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Found 5 results

  1. Hi There, while trying to write into the COM1 standby frequency (Offset 0x311A) i'm running into a problem. If i switch to frequency 120.000 inside the simulator, the reading is ok. But if i write back that same value and read again, i'm getting a different result. >>> pyuipc.open(pyuipc.SIM_FSX) >>> dat = pyuipc.prepare_data([(0x311A, 2)]) >>> pyuipc.read(dat) ['\x00 '] >>> pyuipc.write(dat, ['\x00 ']) >>> pyuipc.read(dat) ['\x00\x00'] Is this behaviour know? Also, is it possible, that the '\x00' terminates the string? I'm using the
  2. Hi Pete thanks again for the support, i'm writing to 0x07f4 the logging option shows a good write of 1 but no N1 hold Not sure if this is a known issue or not it seems strange to me i have all other autopilot functions working well. Much Gratitude!!!!
  3. I'm trying to switch views with pyuipc at offset 8320. i can read the value and it changes accordingly when i change views in fsx. When i write to the offset it writes correctly (i checked using the logging feature) but does not change the view. The notes for the offset says its for fs 2004. Is there a different offset to use for fax? I was also thinking this might be on the unregistered list Thanks for any feed back.
  4. I'm having trouble using the offset 0D0C for the lights. I can use the offset 028C for the landing lights but I would like to separate the other lights (0281 strobe and beacon) and (0280 for panel, nav taxi). The problem for me is I cant figure out how to manipulate the bits in offset 0D0C. any help with this would be much appreciated. An example of how to turn on only one of the light switches using offset 0D0C would go a long way to helping me. Thanks in advance or any help. when I read offset 0D0C and print results I get: '\xff\x03' if I use .encode('hex') on the return
  5. I've made this pushback work perfectly on my registered version on my windows8. But when i try it on an unregistered version of FSUIPC4 the aircraft does not response. I opened up the logging window and monitored the offset 31f4 it is writing correctly i get 0x0 for start and 0x3 for stop, when i use the keyboard command for push back i get the same result in the logging window as when i do a pyuipc.write. Again with my registered version of FSUIPC4 it works perfectly. I am very close to submitting a new app in the app store but this "at this point" is my only hiccup. If this is
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