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  1. * UPDATED 3rd December 2021 * Version History: Vs 27.0 Published 3rd December 2021 - Updated with Nyerges Design Tower! 3D Pro Real Colors Add on Pack 1 details Vs 26.1 Published 21st September 2021 - Updated with WSSS RC details following release of NygeresDesign Singapore Changi Airport I try and keep these lists as up to date as possible for use by forum members but if you spot errors or have additional information please feedback using this thread or PM me with details to investigate. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PLEASE NOTE IN PURCHASED REAL COLOR FILES FOR SOME AIRPORTS (BE THEY THE ORIGINAL VERSION OR SPECIFIC FORUM REQUESTED UPDATES) NOT ALL LIVERIES/AIRCRAFT TYPES ARE IN THE PUBLISHED REAL TRAFFIC SCHEDULES. THESE HAVE BEEN ADDED TO SUPPORT THE REQUESTS OF THE CUSTOM SCHEDULE CREATORS (WHO CREATE THESE FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE COMMUNITY) OR HAVE BEEN ADDED FOLLOWING SPECIFIC REQUESTS FOR NEW OR UPDATED LIVERIES BY FORUM MEMBERS. THIS WILL FURTHER ENHANCE THE END USER EXPERIENCE WHEN PLAYING TOWER! 3D PRO AND REDUCE THE POSSIBILITY OF "WHITE" AIRCRAFT SHOWING UP IN GAME PLAY IN CUSTOM BUILT SCHEDULES. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There are now 5 worksheets in the file these being: Manifest List - detailing the list of RC currently produced by Nyergesdesign Full RC List - columns detailing the Aircraft Type code in each texpack, the airport released in, the Texture Pack number, the IATA code, Airline name and any special comments if applicable Master Code List - columns detailing the IATA code, ICAO code, Airline Name, Call Sign, Comments field (ie Cargo Operator, Ceased Operations etc), Country of Registration and Global Region (ie Canada, Europe, Pacific, United States etc) Default Airlines List - As in the default version NON RC version of released airports Airplane_codes based on NygeresDesign Airplanes_Pack1. Manifest file Copyright © Tower! 3D Pro is a registered product of FeelThere Inc. Copyright © Real Traffic and Real Colors are registered products of Nyergesdesign Real Color Manifest Master List_vs 27.xlsx
  2. Hopping someone can give me a few pointers. Been play KATL and using voice recognition and having quite a bit of fun. One issue I can't seem to figure out is how to tell a plane to push back and taxi to a certain runway using a specific taxi way. I can get it to push back and go to the correct runway but I can't seem to figure out the correct sequence of commands to tell it to use taxi way Echo for example. I have tired to say (plane)pushback approved, expect runway 26L taxi via Echo which is what comes up if you click on the command bar but it never recognizes anything after the runway 26L. I can get the taxi to terminal via to work just not when giving a plane the pushback clearance. Anyway hoping someone can give me some tips on how they are issuing the commands to tell a plane to go to a certain runway using specific taxi ways. Thanks for any tips. Mike
  3. Hi there, In fine I bought the 3d pro version of the game. However, I think that the manual is some way to light for a beginner. I saw that the 2011 Se manual is more dense and instructive. Do you think I can use it to help me understand some concept or for some commands ? I started read both. Already got some questions, like the heading command. I saw that we can tell pilots a heading (head the airport they want to reach) but I don't understand where I have this information (what is the heading of the airport they want to reach ?) some things like that. So I wonder may be I could read both documentation and make sort of crossover of informations I will find. Thank you for your help. (Sorry for my english).
  4. A quick question for the schedule guru's (I'm being lazy) Can the program handle an arrival and a departure with the same flight number and operator in the same session. e.g. BA 590 Arr 19:02 from HNL BA 590 Dep 19:59 to JFK This would be in the same hour session. I am assuming that for this to work, the arrival time would have to be first and a reasonable time lag (transit time) for the departure. I would imagine that it would get confused if the times were not in that order. This is for a realistic Retro schedule that I am creating. (well, as realistic as possible) All info helps Kev M
  5. @nyergesdesign Gabor, When I intially installed EDDM RC I did not require a key. The initial install only required me to extract the files to the Textures folder and worked fine. I purchased the RC file in Apr 2018 via BMT Micro. I am updating all the RC files that I have and now need a key to install EDDM SP1.exe. which of course I don't have. Can you help?
  6. For the game Guru's I am creating a retro schedule using a combination to real and fictitous time tables from various sources. As there is a lot of wide body A/C in the retro pack and limited W/B bays/gates at the A/p's in the game, is it possible to assertain how many bays are W/B bays at each terminal from the game log of each A/P. If so it would make it easier to schedule the W/B A/c such that there is always a bay available. Kev M
  7. With the imminent release of the retro airlines & aircraft, is it time to start thinking about some schedules My tuppence worth are: 1. Try to incorporate as many of the aircraft as possible. 2. Make the schedule not too complicated so that item 3 can be appreciated. 3. Select an exisitng airport that is suitable to operate and see the airraft on the runway etc. to appreciate the liveries. The schedule would be ficticous but there are some web sites with the old timetables available for reference as a guide. There are a mulitude of schedule creators on the forum & I sometimes use some of them as a basis for creating my own versions. I'm throwing this open for suggestions so there is a good schedule for the retro a/c so the work put into them can be appreciated. Kev
  8. I am having problems with the real color data. Since I don't understand English very well I have to work with translators. The painting of many airlines are distorted, round or striped symbols, and in others they are moved and in the wrong place where they do not belong. An image I wanted to upload but it is too big as allowed. have also ever downloaded and installed, but with the same result. Can anyone help me in the matter?
  9. Has anybody had issues moving the data tags around? I can't get them to move, rotate.. very hard to read them in a line of traffic. I even went back and read an older manual. I can click on anything else no issues. I've held all the mouse buttons and all of that to rotate, nothing.
  10. I have seen that there are updates and/or service packs for some of the airports I have bought (incl. Real Colour and Real Traffic) - please can you tell me where these updates can be downloaded from....? Many thanks! Toni.
  11. Running ymml the other night I noticed that 2 Jetstar departure did not spawn. MEL,CGO,788,JQ,67,12:00,14:30.1.JQ MEL,HKT,788,JQ,17,12:00,14:50,1,JQ Looking at the log, it shows "Airplane dropped, no international terminal JST67" , same for JST 17. Without checking I assume all the JST arriving intl flights get dropped as well. There was space at the international terminal in both cases. Ques, how does the program know that these flights require the use of the international terminal? Terminal 2 in the case of ymml, and how do you get the aircraft to operate out of terminal 2 without changing the ICAO, IATA code to fool the program. I notice that all the QF internationsl flights depart and arrive at the QF domestic terminal (term 1). I can live with that. Attached is the log, and terminal .txt. Jetstar intl no terminal log ymml_terminal.txt
  12. I was doing some file housekeeping and found that the ymml airplanes.txt file does not have the 74N in it. CX operates the 74N into YMML. I found it in the LPFG airplanes.txt file and tranferred it over to the YMML airplanes.txt file. I have LPFG RC for that reason. Also changed the ymml schedule to reflect the 74N. All worked good. A nice CX Livery 747 instead of a whte one. Looking at the other airplanes.txt file I found several differences from A/P to A/P. I would have thought a common airplanes.txt file would have been the go. Ques, can someone confirm that all the aircraft types are in the airplanes_pack1& the airplanes_pack1.manifest file. What I want to do is bring my airplanes.txt file up to date and include every aircraft type. I know that if the airplanes.txt files and the Pack files dont correspond, the program doesn't load. I realise this is a Gabor area but any infromation will help. Kev
  13. Hello everyone, I am new to the Tower 3D Pro world and so far, I absolutely love the sim. However, I cannot get the Real Color add-on to work (TIST, KLAX, KPHL bundle). I have spent a few hours looking through the forum for help, but mostly what I find is related to installations done with Steam, which mine is not. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game several times with no change to the RC problem. The sounds are fine, but I'm getting tired of looking at white tails. I've also installed everything in the order suggested (T3DPro, RT, RC), started the game in Admin mode (the only way the sounds will work), and verified that the airplanes_pack1 and airplanes_pack1.manifest files are in the Extensions>Airplanes folder. What am I missing? Ken
  14. Here is 2 airlines.txt call sign changes that makes the pronunciation better 1 QANTAS- pronounced CANTAS in tower, add a U to the call sign i.e QUANTAS. It then pronounces it correctly 2 TIGGOZ (YMML) - pronounced T I G G (each letter spelled out) OZ in tower, Change to TIGOZ. It calls it TIG (as in tiger) OZ but it is better than the original way. Try it. Kev M
  15. Hi guys, Running YMML I heven't seen this message before. No Free terminal is normal but no International terminal is odd to me. Any ideas Extract from Output log.txt. Quote Search airplane type in airplanes.txt: 788 (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/UnityEngineDebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 42) classcode: WIDE_BODY_JET (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/UnityEngineDebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 42) Custom plane found: B788 Airplane dropped, no international terminal: JST35 (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/UnityEngineDebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 42) 16:45:35 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-2 OWNER_GROUND * JST35 => STATE CHANGE from STATE_NONE to STATE_WAITING 16:45:35 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-2 OWNER_GROUND * JST35 => Init airplane type: 788 code: B788 category: III class: WIDE_BODY_JET CREATE SERVER AIRPLANE: JST35 Further down 17:35:00 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-2 OWNER_GROUND * JST35 => NO FREE TERMINAL! Unquote It didn't spawn Kev M
  16. I have done some major work on YMML schedule, terminal files etc. When tested I got the dreaded 9% stop on startup. I T/S it to a problem with the airplanes file. All fixed there!! Having read many posts about crashes, startup problems etc. it appears that the critical startup areas are 9%, 63% around 78% from memory. I know that the 63% stop is a problem with the schedule file. So what am I on about??? As there are a large number of users developing schedules and altering the airport files etc. and they have come upon loading problems due to wrong syntax in one of the files. I know I have. I am suggesting that a troubleshooting table be devised identifying the startup problems, what they indicate, and some fixes. This could be expanded to include crash problems as well. The format might be: where the load stops, %, reason, items to look for. Perhaps in xls file. This could be a sticky in with the current sheet, new schedules etc. as a reference post. I am happy to kick it off, but need info from the gurus like Hexhead, PedanticG and others to what to include in the troubleshooting chart. Perhaps FeelThere Vic or Ariel might like to contribute. It might stop some repeated posts that they have to investigate and reply to. Wide open for ideas. Whether good or bad. Kev M
  17. All, The Master list I produce in A4/Letter format, although looks pretty, is becoming a bit of a monster to produce now each time so I pose the following question to the forum members for their feedback. I will run this poll for the next few days to see what the preferred option is and produce the next release in the format as decided by you, the forum members. Thanks Gary
  18. Hi, New computer, new problem. I am throwing this in looking for any quick fixes at this stage. When I press the PTT (left shift) it mostly gives the usual sounds of the "plick and "plop" when the key is released. Speech recognition works most of the time (more training needed there).Intermittently when the PTT is pressed the sound is different,(hard to explain). The speech is recognised, and when released, there is no "plop" sound and the command is not recognised. I need to hit the "send" button for the speech to be sent and recognised. It is if the PTT release is not being recognised. It is intermittent and so far unpredictable. Yes I have tried the old keyboard that worked fine on the old computer. Same result. No real t/shooting has been done so far. Just looking to see if anyone has seen this before. Kev M
  19. Running EGKK and had a program crash Info attached Any ideas. I think it is a windows crash rather than a program crash as i have been running EGKK for a while with no major operating system problems. That' s put a hole in a good night of running tower. UUUmhh Kev M output_log.txt error.log crash.dmp
  20. How does tower 3D pro handle the new style flight numbers rapidly appearing around Europe. An example is OE322 /LDM77ULaudamotion ATC uses the new format for communications with the aircraft.i.e this aircraft is LDM77U as far as ATC is concerned. I have tried to find more info on this without much success. Can someone please enlighten us simmers on what the story is on these number formats. Kev M
  21. Is there anyway to correct a callsign? Tower 3d pro has LOT Polish airlines callsign as POLLOT the correct callsign is LOT
  22. Hi! I am not able to choose taxiway center2 on EDDM with typing or selecting with right click for routing. It is usable only by spoken commands? Thanks in advance.
  23. I just installed the newest updates for Tower 3d Pro and Real Traffic and JFK and now I have a read back problem. The game works ok but the readback is messed up. I did not have any speech problems before except taxiways with a one or a ten, C1, B1 etc would not work but all other two letter or two number taxiways worked fine. Now the two number taxiways work fine but the two letter taxiways get spelled. MC will read back as M-I-K-E-C-H-A-R-L-I-E. I did several test at KLAS and all numbered taxiways worked fine. But at JFK, two letter taxiways get spelled, K4 worked fine. From the log file I noticed this: PARSE CMD: PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY 4L VIA A KE K4 K Readback=SAY: GROUND, FOUR LEFT VIA ALFA KILOECHO KILO,FOUR KILO PUSHBACK APPROVED. I noticed there is a comma between Kilo,Four; but on KE it its all one word and the computer spells it. Another one with MC and NA: ONE THREE RIGHT VIA ALFA NOVEMBERALFA BRAVO MIKECHARLIE PAPA I have watched a video by ATControl-Joe and it worked fine, mine does not. Any ideas? Game log attached. Also noticed a problem with 22L reads doodoooolo. (no kidding, I put game speech at slowest speed and I can just make out it is trying to say 22L but at high speed. No sure where to go from here. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Peabody Edit: I should add I am on Win7, if someone using Win7 could try this out it would be appreciated. Also the game works fine the planes go to the right place it is just the readback that is a problem. game.log
  24. Hi Aircraft landing on 26R are extremely slow vacating the runway & T/way A9. They slow down well before the turnoff & crawl to the taxiway. This makes it difficult for A/C following closely. In reality as this is a high speed turnoff it would be customary for the landing aircraft to maintain a suitable speed to allow a relatively fast exit from the runway. Can something be done to fix this. I believe it has been highlighted before but I don't know if it is in the fixit list. Kev M
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