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Found 5 results

  1. I am not sure this had anything to do with it. I used Migration Tool to install CS 707/727 etc etc... I MFSS Client ESP; MFSS Client 905/242/259 and FSX SDK Sp2. I am not running FSX except for what Migration Tool install which I believe is just a fake FS Config file in app data/etc. Maybe simconnect issue? Thank you Simon, Bob M. STBDataServer.Trace.txt
  2. Here's the next official update for STB for Prepar3D V4, major changes in bold: · Further content updates (airline logos, aircraft and airline configuration files) for Just Flight TrafficGlobal. · Major upgrade of the STB Date-Time architecture to support 64bit values and multiweek schedules. The latter provide schedule repeat periods of TWO, FIVE and EIGHT WEEKS in addition to the default. · Dates now presented in US format (e.g. Month Day) when the local Windows culture is set to US (or any other culture that uses the same convention). · Added the schedule repeat period value to flight details dialogue and show both local and Zulu schedule times when tracing is set to verbose level. · STB is compiling all traffic files starting with ".BGL", rather than those that are ".BGL” exactly. · Bug fix: When determining the width of the airline logo column, the AirlineLogoWidth setting is always used rather than column properties saved to the settings file. · Bug Fix: Null exception caused by STB AI Observer · Add a small margin to the airline logo width column to ensure it displays correctly. · Added exception handling to the methods that handle callbacks from Simconnect that would otherwise fail silently. · Force integer division to double precision where the result can be -1 > 0 < 1, to avoid underrun. The multi week schedule support turned out to be a huge piece of work, essentially requiring a new approach to the concept of time in STB which took quite some time to get done. We need a more flexible approach when displaying date/times, so here's an example of what you'll see with a multi week schedule: Flights that occur a week or more away include the full date and time, while those from tomorrow up to a week just include the day name. The other big change is support for the US style date format, and any other cultures that present the month before the day name. In other words, looking at the screen shot you will now see "Sun Jun 25 06:24" instead of "Sun 25 Jun 06:24". The format is automatically set by the culture your Windows PC is using. You can download the STB Client update from here: http://bit.ly/2JFmf9m And the STB Data Server combined update and installer from here: http://bit.ly/2Ocw6aj STB Data Server is a separate free of charge component, only required on the simulator computer when you are using STB client in a separate remote computer. Please note it is mandatory to update STB Data Server when updating STB Client (using the above links) Many thanks Simon
  3. Summary: STB Client V3.6.2018.20201 is a replacement product for STB V3.2. Obtain the setup program from your original place of purchase (contact me for assistance if you purchased from Flight1). STB Data Server V3.6.2018.14700 is required on the FSX computer when using STB on a separate computer to FSX, and also replaces earlier versions. Download the combined setup and update program from here: http://bit.ly/2OWJ8ZA I've produced a new version of STB for FSX and FSX Steam Edition that contains bug fixes and support for Just Flight's Traffic Global. As we are switching to a new installer framework, it's necessary to completely uninstall your current STB for FSX and then install this one. There is also a new STB data server for those of you running STB and FSX on separate computers. You will need to uninstall the old data server then install the new one also. You'll note a change in terminology here that I started with Prepar3D. The STB Client as it is now known is SuperTrafficBoard itself, which has everything you need to display a list of flights and interact with them. The STB Data Server is required on the FSX computer when using the STB Client on a separate computer. The list of changes are: ⦁ Added configuration content for Just Flight Traffic Global. ⦁ Changed the search order for logo files to make "PNG" the top priority. ⦁ Added high quality logo resizing facility. ⦁ Reset default airline logo size to 125x25. ⦁ Updated logos for a number of airlines, with more planned for future releases. First group are for Just Flight's Traffic Global. ⦁ Bug fix: When determining the width of the airline logo column, the AirlineLogoWidth setting is always used rather than column properties saved to the settings file. ⦁ Add a small margin to the airline logo width column to ensure it displays correctly. ⦁ Upgraded MakeRwys utility to V4.84. ⦁ Bug fix: Traffic BGLs that do not contain any flight plans (e.g. Traffic Global user defined BGL) caused exceptions during airport complication. ⦁ Added limited support for Flight1 UTLive including logos, airline and aircraft configuration content. See user guide for further information. ⦁ Enhance non-BGL scheduled AI presentation (e.g. UT Live) so the scheduled times are updated when the AI becomes active, improving the sort order by time. ⦁ Improved exception handling. ⦁ Flight Plan Complier Bug fix. Don't append "Scenery" to a scenery library path if it already ends with "scenery". ⦁ Inno Setup Framework for all installers. ⦁ Updated user guide. If you would like this now, please contact me with a note of your original software order. It will reach the normal distribution channels in due course, but that always takes a lot of time. Simon
  4. In amongst all the work for Prepar3D-V4, I made the time to release the latest update for Prepar3D-V3. For the STB client, the update can be found at: http://bit.ly/2x4bRnZ And the STB Data Server for those of you running STB and Prepar3D-V3 on separate computers is here (both an update for existing installations and a standalone installer): http://bit.ly/2CNajUH Summary of changes in V3.4.1.2: · Don't append "Scenery" to a scenery library path if it already ends with "scenery". Flight Plan Complier Bug fix: · Such warnings are only generated by FSX simulators. Disable message about simulator security warning the first time an exe or dll is executed for Prepar3D based simulators. · Remove redundant switch back to user cockpit action when an AI subject to an extended view ai camera is deleted; · Added Help link for finding the STB-DS computer name during the remote connection wizard; · Improved text in remote configuration wizard; · Added STB Client Computer Name to statistics tab of settings notebook; · Checked a value for simulator computer name has been entered before allowing the user to continue through the remote connection wizard; · Deleting extended view AI cameras and observers through SimConnect when the API is closing can crash STB; · Disable the Follow/Shadow AI View control when the Extended AI Camera Facility is disabled; · Reset the Follow/Shadow AI View to "View AI" when the Extended AI Camera facility is disabled in settings notebook. · Make Runways Utility V4.8.2.0; · Limited support for Flight1 UTLive: Ability to select logos, airlines and aircraft definitins for UTLive (shared option with UT2); Simon
  5. SuperTrafficBoard Client (STB) can be run on the same computer as your simulator, or on a different computer. The reason you may want to run it on a separate computer is related to simulator full screen mode. If simulator full screen is required (for Prepar3D this means "blackout desktop"), you must run STB on a separate computer. Otheriwse you might want to run STB on a separate computer if you are short of screen space on your simulator computer. In order to operate on a separate computer STB needs a supply of additional information beyond that obtained by normal means (i.e. from the simulator using SimConnect). This is where SuperTrafficBoard Data Server (STB-DS) comes into play: a free of charge utility for STB customers running on your simulator computer and providing the additional information required by the STB Client. Several versions of STB-DS are available, corresponding to the major versions of STB and simulators. The installer for STB-DS can be downloaded from the following links, please choose those appropriate to your environment. For STB Client updates, please see https://forum.simflight.com/topic/80062-which-stb-for-which-simulator-fsx-fsx-steam-edition-and-prepar3d-v2v3v4/ STB Data Server V4 for Prepare3D V4.2, V4.3: http://bit.ly/2Ocw6aj STB Data Server V3.4 for Prepar3D-V3: http://bit.ly/2CNajUH STB Data Server V3.3 for Prepar3D-V2: http://bit.ly/2x04HjW STB Data Server V3 for Microsoft FSX and FSX Steam Edition: STB-DS V3.6 for FSX and FSX Steam Edition Standalone: http://bit.ly/2OWJ8ZA STB-DS V3.2 for FSX and FSX Steam Edition Standalone: http://bit.ly/2MFOHuc STB V3.2 is discontinued, please upgrade to STB for FSX V3.6 at your earliest opportunity. There is no charge for V3.6 if you already own STB for FSX V3.2. To obtain V3.6, please visit the shop from which you originally purchased STB, or contact us for assistance. Standalone refers to FSX Steam Edition being installed on a computer that does not already contain Microsoft Flight Simulator X. We no longer support configurations where FSX Steam Edition is installed on the same computer as Microsoft FSX. Full details of how to set up both STB and STB-DS can be found in the STB User Guide. Simon

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