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  1. Hello I purchased JFK and OMBD for tower 3d and I down loaded them but they've not added to my game do you have any advice or a way to fix this.. I know when I down loaded real colour and real traffic I had to add a different code for file location ... many thanks I'm stuck at a loose end here
  2. I got the idea from this thread by @amif2000
  3. Especially with custom schedules it can happen that unknown or changed callsigns are used. If you want to look up a callsign while playing, you will often not find it in official databases. With the Callsign Information Tool you can upload the provided airlines file and search for callsigns quickly and easily while playing. (Please note that this website is not optimized for mobile devices.)
  4. Good morning San Francisco! It's a quiet Saturday morning with a bit of fog hanging off the bay. So it's the ILS for 28L and 28R and departures on runways 1 and 28 at your discretion. San Francisco on a Saturday means the tourists already came in yesterday and the business flights left late last night as well. There is not a lot of general aviation at SFO, but those private jets are always in a hurry. It is Tower!3D and KSFO on November 3rd, 2018 and you just transferred into the tower before the Thanksgiving rush. No sweat, you will have a few weeks to get used to the flow. A q
  5. Just bought the Steam version of Tower!3D Pro, as well as a couple of add-on airports to try out. I can't get the three panels to open into the 2nd monitor popups. None of the three will open. There's a popup that opens for about 1/2 a second before it closes again. Captured the logs for all three and have attached the files. mmwindow.zip
  6. I've tried about a half dozen times to load KSFO with rainy weather and each time the game freezes at the loading screen at 72%. It happens if I select "stormy" weather manual as well as if I select "random" weather and the system randomly applies rain. output_log.txt
  7. I had two things regarding the AI and their routing / visibility: Always had a few issues, admittedly some of them are my fault where I need to hold and continue traffic as necessary but there are times when the AI seems to be unable to "see" another plane. Some patches it seems to be better others it seems to be worse. Airports can make it worse depending on their complexity and the plane timing. ATL which I am playing right now for a series has been causing me some grief with planes pushing from the gate into planes on the terminal taxiways while others wait their turn properly. Depa
  8. Has anyone had winds out of the south at BOS? I really want to do a session using the 22s but every single time I load the airport I get northerly winds. I just tried loading BOS 12 times in a row and I got northeasterly winds eight times and northeasterly ones the remaining four times. I know the winds in the sim are based on yearly averages but, does that mean they are fixed on the most common patterns? Or does it mean that every time the sim is loaded you'll get say a 90% of a northerly wind at BOS and 10% for a southerly (or whatever the actual breakdown is, I'm just making those numb
  9. I'm getting a conflicting runway error at BOS when I have traffic departing on 22R and landing on 27 even though the two runways do not intersect. Is this intentional or is it a bug? I know in the real world the controllers would need to allow enough room for the landing traffic on 27 to go around without interfering with the departures on 22R; is that the logic in the sim? This is a legit question, not a complaint, I'm not sure if I'm just being a bad controller! output_log.txt
  10. I posted this already in another SFO thread but, it probably should have been in a new thread, my apologies. I would like to preface the following comments by saying I'm a huge fan of Tower!3D and I only bring up these points in an attempt to make the sim better. That being said, I think SFO really shows the limitations of the current sim logic, particularly surrounding how aircraft land and taxi off the runways. In the real world, the most common traffic flow at SFO is to have aircraft land on the 28s and depart from the 1s. In Tower!3D most of the traffic arriving on
  11. Hello! I owned Tower 2011 back in the day and recently picked up Tower!3d Pro on Steam. I suspect this has been asked before but I thought I'd go ahead and throw it out there: is there any chance of supporting the "group form" of numbers pronunciation for airliner callsigns? This is the FAA regulation where callsigns like "UAL2042" should be read as "UNITED TWENTY FOURTY TWO" instead of "TWO ZERO FOUR TWO," the latter of which is the only thing Tower seems to support. Even though I know that group form isn't currently supported, it's a tough habit to break from ATCpro and Vatsim....
  12. Hello I've been having a lof of fun so far with Tower!3D Pro. Thank you for such a wonderful simulator. However I decided to put a little more realism into my gameplay to make it feel more like real life ATC work. I've noticed watching youtube videos, that many people find ATC perfection as possbility to handle more and more aircraft at a time. But it's not that simple in real life. The job of ATC is not only giving proper clearances but also monitoring every aircraft and trying to imagine the whole 3D picture by using only the projection he can see with from tower. It's also remembering
  13. Hey all, I just downloaded KLGA for Tower!3D and went to re-download real traffic to get the game right. When I click the download link for Real Traffic it tells me that the password has expired and doesn't allow me to get to my download. Any ideas as to why? I'm pretty sure I didn't pay for temporary access to my stuff, right? Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  14. On JFK it seems that all the non-commercial terminals are marked as cargo terminals. But there's a small piece of gates up by 13R and QC were GA parks is there a way we could get that fixed
  15. I've played KGLA between 9am - 10am, 11am-12pm and 3pm-4pm at 100% and the flight volumes are surprisingly low. I probably had less than 50 flights in each of those hours. Similarlay I played a multiplayer session with a friend on Saturday (22rd December). KLAS, 9am-12pm slot at 100% and we could hold a continious conversation with only the occasional interruption to issue arrival/departure instructions. When I watch YouTube videos, other players have to constantly issue arrival/departure commands to keep ontop of the flights. Today (27 December) I played KLAS again, 10am to 11am tim
  16. Dear Folks, We just released an updated version for KBOS. IT's available from the same download link that you got at the purchase and it' also updated on Steam. We fixed some gate sizes so the heavy airplanes will not block each other at the terminal and added some hold points involving the landing path of Runway 4L and 9. Thank you Vic
  17. Is there a possibility that any non-US airports, suck as Heathrow (London), Charles de Gualle (Paris), O.R. Thambo (Johannesburg), Kingford Smith (Sydney), will be added? Kingford Smith will be especially challenging as you have both Domestic and International airports sharing taxiways and runways.
  18. For a regular taxi-to-runway instruction, the phraseology is "RUNWAY (rwy), TAXI VIA (route)." However, for intersection departures, Tower!3D seems to only accept "RUNWAY (rwy) AT (ixn) VIA (route)." I couldn't find a specific rule in the FAA document about this, but I would expect it to be "TAXI VIA (route)" instead of just "VIA." It'd be nice to unify these to both use (or at least support) the "TAXI VIA" phraseology. Or, if I've missed something that shows it should *not* use TAXI, I'd be very interested in reading it. Thanks!
  19. Hello Community, I decided to buy Tower!3D Pro, but I have a few questions: If I buy Tower!3D Pro without a CD, will I get a download link to my email or a direct download on the purchase site or anything else? If I get a new PC in a half year, will I be able to transfer the game from my old PC to my new one, if I had buyed the game without CD before? Would I be able to transfer the game to my new PC, if I had buyed Tower!3D Pro with CD instead? Hope you have experience with that and you can help me. Hope you at least have understood me, due to I'm a german
  20. I'm not really sure why I am having this problem with only JFK. I redownloaded and installed it again but for some reason it has problems extending the ADRIS and STRIPS to the second screen. It starts and then closes. If it did it on the other airports I wouldn't care but it only does this on this particular one. Again, I have no problem on any other airport, only JFK. I thought it was my antivirus since my computer is locked down hard but there is something else wrong...any help? Here is the output log: Initialize engine version: 5.4.4f1 (5a3967d8c55d) GfxDevice: creating
  21. Hi! I"m a real newbie at tower! 3d. Actually I'm trying to build a realistic tower control simulator (So, I mean not the program, the hardware for it with voice recognition system, multi monitor system etc. Because i'm interested in air traffic controlling) and I found TOWER!3D which looked great, but the I found that they're going to realese a pro version with voice recongnition built it and so on. So: Does anyone know what the exact release date is and does someone now a pricing for it already? And what are going to be the main features of it?
  22. Dear Folks, A Service Pack for San Diego has been released. What is fixed: -taxiway A is added -the taxiway at the new terminal has been changed to one way to allow some controlling in that area -fixed some taxiway exits from the runway -changed the commuter terminal's stands -changed the tower's position to the correct one What is NOT changed: -the planes will still stop on taxiway B after landing. This is not a bug, they must cross the holding line outside so they will stop on the taxiway. You need to consider it and pre-plan while you control on the airport -airpl
  23. Dear Folks, The waiting is over :) We just released KSAN for Tower!3D supported by Nyerges Design's Real Color. Please note you need to update your Real Traffic to make it work with KSAN. It's a free update you can obtain it in the usual way by re-downloading your product. One important note: I strongly recommend using runway 27 (I know this is not the usual layout, I spent so much time on this airport) due to it's layout. If you instruct the planes to land on RWY9 they will exit at places where the outgoing ground traffic is blocked. It will be different on Tower!3D where you can
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