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Found 9 results

  1. So here's a conundrum I can't seem to find a way around, so figured I'd ask all the smart people! P3dv5 FSUIPC 6.1.9 Sim Avionics Boeing 737-800 This isn't a bug, just a "I don't know if there is a way to get around this or not" I've been simming since FS9 and this is that old tired question of the two master starter levers, or fuel valves, or mixture etc etc etc. Here's the issue I've run into. On my TQ I have the two idle/cutoff levers. In P3Dv5 if you go to the menu bar, vehicle, instrument panel, throttle panel, the two levers are both listed as master starter switch. You can't find master starter switch in p3ds key assisnments. You can find engine1 this, fuel valve that, starter, mixture etc. None of those assigned to the buttons on my TQ work. And auto mixture is off. FSUIPC does show Toggle Master Starter Switch in buttons and switches, and if I set it on both press and release using parameter 1 for left engine and 2 for right engine on both press and release, it will toggle the levers in p3d. But here's what is happening... When you start your flight, p3d sees that the real tq levers are in cutoff (button pressed) and goes oh, fsuipc says when button pressed, toggle master starter, so it flips it in p3d and thus it's opposite the real lever. P3d levers are idle, real tq is in cutoff. If I set tq levers to idle (button released) and start p3d, p3d sees that they idle and fsuipc goes well, you said when button released, toggle master starter. P3d levers are cutoff, real tq is idle. I don't think there's offsets for p3d for the state. It's just a toggle. So, I can remove the button press in fsuipc, and that at least doesn't flip p3ds levers when the scenario begins. But it means I have to move the real tq levers twice, to toggle. (Button press, button released, button press, button release) The same issue applies to parking brake. Once the scenario starts, it's toggled and thus opposite of what the real parking brakes position is. There doesn't seem to be a parameter for the state of idle and cutoff, just parameter 1 for engine 1 and parameter 2 for engine 2. And since it's a toggle, it's always opposite of the real lever if I put the toggle on both press and release in fsuipc. And it takes double movement on the real tq lever, if I have it set only on button release in fsuipc. Am I just stuck doing double movements? The cutoff idle would technically only need it once, but the parking brake with pushback doing it twice everytime would be dumb lol. Maybe if the initial buttons state could be ignored that would fix it, but I don't know if that's possible. Here's a video as well Thoughs?
  2. Testing TripleUse.lua load In the FSUIPC7.ini: [LuaFiles] 1=ipcReady 2=LINDA .. 10=TripleUse 11=Asobo737 .. ipcReady.lua ipc.runlua('linda') ipc.runlua('TripleUse') tried 2 buttons from 4=Logitech G940 Throttle and 6=DSD Flight Series Button Controller THUS line 21 / 22 in TripleUse.lua joy = 4 btn = 6 or the other one, these values the only changes in TripleUse.lua and per the FSUIPC button recognition: joy = 6 btn = 17 the default actions per TripleUse.lua tried in MSFS default B787 from default cockpit view: if timebutton(false) then -- First press / release counts: see if there's another if timebutton(true) then -- got another press in time, look for release if timebutton(false) then -- this was a double press, send VIEW RIGHT ipc.control(65676) end else -- This was a single press, send VIEW LEFT ipc.control(65680) ignorepress = false end else -- This was a longer press, send VIEW FORWARD ipc.control(65674) end does nothing what am I missing? ?
  3. Hi John, with the last release I need to press 3 times Alt-F in order to have the Fsuipc 7 window open. The first Alt-F makes the window to flash briefly on the screen then disappear, second time nothing happens, then third time the window opens up normally. I restarted PC, MSFS, FSuipc, everything but still the same. Can you check if it is a possible bug or if is only my PC that has some issue ? What should I check ? When the window opens, if I go under wasm, list Hvars, I get an empty panel. List Lvars populates as before with all available lvars. I'm currently using Asobo B747-8 and I am proceeding pretty well with the Opencockpits MCP and EFIS panel, almost all the main functions are active but it took me a lot of trial and error before finding the proper offset, lvars and events. I have stored in a folder all the files I created for FBW A320 (Fsuipc7.ini, myevents.txt, A32NX.evt, SIOC.txt, A32NX.mcro) and I am creating new config files for the B747. The idea is to create many folders each with the files for a specific plane, so to be able to use my home cockpit with many different planes, just copying the appropriate files in the main folder. The biggest issue is the lack of control over the MSFS internal vars, B, I, etc., but many things work with default offsets and custom events.
  4. Hello, I have a 6 degrees of freedom device that I use to control the eyepoint with my own software. Because the relevant SimConnect features (SimConnect_CameraSetRelative6DOF(), EYEPOINT_UP and alike, PAN_UP and alike) and FSUIPC features (such as Eyepoint Right, Pan Right) do not work anymore, I had to modify my app (w.r.t. the FSX version) so as to emulate keystrokes. To do so, I first use SetForegroundWindow() to bring the MSFS window on foreground, then use either SendInputs() (or the older keybd_event()) or a Teensy microcontroller to send the keyboard messages. This works, provided my software has started before FSUIPC7. When FSUIPC7 has started first, things are messed up: the MSFS window does not stay on foreground, keystrokes are lost, and sometimes the About window of FSUIPC7 opens (note that some keystrokes include the ALT key). Can you understand the issue, does FSUIPC7 hook the keyboard or something similar? FSUIPC 7.02, MSFS
  5. In order to solve an earlier problem where the HUD would no longer appear I performed a reinstall in FSX which did solve the problem. However, I now have a new issue apparently as a result of the reinstall (sigh). I utiilze Navagraph FMC database and am current with AIRAC 1802. The NAV IDENT before the reinstall displayed that as the ACTIVE NDB, but now I have the default database of 28SEP 25OTC/06 showing with the reference NDB v3 01 5M WORLD 06-10 in green on the NAV IDENT page. I did a redownload of AIRAC 1802 for my Embraer entry and a restart of the computer and FSX to no avail. This is the first time in 2 years of using Navagraph that the database has failed to update in the FMC. The database has updated in other aircraft models so the issue is limited to this E jet. Thank you
  6. Dear Pete, I use FSUIPC and WIDEFS since the very beginning and I really enjoy it. I have two PC's on is the "Server" which run the P3D and the other is the "Client" which runs the widefs and many other peripheral programs which are based on FSUIPC. Lately I installed P3Dv5 and I also upgraded FSUIPC to the latest one and for now I have both P3Dv4 and P3Dv5. I also dowloaded the latest version of widefs on the client computer. On the server, P3Dv4 run on C while P3DV5 run on H If I run P3Dv4, widefs connects with no problem while if I run P3Dv5 widefs does not connect and attached you can find the log. Any help? Spyros WideClient.ini WideClient.log
  7. Sorry if this has been asked before, I did try a search. I was wondering if there is a way to refresh the list LUA list FSUIPC uses when you assign a keystroke or button? I use P3V4.4 and write LUA scripts "on the fly" so to speak while I'm testing them in the sim. I do use one that is named "test" but after I test the script and save it with a proper name, I have to restart the sim in order to assign a button or keystroke to it. Thanks
  8. Hi there, I have some problems with night textures. The doors are showing up lighter then the rest of the plane (looks like the "moving" parts are showing the day textures instead of night). Ive been tweaking and painting all kinds of documents to see if it will disappear, but I cant get it fixed. Please help, cause its starts to really irritate me while flying nights. Regards, Sven
  9. Good morning/afternoon to all, I have just purchased a VRinsight Multi-Switch panel and would like to do the following: - Assign the R1/R2 rotary buttons to the PMDG777 panel lights in order to control the cockpit lighting from that panel - Assign S1/S sliders to the PMDG777 ENG1/ENG2 fuel cut-off buttons. When I get to the max of the slider, the ENG1 switch will flip to on. When I slide to the mininum, the ENG1 switch flips to off. Any way to create events based on an axis actual value? I know for key press but not for specific events like above. Thanks, Fred
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