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Found 3 results

  1. After watching YouTube video "TBM 930 THROTTLE Control setup in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 using FSUIPC7 | TBM 930 TUTORIAL", I bought FSUIPC7, registered it, and created a new profile TBM930 in the Axes Assignments screen, selected "Send to FS as normal axis", and assigned Throttle lever to "Axis Throttle 1 Set" and the Prop lever to "Axis Propeller 1 Set". The throttle in the simulator does not respond/move with movement of the throttle lever although the Propeller lever will shift between Hi Idle and Taxi if I manually move the throttle up from cutoff into Hi Idle with the mouse then move the Prop lever up. I've also tried reassigning the throttle to "Axis Throttle Set" to no aval. The throttle and propeller are not assigned in MSFS 2020 Control Options: Power Management. I'm using the Logitech Pro Flight Yoke System I did not install WIDEFS7 because I am not using networked computers; just a stand-alone PC. It's probable something real simple that I've overlooked... Any direction would be greatly appreciated. FSUIPC7.ini FSUIPC7.log
  2. I've used FSUIPC for some years in FSX and P3Dv4, I wouldn't say I am a 'power user' at all thought! I have just installed P3Dv5 and this new version of FSUIPC and am trying to set up my saitek throttle quadrants through FSUIPC but am getting a strange error. Throttle 1 on first lever is fine Prop 1 and Mixture 1, even though as far as I can see they are set up the same was as Throttle , the lowest position of the lever in sim is about halfway down the movement on the actual quadrant. I don't have reverse set so its just a simple case of mapping min and max range. FSUIPC can see the full range of movement in the axis assignment screen but when it comes to applying it in the calibration it isn't using it. For example Prop 1 FSUIPC allows me to set Max at 16383 and Min at -16384 However when I move the lever from max at 16383 back to min the Out box displays 0 at about halfway movement and then does not change. Even if I do not send it to calibration and select Send to FS as normal axis I get the same issue. Odd how the throttle is working fine but not the other two axis. Can someone possibly advise?
  3. This hopefully hasn't been covered before, I did find one post somewhere on the internet where somebody had this identical problem, but no solution. FSUIPC4 4.939 dowlnoaded yesterday after fiddling with default FSX-SE for 2 days trying to assign my Saitek pro flight yoke, throttle quadrant, and pedals. I learned more messing sith FSUPIC & youtube in an hour then in 6 hours the FSX default way. Anyway, the problem I could not figure out in FSX, and I am having the same issue in FSUIPC - the spoilers. I assigned they spoiler axis to my Y-rotation axis (the third sliding lever). I directed it right into FSUIPC calibration. I calibrated the range (an oddity I just went with was the fact that theres a center calibration - I would think min/max would be more appropriate for a sliding axis). Going into the game, the spoiler kind of has a mind of its own. Starting from retracted, sliding the lever up the spoilers start to go up mirroring the movements of the slider. Then at some point the spoilers just take off on their own and go to full up, and will stay up no matter what setting the slider is on. Only when sliding up my throttle lever (the first slider) do the spoilers come back down. This happend in FSX default as well prior to installing FSUIPC. Exiting to my computer control panel, checking the Saitek calibration window, the slider is working smoothly throught its entier range... as far as I can tell it is working perfect. Any ideas?
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