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Found 20 results

  1. I just installed Tower! 3D Pro onto my laptop and it crashes upon opening every single time. Sometimes the opening screen doesn't even make it open when launching. I believe my laptop meets minimum and recommended specs, but I will list them below. Has anyone else had this problem and fixed it, or can I get an explanation for why it crashes upon every launch? I also have this on a full fletched gaming pc and it works fine on my system. Thanks! Specs: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1065G7 CPU @ 1.30GHz 1.50 GHz Nvidia GeForce MX230 2GB 16GB RAM Windows 10
  2. Our HALOWEEN SALE starts TODAY! Take advantage of this great sale valid until November 05 for ALL TRACON PRODUCTS and ALL TOWER 3D PRODUCTS, (*except EDDS and real color EDDS). You can find our discounted products here: https://www.feelthere.com/product-category/holiday-sales/. Happy shopping!
  3. Steam installed a game update today but I can't find any information on what was included. Anyone know the details?
  4. Aircraft are stopping at the incorrect hold line at the Bravo Hold point (intersection of taxiway B & J). The issue occurs when aircraft land on runway 32 and exit onto taxiway J1 or J. The aircraft should stop at the hold line on taxiway J but instead go through that line and stop at the hold line on taxiway B. In the attached screenshot the JetBlue E90 is seen stopped at the line on taxiway B while the line on taxiway J (the one it should have stopped at) is behind the aircraft. output_log.txt
  5. Happy New Year to everyone! There are two gates at LAX which do not seem to be active in the sim. One is along the right side (when facing the 24s from the tower) of Terminal 3 and the second is along the right side (when facing the 25s from the tower) of Terminal 7. I ran a session starting at 05:00 and finished shortly before 08:00 and neither gate was used despite getting tons of "no free terminal" errors. See the attached screenshots and log. I feel like the no free terminal dilemma is a lot more noticeable at LAX than the other airports. I'm sure I'm stating the obvious but it would be nice if the sim could read the schedules and use incoming aircraft for outgoing flights instead of pre-populating aircraft for the outgoing flights. I think that would be one of my top requests for a future version of the sim. output_log.txt
  6. Almost all of the aircraft (I haven't quite figured out which ones do and do not but, I think anything larger than a CRJ9/E190 is affected) do a complete spin at around 400 feet after departing runway 33L at KBOS. It doesn't seem to have any impact on the game other than it's a bit weird and annoying. I haven't been able to get a screenshot as the spin is very quick and I can't react in time. I'll see if I can figure out how to record it though. I have attached my most recent log if it helps. output_log.txt
  7. I mentioned this one a while back but I was new at the time and I didn't know how to attach the log and neglected to get a screengrab. I just had the error crop up again but this time I remembered to get the pic. The issue is specific to any aircraft which push from the northeasternmost gate on TBIT and end up nose east (so expecting to taxi to the 6s/7s or the 25s; issue doesn't occur when nose west, taxing to the 24s). CPA881 is the offending party in this example. output_log.txt
  8. First off, my apologies for initially attaching these to a previous thread, I didn't see Vic's post requesting a new thread for each issue. Aircraft which push from the gate on B5 nearest C and are instructed to expect any of the runways on the left side of the field (1's, 7's and 19's) cannot create a taxi path to the runway. On the attached log use SWA813 as reference. I think part of the problem is that instead of being pushed out on to taxiway B5 they aircraft are towed all the way down B5 and then well down C past W; it's an unsual pushback for sure. I've run into another road calculation from aircraft departing the upper D gates (taxiway C5 but I forgot to get a screenshot so I'll create a new post if/when it happens again). output_log.txt
  9. Log attached. First time running into a Road Calculation Error at KSAN. It was with Fedex 1422 which had just landed and vacated 27 onto B9. I instructed it to taxi to the cargo ramp first via B, B4, F and then by B, B4, C4, F and finally A, B, B4, C4, F - sim didn't like any of those commands, I finally had to delete the aircraft. On a positive note, not sure if KSAN was updated or if I'm just getting better at the voice recognition but B1, B9, B10 and C1 all used to give me major trouble but now the sim recognizes all of them no problem! output_log.txt
  10. Dear Folks, The waiting is over :) Tower!3D Pro has been released and is available at www.atcsuite.com and www.feelthere.com Existing feelthere and atcsuite customer by now should've received their discount code from BMT MIcro. If you didn't please let us know. Please keep that in mind this is a limited time offer and expires next week. Thank you Vic
  11. In playing multiplayer you have the tower controller (boring) and the ground controller. The tower controller handles the arriving planes and the ground controller handles the departing planes. My question is, at what point do you make the switch? Since the tower controller not only handles the arriving planes, but they also handle the planes until they reach their terminal. The same goes for the ground controller, they handle the planes on the ground, can clear them for takeoff and then send them to departure. My friend and I have decided, correct or not, to switch from tower to ground at the point the plane leaves the runway and to switch from ground to tower at the point the plane is on its way to the runway. So tower accepts the arriving plane and decides which runway to send it to and clear it for landing, once it exits the runway the plane is told to contact ground and then ground directs the plane to the terminal. Ground tells the plane to pushback and proceed to the runway. Just before the plane gets to the runway, the plane is told to contact tower and then tower tells the plane to line for take off, clear it for take off and finally contact departure. Any thoughts, feelings, strong religious beliefs???? Oh by the way, there is no pause button in multiplayer and if you hit the escape key you loose your connection, and I have not found anything to communicate with the other player during the game, except texting one another, so be sure to use the facilities and put down that beer. RickyJ
  12. Hi all, I'm brand new to Tower!3D, I've been playing for about a week now but so far I love it! I have noticed a couple small issues with the taxiways at KLAX though: 1. In the sim, the taxiways listed as E16 & E17 should actually be CC & DD respectively. 2. It would be helpful if the chart could show all of the taxiway labels for the D to E and B to C crossovers, such as D9, E12, B1, C7, etc. 3. In reality, taxiway T continues north of C and runs parrel to S until about halfway up the international terminal where it turns left, becomes taxiway T1 and connects to S. 4. Finally, runway 24L should have a displaced threshold which extends out to about where the E7 taxi way is in the game. That taxiway E7 should actually be E6 and E7 should in fact be located between V and E6. E6 (currently E7 in the sim) should not continue north of runway 24L and connect to V. Obviously these are all nit picky items but I thought I'd share, maybe an update down the road can address some! Thanks and keep up the great work, love the sim! http://aeronav.faa.gov/d-tpp/1705/00237ad.pdf#nameddest=(LAX)
  13. I don't know if it started with Tower!3DPro or the SP1, but the passengers thank the pilots for not turning off the cabin lights as soon as the plane reached the gate. Thanks again, RickyJ
  14. Is port 22222 a good choice? Seems like a lot of bad stuff uses this port. RickyJ P.S. I may be a little paranoid, or is that a pair of noids? How about port 22022? http://www.auditmypc.com/tcp-port-22222.asp http://www.speedguide.net/port.php?port=22222 http://www.adminsub.net/tcp-udp-port-finder/22222 Port 22222 Details known port assignments and vulnerabilities threat/application/port search: search Port(s) Protocol Service Details Source 22222 tcp trojans Some trojans/backdoors use this port: Donald Dick, G.R.O.B, Prosiak, Ruler, RUX The TIc.K Viasat (Swedish TV provider) routes traffic to digital boxes for digital TV through this port. EasyEngine is CLI tool to manage WordPress Sites on Nginx server [rtCamp_Solutions_Private_Limited] (IANA official) SG 22222 tcp trojan Donald Dick, G.R.O.B., Prosiak, Ruler, RUX The TIc.K Trojans 22222 tcp DonaldDick [trojan] Donald Dick SANS 22222 tcp Prosiak [trojan] Prosiak SANS 22222 tcp Ruler [trojan] Ruler SANS 22222 tcp RUXTheTIc.K [trojan] RUX The TIc.K SANS 22006-22272 tcp,udp Unassigned IANA 7 records found SG security scan: port 22222
  15. So, has anybody tried multiplayer yet???? RickyJ
  16. To set tower3d.exe to always run as administrator: - Open the "Properties" of the tower3d.exe file by right clicking the executable and left click "Properties" - Select the "Compatibility" tab - Check the "Run this program as an administrator" box - Select "Apply" - Select "OK" RickyJ
  17. Dear Folks, We are just about to wrap up the development of T!3DP. We worked hard to come up with some discount scheme and with the kind help of BMT Micro (our payment processor company) we can offer $10 discount for existing customers who purchased Tower!3D (non pro) at www.feelthere.com and www.atcsuite.com during the first 10 days of the release. Thank you Vic
  18. Dear Folks, Sorry for the quiet time, please let me share a screenshot of our upcoming T!3D Pro here:
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