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Found 4 results

  1. Dear Folks, We released a patch for KJFK. It should fix the entry to the runways (originally the planes made a little extra turn before they went onto the runways), added some new taxiways at RWY 31L, fixed some terminal routing. Also we fixed some terminal spinners but.... Let me give you some background about the terminal spinners. In T!3D we made a new system for parking as the gates needs to reach to the airplanes. Now the docking is a pretty advanced code so it requires the plane to stop at an exact point (just like in real life). The plane has a mass and it needs to slow down so if the turn to the gate is not exact it misses the stopping point therefore it tries to go back (ie: spin). We have to make every single entry to the parking position position very precisely. So far we did a 99% good job, but when we failed you guessed right; dance begun. So during PRO's development we are testing a new code that should eliminate these spinners on the code level. If we nail it we will release a patch for non pro too (free of charge of course as usual). You can get the file the usual way; existing customer can re-download their product from the same link, new customers automatically receive KJFK with this new SP. Please uninstall KJFK first before you re-install it. PLEASE KEEP THIS TOPIC CLEAN ANY BUG REPORT WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT WARNING. If you notice some issue with KJFK, please open a new topic. Thank you for your patience Vic & Co
  2. Dear Folks, Thank you very much for your patience. The SP for Tower!3D has been released and available for all feelthere.com and atcsuite.com customers. You can simply re-download your product from the link you received during purchase. Customers from now will receive this new version automatically. For Steam customers, we sent this SP to Dovetail so we hope that they will update the files as soon as possible. For the list of changes please refer to the sticky post on this forum. NOTE: to select random speech voices you need to have a English (US) sound package installed otherwise only either a male or female voice will play (similar as it was before the SP). Thank you Vic & Team
  3. Dear Folks, We tested the SP almost every day but we still need the green light from our beta team. As soon as they sign it off we will make it available for all customers free of charge. The list of changes and fixes can be found in a sticky topic. As the SP is locked now please do not ask for any changes. Thank you Vic
  4. Dear Folks, We always tried to be transparent about bugs and fixes after the release and it will not be different on Tower!3D's release either. Please find a list of things we are working currently for the SP. This list will grow so please don't think this is the final list. We fixed many other bugs but until we test them and confirm it we will not post them here. Once we finish the list we will release the SP free of charge. Please do not ask about the timeline, we are working hard to get it done as fast as we can. THIS IS NOT A WISH LIST TOPIC SO PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR SUGGESTIONS OR REPORTS, QUESTIONS ABOUT THE RELEASE DATE. THEY WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT NOTICE. Goodbye to good day [request] **DONE** note: released in the hotfix Darker radar backgrounds [request] **DONE** Reset statistic for the Steam version [request] **DONE** Smaller airplane icon on the radar screen [request] **DONE** Separate the sound slider to environment and airplanes [request] **DONE** Selectable pilot voices [request] **DONE** note: you can choose between male or female, speed and tone or make it random *requires English (US) soundpack otherwise only a single voice will be played but still can be randomized by speed and tone. Collision between parking and taxiing planes on KLAX at TBIT [bug] **DONE** note: released with the hotfix Loading won't advance beyond 70% [bug] **DONE** note: released with the hotfix START button is inactive [bug] **DONE** note: released with the hotfix Gates connect to the front door [request/bug] **DONE** note: released with the hotfix Too bright taxi and runway lights at night [request] **DONE** During landing rollout if you told the plane to continue to taxi it sometimes acted unexpectedly [bug] **DONE** Traffic density slider [request] **DONE** Beacon lights will be turned off only at the gate **DONE** Departing airplanes are lining up quicker for takeoff **DONE** All airplane should hold short of each runway **DONE** Smaller glow for the airport lights **DONE** Better logic for the runway alert warnings **DONE** KPHL runway 8/26 no escape error **DONE** Adjustable heading slider [request] **DONE**
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