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Found 6 results

  1. Hello every time im entering a flight plant and when i enter a SID at the ERJ 195's FMS appears a point called INT01 located at 400NM from the current location, what does that point "INT00" means , am I doing something wrong?
  2. Is it expected in future versions of the program more detailed information in the window approach ? As in the screenshot below, there besides visual there's still a detailed text description of the procedures sid\star\appr. I also want to see more detailed terrain relief ;)
  3. Am I correct in assuming that you can edit the SID/STAR .txt file in the databases folder by assigning airports to certain SID or STARs under the proper list? Or is there more to it that is beyond the scope/limit of what is end user editable? There has been more than one occasion where I have seen departing flights that were assigned departure gates that didn't make sense to me...... For example, departing flights from KJFK to KLAX had a departure gate that was east of JFK instead of west, flights to Canada were assigned departure gates to the south instead of north, etc... Thanks....
  4. Hello all! I'm starting with TRACON! 2012. I've updated TRACON with the real-traffic add-on. The next thing I wanted to do is download the SID and STAR charts for LAX. A few charts can be found online, but a lot of SID's and STAR's are updated. For example: I need the DP (SID)-chart of "Sebby 7", I can only find "Sebby 8". Can you let me know where to find the old charts, or is it possible to update TRACON? Thanks in advance. Regards, Matthijs
  5. Hi I am preparing a flight from NZHN (Hamilton in New Zealand) to NZAA (Auckland International in NZ). I am departing from RW 36R where the correct SID is TAYLA2. However when I click on SID's I only have options with the Transitions already added which is not correct. eg. TAYLA2.OCNMA. And this takes me on a route out into the ocean half way to Australia. The same error occurs with RW 18L as you will see from the attached images. I need to be able to select either TAYLA2 or BUDEN2 via SID's and the OCNE etc Transitions should only appear under the Transitions menu. Is there a way
  6. FSC 9.2.1 Win 7 ultimate HD7950 with default settings DX 11 Simple problem. when i press the oK button on the flight planner any STARS, SID, or Transitions I have included are removed. setup: Select Cessna 172from aircraft (I know it can't fly the distance) KAUS to KLAX (just to make sure route is long enough) select KLAX on plan. Pick a STAR that ends with *TMP (just to get the right direction). Select KAUS on plan. Select any SID. (one for rnw 35L works) Press Low altitude airways button to generate route airway ids A Nice plan is displayed (after warning about it being illegal
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