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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, faced with some taxi issues on KLGA. I apologize if these are mentioned before. Planes departing from the Marine Air terminal cleverly hold short of runway 4, but then never move with the command continue taxi again. I have to re-assign them to the runway to let them continue the taxi. Another issue is on RWY31 at taxiway Z...planes are enter the runway w/o any clearance even after the hold short command For example at W everything is fine. Thanks in advance,
  2. Hi, Another bug to report :) Heavies are doing donuts after giving taxi instructions (not during pushback): Example of the A380 doing it ... log needs to be downloaded from here as it wouldn't upload as it's 20MB?? No idea why that is so large lol :) Please let me know when I can delete it from the above link - thanks :)
  3. Hi, Found an issue at KLGA with arrivals on runway 4 taxiing to terminal via A M. They seem to want to taxi onto taxiway B which is not what we as humans want to happen :D (DAL2665) The way round it at the moment is to only give taxi instructions via A (DAL886) but even this isn't enough as sometimes you want to route departures out onto B. Screenshots below and log attached :) Please fix. output_log.txt
  4. ml0130

    JFK Taxi

    Even though I know I should have brought this up before the last JFK update came. But I have noticed there are several taxiways that are in the game but unusable mislabeled missing or misplaced. https://flightaware.com/resources/airport/JFK/APD/AIRPORT+DIAGRAM/pdf Mislabeled QH->Q1 QG->Q3 QF->Q3 MC Only connects 31L/13R to P The other part should be N Unusable (KG and KF) These two are between L and KE going from left to right its KG KF KG Should also be a point to enter/exit the Ramp there (HB) This is the taxiway between J and H that goes across A and B Missing (SA) This is at the start of the turn between B and A going counter clock from were R joins B (GG) This is a left pull off from 4L between H and G (EE) This is between FB and E (LL) Should be left of L going counter clock (DB) This should be where E is between A and FB Misplaced (E) Should be at the full length of 22R (TB) Should be a point to enter/exit the American Ramp
  5. Hi all, I was playing SP today and using runways 22R and 22L. 22L for landings. I had an issue with Southwest 2106 getting stuck. After SWA2106 landed successfully, I issued the command "TAXI TO TERMINAL VIA C M K E2". He replied to acknowledge the command but did not move. After clicking on the aircraft, there was no taxi path showing. I issued the command again without success. At KBOS, there seems to be no link from K (near taxiway A / B) to the end of the terminal area (just past taxiway E2). Screenshot here. Log file attached. output_log.txt
  6. Hi, Tonight I was having a go on KLAS and discovered a slight issue. See this screenshot for visual reference. I've attached my output log file as well. NKS111 landed fine on 25L, I instructed to taxi to terminal and then; taxi to terminal via A5, B, C5, C3 but he went via C7 for some reason even though I gave no C7 command at all. Log: Log file is attached :) output_log.txt
  7. There seems to be a problem on PHX. It seems that anything from north cargo doesn't want to accept a route you give it. But if you just do a general taxi to runway then it will take the one the game whats to take. https://clips.twitch.tv/ApatheticPunchyFungusFutureMan https://clips.twitch.tv/AgitatedHeartlessHumanOneHand
  8. Here is an issue I had with flight SWA5625. I gave it pushback clearance for Runway 7L. It pushed back from the terminal, then got tugged down and turned onto Taxiway C. It moved far enough onto Charlie that other planes could turn the corner and get to their gate. I tried changing the taxi route, just giving it the runway at intersection, just the runway, different runways, and different runways with taxi directions. I also tried to just give it a 'CONTINUE TAXI' command and it never moved. Logs attached. KLAS-NoTaxi.zip
  9. Pete, Is there any way for a future update for FSUIPC to implement these features: 1. A way to switch off the rudder animations below a certain speed. This is so that when taxiing, only the nose wheel would turn and the rudder would stay stationary. Currently when I taxi, the rudder would turn when I twist my joystick (rudder control of course), but I feel like the rudder should only move when the aircraft is above a certain speed, let's say 40 knots. This would allow the rudder to stay still during taxi but would move above 30kts in situations for example to compensate for crosswinds during takeoff and landing. Of course, some aircraft don't have steerable nosewheels, so this option could be controlled to specific aircraft or simply a tick-check box in the user interface. 2. This is perhaps one feature that I would really desire in FSX. At the moment, when I accelerate up the runway for takeoff, any wind above 1 knot would force the aircraft to turn into the direction of the wind and will not go in a straight line.This also applies when taxiing the aircraft. Now this is a natural occurrence called Weathervaning, but I feel that FSX has really exaggerated it. I shouldn't have to wrestle with the rudder controls to hold the aircraft on the centerline if there isn't a crosswind above 10kts. The same thing happens when I'm landing and touch down, the aircraft would drift off erratically and I struggle to keep it on the centerline. I think there should be a feature to prevent this effect, I feel like it should be controlled realistically by the wind in FSX. For example, if there is a headwind at windspeed below 10kts there should be absolutely no weathervaning effects on the aircraft. During crosswinds, the effect should be proportional to the windspeed again, below 10kts, again there shouldn't really be any effect. If the windspeed is higher, then the weathervaning would gradually increase in intensity to simulate it realistically. I hope you can take these suggestions into consideration. I have no idea on how FSUIPC works so I'm not going to expect these to be implemented, maybe I'm just being ambitious, though I would really like it if they somehow where.
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