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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I just bought FSUIPC 7 for MSFS, and would like to use it with the PMDG 738. Problem I am trying to solve with this addon is as follows: Context: I use keyboard and mouse to fly. Problem: Left and right rudder are too sharp in terms of degrees turned, as compared to how they were in P3D. So a single press of left rudder key now seems to turn twice as many degrees. Goal: I would like to use FSUIPC to make smaller incremental movements, when controlling flight surfaces through the keyboard. So each keyboard button press would move the surface X%, for example. Is this possible? If so, how would I go about doing it? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I'm perplexed by an issue I am having. I have a flight deck solution 737 sim with pilot and co-pilot positions. My problem is the rudder pedals. I have two of the same rudder pedals but only one works when plugged into the usb port. The second one does not calibrate or show movement within Windows when plugged in. Now, whats even more strange is that when I downloaded PFC's test program and run it, the rudder works well but still does not move in Windows device manager. Any ideas?
  3. Hello, I often get the RUDDER NML MODE FAIL and SPOILER NML MODE FAIL error before or shortly after takeoff with the steam edition of the EMB 170 and 190, the manual says to push in the "flight controls mode rudder button" or the spoiler button, but in the steam edition of the aircraft these buttons cannot be interacted with. How do I resolve this issue? Thank you, Alex EDIT: After reinstalling the DLC 4 or 5 times, it now works. It seems the EJetH.dll was getting corrupted during install, but eventually it just didn't get corrupted. The buttons can now be interacted with in the 2D pedestal.
  4. Pete, Good evening. I am wondering about an issue I am experiencing on my machine. I updated to Windows 10 last year to get beyond the sleeping controllers in Windows 8. I got by that issue but then upgraded to Prepar 3D v 2.x. From there, I began having some problems with the controllers. I had invested in the paid version of your application and recently purchased it again. Lost my old key. When I go to Prepar 3D i had the activate FSUIPC I went through some articles on the website here. I tried to figure out how to configure FSUIPC to manage my controllers and the buttons. I couldn't figure them all out. For instance the flaps. Now, when I try to put the flaps down, the gear goes down as well. I think the simulator keys are still activated. How do I go about resetting FSUIPC back to defaults settings wise? so I can go through and document the mappings as they are in the simulator. I am looking to begin the process of purchasing a new flight sim chair and monitor mount. All the switches and knobs as well. When I do this I am sure I will need to reconfigure everything. I setup a profile in FSUIPC for Prepar3d. But in doing that, I think I messed things up a bit. Now the settings are conflicting. I noticed that when I try to use the rudder, even though its setup in FSUIPC and I have unchecked enable controller in Prepar, I can't use the pedals to turn. With that I want to start over. Is there a way to completely disable the controller in Prepar? Or do I need to go in each time to uncheck the box each time? As I add more devices to this mix and begin to switch out my current setup and build the Flight Simulator out, I want to make sure I can easily program the devices. There are soo many settings and options, it would be nice if there were a way to simply import the settings from the simulator into the FSUIPC program and then be able to disable the settings in the simulator. I know you're busy so I appreciate your time.
  5. Hello Guys , So I've updated the Aerosoft Airbus A320 to ver 1.30 , even though , I have bought Saitek Flight Sim Yoke . The issue is that I'am using C1 and C2 to move the rudder ( i've set it in FSUIPC ) , but there is no reaction from the aircraft ! is working on almost on all aircraft , any help regarding this ?
  6. Hi. I have been using FSUIPC for about a month now and have been very pleased with it. Although I have recently ran into a problem. I now have no control over my rudder and brake axis. I use saitek rudder pedals and therefore have a rudder and brake axis in the one controller. I tried to assign the rudder and brake axis through the Axis Assignment section of FSUIPC but every time I move either the rudder or brakes it is not picked up inside FSUIPC. I tried looking at saiteks own control panel for the pedals and everything seemed fine their, all axis working and moving in the calibration. I also tried assigning it in FSX's own controller page, it also worked their. I do not want to have it assigned in the FSX control settings though as I am on Windows 8 and have my controllers set up in their makes a lot of problems such as the controller just going off, that is one of the main reasons for me purchasing FSUIPC. Any help is much appreciated as this is really annoying me and stopping me from flying at the moment. Thanks, Robbie
  7. Hello all and Happy Holidays. My holidays would be somewhat nicer if I could get my Thrustmaster Warthog controllers to work with FSX. Things are so messed up that not even FSUIPC can help a dunce like me. I'm quite sure the key problem is operator error. Regardless of aircraft, when I move the throttle, the rudders move as well. That makes for dicey takeoffs. In the calibration screen, the numbers in the boxes other than the throttles change when I move the throttles back and forth. Also, the brakes are backward and I can't find how to invert them. Have ya'll guessed by now that I'm a complete and total Noobie? I've searched the various forums and have yet to find a similar problem. Is there perhaps a profile I could use? I should mention that the throttle is messing up in Falcon BMS,not working at all in P3D and works fine in DCS. Can anyone make this poor lad's Christmas a little merrier. Thanks all and best regards, Bill Krull Lake Charles, Louisiana
  8. Hi all, I am looking to enlist the aid from anyone who can help. I am seeing strange things with my rudder pedals. When I run FSX after a while (and sometimes on inital startup) the rudder starts acting crazy going back and forth rapidly. Originally I had CH pedals installed and saw the issue. Figuring my pedals were old and wanting a reason to upgrade I bought the new Saitek Cessna pedals. Unfortunatly I still have the same issue. I am currently running FSUIPC Ver 4.92 and have setup my pedals thru there (yes I ensured I disabled all joysticks in FSX). Went thru the setup and cal for all my stuff including the pedals yet I still have the issue. Whats really strange is the issue also shows up in FSUIPC itself . I see the rudder pedals changing rapidly on the numbers in both directions(-16000 to + 16000). I try to rescan but cant. My only fix right now is to reboot the PC when this happens and then I am good for a while. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Also if you need additional info to help me troubleshoot let me know. Thanks. Mike
  9. Pete, Is there any way for a future update for FSUIPC to implement these features: 1. A way to switch off the rudder animations below a certain speed. This is so that when taxiing, only the nose wheel would turn and the rudder would stay stationary. Currently when I taxi, the rudder would turn when I twist my joystick (rudder control of course), but I feel like the rudder should only move when the aircraft is above a certain speed, let's say 40 knots. This would allow the rudder to stay still during taxi but would move above 30kts in situations for example to compensate for crosswinds during takeoff and landing. Of course, some aircraft don't have steerable nosewheels, so this option could be controlled to specific aircraft or simply a tick-check box in the user interface. 2. This is perhaps one feature that I would really desire in FSX. At the moment, when I accelerate up the runway for takeoff, any wind above 1 knot would force the aircraft to turn into the direction of the wind and will not go in a straight line.This also applies when taxiing the aircraft. Now this is a natural occurrence called Weathervaning, but I feel that FSX has really exaggerated it. I shouldn't have to wrestle with the rudder controls to hold the aircraft on the centerline if there isn't a crosswind above 10kts. The same thing happens when I'm landing and touch down, the aircraft would drift off erratically and I struggle to keep it on the centerline. I think there should be a feature to prevent this effect, I feel like it should be controlled realistically by the wind in FSX. For example, if there is a headwind at windspeed below 10kts there should be absolutely no weathervaning effects on the aircraft. During crosswinds, the effect should be proportional to the windspeed again, below 10kts, again there shouldn't really be any effect. If the windspeed is higher, then the weathervaning would gradually increase in intensity to simulate it realistically. I hope you can take these suggestions into consideration. I have no idea on how FSUIPC works so I'm not going to expect these to be implemented, maybe I'm just being ambitious, though I would really like it if they somehow where.
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