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Found 8 results

  1. I built a box to attach to my Cessna 172 (A2A) sim in P3D v5. I am using FSUIPC6. It has the ignition, Master ALT, Master BAT, all the lights and pitot and the Avionics switches. I created 6 macros to turn the Master ALT, Master BAT and Avionics switches ON and OFF. Problem: It works great as long as the switches on the sim are at the same position as the switches on the box. If the switch on the sim is on a different position than the switch on the box, moving the switch on the box produces the opposite result. For example: If the Avionics switch on the sim and the box are in the same position, it works like a charm. If they are opposite in the sim and the box, they work in reverse: I flick the box Avionics OFF and it flicks the Avionics switch in the sim to ON and vice versa. Is there a way to "synchronize" the position of the sim Avionics switch with the current position of the Avionics on the box? Thanks
  2. NOTE: This guide references an out-dated method for controlling the PMDG aircraft in MSFS. While it might still work, a better method is explained in this linked FAQ: Background PMDG Aircraft for MSFS do not use the normal controls provided by the flight sim. This means that many of the aircraft's switches cannot be assigned to buttons and keys using the list of controls in the FSUIPC dropdown boxes. Assigning a standard control in FSUIPC will likely do nothing in the PMDG aircraft when the button or key is pressed. Solution Instead of using the standard list of controls shown in the FSUIPC dropdown box, users must send codes as a parameter to the standard MSFS 'Rotor Brake' control. The parameter code specifies which switch to operate and what type of mouse click to simulate. The control numbers vary for each aircraft and are listed in the SDK that is installed alongside the aircraft. This guide will show you, step-by-step: How to find the SDK files How to calculate the 'Rotor Brake' parameter codes How to assign the code to buttons/keys in FSUIPC The specific examples shown will be taken from the PMDG 737-700, but the same method works for any PMDG aircraft with an SDK. 1. Locating the SDK From your main Flight Sim install folder, open the PMDG folder. Then select the folder belonging to the aircraft you want to use. e.g. PMDG 737 NGXu Then select the SDK folder Locate the file with the .h extension. For the 737 it's called PMDG_NG3_SDK.h You can open this file with Notepad or your favourite text editor. As an example, the document you need for the 737 will be: [FlightSimInstallFolder]\PMDG\PMDG 737 NGXu\SDK\PMDG_NG3_SDK.h 2. Calculating the 'Rotor Brake' Parameter Code 2.1. Find the control you want to use. Search for the control by name, or look through the listed controls to find the one you want. They are helpfully grouped together by panel. The controls are listed under a comment: // Control Events You can search for this to find where the list of control numbers starts. As an example we'll use the "Autopilot CMD A" switch on the MCP. This is the relevant line in the 737 SDK: #define EVT_MCP_CMD_A_SWITCH (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 402) To calculate the control number for this switch we ignore THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN and take the number after it. In this case 402. NOTE: Some controls reference other controls. For example: #define EVT_EFB_L_BACK (EVT_EFB_L_START + 1) For this you need to find the value of EVT_EFB_L_START and add 1. Searching for EVT_EFB_L_START we find this: #define EVT_EFB_L_START (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 1700) As before, THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN is always ignored. So we get the value of 1700. Adding 1 to this will give us the value for EVT_EFB_L_BACK. Therefore EVT_EFB_L_BACK would be 1700 + 1 = 1701. We have now calculated the control number. 2.2. Adding the Mouse Action Code You now need to add a number to tell the aircraft what kind of mouse interaction you want to simulate. (e.g. left click, right click, scroll wheel up). First multiply the control number you have so far by 100. In our example for EVT_MCP_CMD_A_SWITCH we get: 402 * 100 = 40200 Now you ADD the following number, depending on the mouse operation you want: 1 for left mouse click 2 for right mouse click 3 for mouse move 4 for left mouse button release 5 for right mouse button release 6 for middle mouse button click 7 for mouse wheel up 8 for mouse wheel down For our example, we'll have our key assignment simulate the left mouse button clicking on the CMD A autopilot button. So we'll need to add 1: 40200 + 1 = 40201 Now we have the final code number. 3. Assigning the control to a button or key in FSUIPC Select [Assignments] -> [buttons + switches] or [key presses] in the FSUIPC7 menu. Then select the button or key to program. From the "control sent..." dropdown select Rotor Brake In the Parameter field below type in your calculated code number from the previous step. For our 'Autopilot CMD A' example, we enter 40201 If you're programming a key press, remember to press the [confirm] button. Here is our example control assigned to a button in FSUIPC: Your button or key press should now operate the switch in your PMDG aircraft.
  3. Hello, I am a student working on making a Zlin 142 cockpit, and I am having some troubles in finding the right FSUIPC Offset for some switches and instruments. I am using FSUIPC4 with P3Dv4, coding with C#. The Zlin 142 is a piston engine aircraft. The Offsets which i can't find are : Compressor Battery switch (not the Master Battery Offset, it is linked with the Main Switch) Master ignition switch Instruments switch Inverter siwtch Radio Com 1 switch (On/Off) I really spent 2 or 3 weeks searching for the offsets. I am really looking for your help.
  4. Merry Xmas Guys, I downloaded the 170/190 model thursday and have noticed a few things in the VC There is a gap in the modeling mesh for the VC exposing the sky addtionly the activation LEDs for the switches on the AP system do not light up when activated, the led is textured however no indication when the switch is toggled the aft cabin vew is a little off,
  5. Hi all, I'm new to this forum and cockpit building in general and had some questions regarding programming mouse macros with FSUIPC: I have physical switches that I want to program with the pmdg 737, when I click "create mouse macro" and try to click one of the switches in the cockpit it dosnt let me. The problem is that whenever i move my mouse, FSUIPC thinks that the mouse movement is what i wish to program. in other words, when i move my mouse it wants to program the mouse movement instead of what i actually want to program. I hope this makes sense. Does anyone have and ideas on how to fix this? Regards, Max Kreckel
  6. Hi Pete and everybody else, I'm now using a yoke for my simming, the Saitek ProFlight Cessna. All buttons set but for two on the right hand side. One button is for use in saiteks own profile editor for changing modes to increase the number of commands per switch/button but i'm not using the saitek editor. Can the mode switch be used via fsuipc for the same effect? The rhs on-off-on switch I have set to autothrottle dec and inc, ie left and right with no command on release. My problem is that when on the ground I have unlimited control of the autothrottle value, I can adjust up and down as expected so for example can select 178 as v2+20 as my initial climb speed, what i want to do as i retract flaps is increase speed to the 'bug up' speed which is around 220knts approx, but what is happening as soon in flight is that the speed can only be adjusted in steps of 10 so I get 188 198 208 etc, not the single steps as when on the ground. I'm fairly certain I've read about this problem but I cannot find the same text about this, is there anybody out there that knows a fix for this. regards Steve
  7. Hi there A friend of mine has recomended FSUIPC for programming switches, when looking at his version of it, there seems to be many commands missing. In the default Cessna 172 in FSX the first switch in the lights section is Beacon On/Off (but looking through the list of available commands I could not see this command) is there an easy way to do this? I'm doing my homework before I get too deep in this project, so i know it should all work. Thanks Phil
  8. Hi, I am running a registered copy of version 4.90 :razz:. I am trying to program my FSX through FSUIPC. After downloading multiple tutorials and user guides, I could succeed in many assignements but I'm now facing some situation that I am unable to find an explanation for :oops:. 1. In Buttons and Switches, it is pretty clear except the role and "way to use" the Parameter option associated to a FS Control button. 2.. While assigning to my Thrustmaster MFD Cougar the control "Heading Bug Inc" and "Heading Bug Dec", the steps are by 10 degrees. How to adjust to 1 degree when [button pressed] and more when [repeat while held] ? 3. The same question raises for Altitude and Speed Inc / Dec ? 4. What is the control to assign the Course Inc/Dec function ? 5. For Pushback I could find the control. But I would like to assign the Left and Right Pushback as well... What is the control ? An additional question related to the flap control assignement: I strictly followed the guide to set the 7 detents of my E-175 Feelthere but when it runs, the flaps lever jumps from 1 to full and return to 4 and 5... Is there a reliable and accurate user guide explaining the adjustment "for Dummies" ? I know that all my questions may appear simple to you, but few days of Web investigation and multiple reading made me turning quite crazy... Merci in advance and congratulations for your work and your availability to assist guys like me. Bruno
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