x311A) i'm running into a problem. If i switch to frequency 120.000 inside the simulator, the reading is ok. But if i write back that same value and read again, i'm getting a different result. >>> pyuipc.open(pyuipc.SIM_FSX) >>> dat = pyuipc.prepare_data([(0x311A, 2)]) >>> pyuipc.read(dat) ['\x00 '] >>> pyuipc.write(dat, ['\x00 ']) >>> pyuipc.read(dat) ['\x00\x00'] Is this behaviour know? Also, is it possible, that the '\x00' terminates the string? I'm using the python sdk: UIPC_SDK_Python thanks for your time, Matthias
  6. I made a server using the python and the fsuipc_sdk_python and I'm able to connect to fsuipc and get the basic variables (fs_version, etc.) I am stumped though at getting the pyuipc.read() to function correctly it throws a pyuipc.FSUIPCException. So I guess I'm close but the syntax is probably goofing me up. The documentation isn't very in depth for the pyuipc module (at least for a newby like me). If I have it correct I'm wanting to read from the 0x0d0c. A short snippet of code to show me a read would help a great deal. At this point I'm really just trying to operate my lights on FSX PS. I'm a newby to this so I guess it's the syntax of prepare_data() and
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