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  1. All, This is an update announcement following on from the recent poll result and the agreement from Gabor to at least release an initial paid RC Service Pack update to the community. This is designed to keep RC packs as up to date as possible for those that still wish to game with the current version once the the new Tower Sim 3 comes out. I have attached an updated initial file with the list of liveries etc. that I have spotted in the airline press and requests already sent to me by community members thus far. To request additions to this please PM me with the following information for me to consider adding this to list to request from Gabor: 1. Airframe type code 2. IATA Code (if known) 3. Airline Name 4. Any additional comments I will respond directly to you if I have any questions etc. As previously mentioned in the original post the General Rules for requests to be considered are: - Requests for updates would be limited in the most part for airlines/flights that are operating into airports that are have been issued in the current version of the game (not a hard and fast rule but will be used to determine if these are added if too many requests for Nygeres to produce) - No one off or unique liveries would be considered - No new airframes will be considered but Cargo variants (without windows) of current airframes already in game would be considered. Real Traffic would be updated IF a new cargo variant is added. I will endeavor to update the RC file request list at regular intervals in this topic to keep people informed of requests received so far. Thanks Gary
  2. I just installed Tower! 3D Pro onto my laptop and it crashes upon opening every single time. Sometimes the opening screen doesn't even make it open when launching. I believe my laptop meets minimum and recommended specs, but I will list them below. Has anyone else had this problem and fixed it, or can I get an explanation for why it crashes upon every launch? I also have this on a full fletched gaming pc and it works fine on my system. Thanks! Specs: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1065G7 CPU @ 1.30GHz 1.50 GHz Nvidia GeForce MX230 2GB 16GB RAM Windows 10
  3. All, Now that no new airports will be produced in the current version of Tower! 3D Pro by either FeelThere and NygeresDesign, I have been thinking of way to provide and update for new airlines and liveries etc. for those that want to keep up to date with the real-world traffic in their schedules in this current version of the game. I have been speaking with Gabor at NygeresDesign about an idea of how to update the Real Colors packs and we have jointly come up with the idea of potentially providing what will be known as Real Colors Livery Update Packs on 2 or 3 times a year basis. This would similar to the Retro Pack that NygeresDesign issued a while ago. The price per pack would be US$5.99 Our thoughts on this are as follows: BASIC GENERAL RULES - Requests for updates would be limited in the most part for airlines/flights that are operating into airports that are already been issued in the current version of the game. - No one off or unique liveries would be considered - No new airframes will be considered but Cargo variants (without windows) of current airframes already in game would be considered. Real Traffic would be updated IF a new cargo variant is added. - New Airlines would need to be added to airport/airline files by the end user. This information will be supplied with the pack details and forum communications. - Flights to be added to their schedules by the end user - Circa 50 to 70 new additions would be in each pack as a minimum I would collate I have listed a poll to gauge interest in this (closes at midnight 31st August) and I have also attached a spreadsheet I started to put together based on my looking at the monthly airline magazine I subscribe to and PM's already sent to me for additions based on my Tower! 3D Pro - Real Colors/Aircraft Master List by Airport forum topic which I will continue to keep updated if people want to progress with this idea. As Gabor is busy at present working on the models for the new version of the game the first one would more than likely not be issued until the initial version of TOWER! SIMULATOR 3 is released. AT THIS STAGE PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT TO ME ANY REQUESTS UNTIL I HAVE AGREEMENT TO PROCEED. If we get the green light with sufficient interest I will create a new topic to start the ball rolling. Gary RCLP1 List_Vs1.1.xlsx
  4. Hello I purchased JFK and OMBD for tower 3d and I down loaded them but they've not added to my game do you have any advice or a way to fix this.. I know when I down loaded real colour and real traffic I had to add a different code for file location ... many thanks I'm stuck at a loose end here
  5. I got the idea from this thread by @amif2000
  6. Especially with custom schedules it can happen that unknown or changed callsigns are used. If you want to look up a callsign while playing, you will often not find it in official databases. With the Callsign Information Tool you can upload the provided airlines file and search for callsigns quickly and easily while playing. (Please note that this website is not optimized for mobile devices.)
  7. Good morning San Francisco! It's a quiet Saturday morning with a bit of fog hanging off the bay. So it's the ILS for 28L and 28R and departures on runways 1 and 28 at your discretion. San Francisco on a Saturday means the tourists already came in yesterday and the business flights left late last night as well. There is not a lot of general aviation at SFO, but those private jets are always in a hurry. It is Tower!3D and KSFO on November 3rd, 2018 and you just transferred into the tower before the Thanksgiving rush. No sweat, you will have a few weeks to get used to the flow. A quiet Saturday still means surge traffic with everyone wanting to push back in the same 10 minutes of the hours and clumps of arriving flights challenging the exquisite timing required for cross traffic takeoffs. ---You should have Real Traffic for Tower!3D to have this schedule work. They provide the proprietary files for KSFO_airlines.txt, KSFO_airports.txt, and KSFO_airplanes.txt This zip file only contains KSFO_schedule.txt, KSFO_terminal.txt, and KSFO_GAandLocalTraffic.txt In this case, my game files were found at my steam location. Your's may vary. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\Extensions\Airfields\KSFO Make a copy of your folder called KSFO. Copy the downloaded files into KSFO. Replace ksfo_terminal.txt Replace ksfo_schedule.txt Replace ksfo_gaandlocaltraffic.txt That should do it. --- Optional: ksfo_airlines.txt checks Optional: replace one line in airlines.txt defunct 2014 Vincent Aviation with Frenchbee in ksfo_airlines.txt They both used the two digit code BF, so if you don't, Frenchbee won't show. old: VAL, BF, VINCENT, Vincent Aviation, New Zealand new: FBU, BF, FRENCH BEE, Frenchbee, France p.s. I have run KSFO with this schedule from 6 AM to 10 PM 6 AM as of this upload and it is a challenge or puzzle to space all these flights in and out, but it worked without any FAA penalties. And this is a quiet Saturday. Whew. I wonder if I should try a Monday or Friday schedule. Those should be tough. 20190102 Added photograph with flights per hour KSFO 20181103 V2.zip
  8. Just bought the Steam version of Tower!3D Pro, as well as a couple of add-on airports to try out. I can't get the three panels to open into the 2nd monitor popups. None of the three will open. There's a popup that opens for about 1/2 a second before it closes again. Captured the logs for all three and have attached the files. mmwindow.zip
  9. I've tried about a half dozen times to load KSFO with rainy weather and each time the game freezes at the loading screen at 72%. It happens if I select "stormy" weather manual as well as if I select "random" weather and the system randomly applies rain. output_log.txt
  10. I had two things regarding the AI and their routing / visibility: Always had a few issues, admittedly some of them are my fault where I need to hold and continue traffic as necessary but there are times when the AI seems to be unable to "see" another plane. Some patches it seems to be better others it seems to be worse. Airports can make it worse depending on their complexity and the plane timing. ATL which I am playing right now for a series has been causing me some grief with planes pushing from the gate into planes on the terminal taxiways while others wait their turn properly. Departures driving into the sides of arrivals already on the taxiway / vice versa when they would have full visibility of each other or one of the other and would yield. Other times the planes see each other just fine and wait which is very helpful and what most pilots would do in those types of incidents. The worst is the head on collision where (yes the situation started as my fault) but sometimes the two planes will stop and stare each other down mocking me, while others will plow into each other without abandon. Just curious if there is anything being looked into regarding that. Perhaps adding a command to hold at X taxiway for crossing traffic then continue or hold for 2 planes crossing taxiway then continue would help with some of the plane accidents but it seems inconsistent which planes can see each other on the ground. As if the arrivals and departures are part of two separate AI Routing and visibility systems with those at the gate independent of both. --- Second the last few patches for the most part has sped up the routing of traffic around the ground, I am still seeing issues with arrivals though (again specifically at ATL right now but have had a few issues at PHL as well). The airport is complex and voice recognition hates the double / triple character taxiways most of the time but if I issue a direct route but include certain taxiways or too many the planes cannot find the route and sit there immobile even if the visual indicators and text conversion from speech show that it knew exactly what I said. I have to shorten it down until they get on the route and then I can expand upon it a little more. Tied into this is a request: If we issue taxi instructions to a plane as it is slowing down on the arriving runway, pulling off the runway or approaching is there a way to code it for the plane to just roll off the runway at whatever Taxi way already having looked at the route and continue moving with little to no delay. Maybe a command to clear landing and to exit at taxiway X taxi to apron/gate/terminal via X Y C. For the most part with departures once they push and we issue commands for their route they find it immediately and begin rolling. If we change the route the plane parks for a moment and then takes 5 to 10 seconds to get moving again even if they are continuing down the same taxiway just turning off at a different spot. The main issue is the planes always have to pull of the runway and stop for a while before they begin their routing even if they have received instructions for taxiing to their gate and know which gate they are going to. If we adjust routes planes again park each time. If we are drastically changing routes I get it but if we simply are having them enter the runway one entrance earlier off the same parallel taxiway the delay is a bit odd. Thank you!
  11. Has anyone had winds out of the south at BOS? I really want to do a session using the 22s but every single time I load the airport I get northerly winds. I just tried loading BOS 12 times in a row and I got northeasterly winds eight times and northeasterly ones the remaining four times. I know the winds in the sim are based on yearly averages but, does that mean they are fixed on the most common patterns? Or does it mean that every time the sim is loaded you'll get say a 90% of a northerly wind at BOS and 10% for a southerly (or whatever the actual breakdown is, I'm just making those numbers up)? I know I can just ignore the winds and use the 22s anyway but very often the speed is too high to ignore and aircraft will refuse landings/takeoffs.
  12. I'm getting a conflicting runway error at BOS when I have traffic departing on 22R and landing on 27 even though the two runways do not intersect. Is this intentional or is it a bug? I know in the real world the controllers would need to allow enough room for the landing traffic on 27 to go around without interfering with the departures on 22R; is that the logic in the sim? This is a legit question, not a complaint, I'm not sure if I'm just being a bad controller! output_log.txt
  13. I posted this already in another SFO thread but, it probably should have been in a new thread, my apologies. I would like to preface the following comments by saying I'm a huge fan of Tower!3D and I only bring up these points in an attempt to make the sim better. That being said, I think SFO really shows the limitations of the current sim logic, particularly surrounding how aircraft land and taxi off the runways. In the real world, the most common traffic flow at SFO is to have aircraft land on the 28s and depart from the 1s. In Tower!3D most of the traffic arriving on the 28s "land" (the point where the aircraft slows to taxi and the user gets credit for a safe landing) either just short of Taxiway L or in between Taxiway L and Runway 1R or 1L. In the former situation (which never happens in the real world because ATC has arriving traffic keep the speed up until they clear the 1s) the aircraft exits at L and then has to sit and wait for clearance to cross the 1s to the terminals which can cause a massive backup. In the second situation, the arriving traffic slows down to taxi speed and creeps along past the 1s and then exists at either Taxiway J or E, depending on which runway they landed on and where the landing point was. Again, this causes massive backups, particularly with the departures waiting at the 1s. If we flip around to the other direction and have traffic land on the 10s (which, I've actually never seen in the real world, although I admit am not an expert of SFO operations, yet the winds int he sim seem to favor that setup) we run into a similar situation where the majority of the traffic "lands" well short of Taxiways T and E yet taxi all the way down to L and exit there. If I give the command to "Vacate runway right on to taxiway E" the aircraft respond affirmatively yet exit Left onto E and then have to be routed via C and either D or K back to the terminals. I understand the landing logic is probably a big thing and probably can't be changed anytime soon but, the aircraft being unable to exit onto taxiway E when landing on the 10s is most likely just a bug associated with SFO and hopefully, that can be addressed soon. output_log.txt
  14. Hello! I owned Tower 2011 back in the day and recently picked up Tower!3d Pro on Steam. I suspect this has been asked before but I thought I'd go ahead and throw it out there: is there any chance of supporting the "group form" of numbers pronunciation for airliner callsigns? This is the FAA regulation where callsigns like "UAL2042" should be read as "UNITED TWENTY FOURTY TWO" instead of "TWO ZERO FOUR TWO," the latter of which is the only thing Tower seems to support. Even though I know that group form isn't currently supported, it's a tough habit to break from ATCpro and Vatsim.... Thanks for your consideration!
  15. Hello I've been having a lof of fun so far with Tower!3D Pro. Thank you for such a wonderful simulator. However I decided to put a little more realism into my gameplay to make it feel more like real life ATC work. I've noticed watching youtube videos, that many people find ATC perfection as possbility to handle more and more aircraft at a time. But it's not that simple in real life. The job of ATC is not only giving proper clearances but also monitoring every aircraft and trying to imagine the whole 3D picture by using only the projection he can see with from tower. It's also remembering who is where and what he was cleared to do. Therefore I want to share with you my idea which puts a little more realism into Tower!3D by enforcing more usage of visual view and flight strips instead of ground movement radar. I've chosen KSAN for my first try as single-runway airport will be easier to help understand proper ATC work scheme. So you will need both KSAN and Real Traffic add-on. You will also need a printer and at least scissors (paper cutter highly recommended). The idea is to print and use flight strips the exact way as real ATC would do while playing Tower!3D at the same time minimising the usage of ground movement radar which is a bit of a cheat and makes whole work too easy in my opinion. Of course before you start you will need both some experience in Tower!3D and in KSAN airport in particular. You need to be able to identify visualy which taxiway is which and which apron is which without hesitation. Here you will find a short manual on how to setup your Tower!3D view and on some basics about how to use flight strips: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B58R9LWp4kniSTdvaFFvbV9LdDA Here you will find flight strips for the default KSAN Real Traffic schedule: Departures part 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B58R9LWp4kniNGxEc2YydXRMS3c Departures part 2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B58R9LWp4knibVdad3JoOGRuV3c Arrivals part 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B58R9LWp4kniTXRINWg2VDd1eU0 Arrivals part 2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B58R9LWp4kniYjFFZVpaU0Zyb0E You will need to download all 4 files. When you chose simulation hours for your game just find these hours in all 4 files, print the pages and cut out the flight strips. I know there should be only one file for departures and one for arrivals, but this is how it came from my spreadsheet - sorry :) All comments highly appreciated. If you find it interesting I can make similar flight strips for any schedule and any airport.
  16. Hey all, I just downloaded KLGA for Tower!3D and went to re-download real traffic to get the game right. When I click the download link for Real Traffic it tells me that the password has expired and doesn't allow me to get to my download. Any ideas as to why? I'm pretty sure I didn't pay for temporary access to my stuff, right? Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  17. On JFK it seems that all the non-commercial terminals are marked as cargo terminals. But there's a small piece of gates up by 13R and QC were GA parks is there a way we could get that fixed
  18. I've played KGLA between 9am - 10am, 11am-12pm and 3pm-4pm at 100% and the flight volumes are surprisingly low. I probably had less than 50 flights in each of those hours. Similarlay I played a multiplayer session with a friend on Saturday (22rd December). KLAS, 9am-12pm slot at 100% and we could hold a continious conversation with only the occasional interruption to issue arrival/departure instructions. When I watch YouTube videos, other players have to constantly issue arrival/departure commands to keep ontop of the flights. Today (27 December) I played KLAS again, 10am to 11am timeslot at 100% and only had a total of 36 arrivals and departures. Surely KLAS is busier than that. I'm using Real Traffic sp6V3 . Am I missing something or is there an issue somewhere?
  19. Dear Folks, We just released an updated version for KBOS. IT's available from the same download link that you got at the purchase and it' also updated on Steam. We fixed some gate sizes so the heavy airplanes will not block each other at the terminal and added some hold points involving the landing path of Runway 4L and 9. Thank you Vic
  20. Is there a possibility that any non-US airports, suck as Heathrow (London), Charles de Gualle (Paris), O.R. Thambo (Johannesburg), Kingford Smith (Sydney), will be added? Kingford Smith will be especially challenging as you have both Domestic and International airports sharing taxiways and runways.
  21. For a regular taxi-to-runway instruction, the phraseology is "RUNWAY (rwy), TAXI VIA (route)." However, for intersection departures, Tower!3D seems to only accept "RUNWAY (rwy) AT (ixn) VIA (route)." I couldn't find a specific rule in the FAA document about this, but I would expect it to be "TAXI VIA (route)" instead of just "VIA." It'd be nice to unify these to both use (or at least support) the "TAXI VIA" phraseology. Or, if I've missed something that shows it should *not* use TAXI, I'd be very interested in reading it. Thanks!
  22. Hello Community, I decided to buy Tower!3D Pro, but I have a few questions: If I buy Tower!3D Pro without a CD, will I get a download link to my email or a direct download on the purchase site or anything else? If I get a new PC in a half year, will I be able to transfer the game from my old PC to my new one, if I had buyed the game without CD before? Would I be able to transfer the game to my new PC, if I had buyed Tower!3D Pro with CD instead? Hope you have experience with that and you can help me. Hope you at least have understood me, due to I'm a german. Greetings from Germany, Lessi_lex
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