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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Pete, My apologies to bother you with a problem. I am a registered user of FSUIPC and I have a new problem since I installed the update 4.5 of P3D. The problem is that the throttle and the propeller pitch of the Saitek Quadrant moves together with the Ailerons, also when trying to re-calibrate it withing FSUIPC. I have been trying for days to solve this without finding the solution. Latest FSUIPC update has been installed. Windows 10 P3D 4.5 FSUIPC 5.151 All registered. Could you please help? Many thanks. Kr, Enrico
  2. Hi, I have over 2000 hours on FXS but not really Techy guy with the software configs. I have Saitek Pro: yoke with plug in Quad, Rudder peds and seperate quad with USB direct into PC. I have quad 1 set up as (left to right) Spoliers, Eng 1, Eng 2 and quad 2 as: Eng 3 , Eng 4, Flaps. All have been calibrated in FSX but I can't get Eng 3 & 4 to idle less than 50% and they don't have full throttle. Furthermore in the calibration X/Y box the cross hair seems to jump on these controls from the bottom Right to near centre with very little movement on the lever. I've set null to 0% and sensitive to 100% but no effect? I don't know if i have something wrong with the hardware on quad 2 or if this can be sorted in configs? Any help would be very much appreciated. Joe
  3. I have purchased the CH Throttle Quadrant and the FSUIPC 3.999, and have serious configuration problems with the separate mixture controls in the Aeroworxx King Air B200. Because Turboprops have Condition Levers Instead of mixtures controls configurating the axis just reach about 16% of the lever ride, when they have to reach 40% at Idle position. Fixing it, had to edit the FSUIPC.ini with the following values: Mixture1=-16383,-9602,8192,16384/8 Mixture2=-16383,-9602,8192,16384/8 The other problem is when start the engines. Always occurs HOT STARTS, even if using engine autostart (CTRL+E) with the keyboard. When using the the CH FLIGHTSIM yoke, without the Throttle quadrant there were no problems. How can I fix the HOT STARS problems with the CH Throttle Quadrant? Best regards, aerorexx@hotmail.com
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