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Found 2 results

  1. While I was testing Tracon!2012:SE I thought I post a screenshot of the new color.
  2. This Lua file invokes the Print Screen button passing the clipboard to IrfanView.exe and, by using IrfanView's powerful command line options, processes the pasted file to an output .jpg modified as wanted. --[[ NOTES - USE WITH [AUTO] IN .INI TO START WITH FS - ASSIGN IN FSUIPC AS "LuaSet <Saved Name>" WITH A PARAMETER OF 1 - HTTP://WWW.IRFANVIEW.COM/ - SEE "I_OPTIONS.TXT" OR "I_VIEW32.CHM|OVERVIEW|COMMAND LINE OPTIONS" FOR COMMAND LINE DESCRIPTIONS. - EXAMPLE OF "SS_$U(%d%b%y_%H%M%S).jpg" IN OPTIONS = "SS_20Oct15_112307.jpg" - !!! IMPORTANT !!! - CHANGE "IV_Path" AND "IV_Options" TO OWN INSTALLATION AND REQUIRED OPTIONS - COMMAND OPTION "/convert=" WILL AUTOMATICALLY SHUT DOWN IRFRANVIEW AFTER PROCESSING - BECAUSE PRINT SCREEN IS INVOKED IN LUA, OWNED BY FS, IT CAPTURES ONLY THE ACTIVE MAIN WINDOW, IE FS. - !!! NOW MODIFIED FOR BETTER BEHAVIOUR - SEE COMMENTS IN "TRIGGERS SECTION" BELOW FOR OTHER ASSIGNEMENT OPTIONS END NOTES ]] sound.path("C:/Windows/Media") local flagged = 0 -- !!! IMPORTANT !!! - CHANGE THE FOLLOWING 2 LINES TO SUIT !!! local IV_Path = "E:/IrfanView/i_view32.exe" -- !!! IMPORTANT !!! - USE DOUBLE BACKSLAHES FOR OUTPUT PATH local IV_Options = "/clippaste /crop=(1443,62,1357,684) /sharpen=20 /jpgq=100 /convert=D:\\My Pictures\\FS_SCREENSHOTS\\PP_OUTPUT\\SS_$U(%d%b%y_%H%M%S).jpg" -- /crop=(13,62,1357,684) -- /crop=(1443,62,1357,684) -- PRESS PRINT SCREEN KEY, RUN IRFRANVIEW (SELF STOPPING), PASTE CLIPBOARD, OPTIONS PROCESSING, CREATE JPG & RETURN FOCUS TO FS function PrtScn(x, y, move, flags) flagged = ipc.testflag(1) if flags == 16 or flags == 32 or flags == 64 or flagged then ext.focus(0) -- REGAIN OWNERSHIP OF FS - FSX ONLY!!! x, y, xr, yr, xp, yp = mouse.getpos() mouse.move(66, 0, 2) mouse.click(0) mouse.move(xr, yr, 1) -- END FSX ONLY ipc.clearflag(1) ipc.control(1070, 300) -- WAIT FOR "PRTSCN" TO PROCESS, ADJUST HIGHER IF NOT PICKING UP FS WINDOW ipc.sleep(100) handle, error = ext.shell(IV_Path, IV_Options) if handle ~= 0 and error == 0 then sound.play("Windows Default", 0, 100, -1) end ext.focus(0) end end -- TRIGGERS SECTION -- SETFLAG TRIGGER, FOR JOY OR KEYS THROUGH FSUIPC ASSIGNMENTS event.flag(1, "PrtScn") -- MOUSEWHEEL CLICK - FSUIPC V4 ONLY! DISABLED FOR FSUIPC MOUSE LOOK FUNCTION USE -- event.mousemiddletrap("PrtScn") -- MOUSEWHEEL LEFT / RIGHT - FSUIPC V4 ONLY! DOES NOT WORK WITH MY MOUSE, USED KEYSEND MACRO IN MOUSE SOFTWARE -- event.mousehoriz("PrtScn")
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