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Found 18 results

  1. 707FAN

    A/C sloww leaving Runwy

    Hi Aircraft landing on 26R are extremely slow vacating the runway & T/way A9. They slow down well before the turnoff & crawl to the taxiway. This makes it difficult for A/C following closely. In reality as this is a high speed turnoff it would be customary for the landing aircraft to maintain a suitable speed to allow a relatively fast exit from the runway. Can something be done to fix this. I believe it has been highlighted before but I don't know if it is in the fixit list. Kev M
  2. Hey folks, I tried to give an AC the "change to runway xx" command in KLAX right after it says "with you" on finals. For example the AC is on 6R on final and I want him to change to 6L.... It's always "negative"!????? It always worked with Tower2011 that way? Some suggestions?
  3. KEL27

    Help with Real Color

    Hello everyone, I am new to the Tower 3D Pro world and so far, I absolutely love the sim. However, I cannot get the Real Color add-on to work (TIST, KLAX, KPHL bundle). I have spent a few hours looking through the forum for help, but mostly what I find is related to installations done with Steam, which mine is not. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game several times with no change to the RC problem. The sounds are fine, but I'm getting tired of looking at white tails. I've also installed everything in the order suggested (T3DPro, RT, RC), started the game in Admin mode (the only way the sounds will work), and verified that the airplanes_pack1 and airplanes_pack1.manifest files are in the Extensions>Airplanes folder. What am I missing? Ken
  4. I install real traffic and real colors for TIST St thomas airport ( real traffic first) and all i get when i try and load it is sound from the game (sound like the sea) and it loads up to 99% and stays there forever, here's the log that was generate im usuing tower3d pro steam edition but the addons are from atcsuite.com windows 8.1 pro 12gb ram [EDIT: removed log file dump ... please don't cut&paste log files into forum, see request below by Gabor (aka, nyergesdesign) to send log file.]
  5. Folks, Anyone understand how the traffic density slider work? 50% to 100%. Technically, what is happening or what is the game doing? I understand it is removing traffic from the game, but my question is more about "how" is it doing that? What traffic is removed vs not and how?
  6. 707FAN

    KBOS 2.0 download files

    I have just downloaded KBOS 2.0. The file content does not seem to be complete compared to other A/P's. The files that come with this download are the basic airfield files. kbos_airfield kbos_airfield.manifest kbos_databases kbos_databases.manifest kbos_menu kbos_menu.manifest There are no schedule, terminal or other .txt files. Should they be there or has my system stripped them? Kev M
  7. Does the game HAVE to be in windowed mode in order to use 2 screens, or is there a way to separate the components ik#n full screen?
  8. 707FAN

    Continuing Flights

    There was a problem with Tower 2011 where a flight arrived and departed using the same flight number in the same session, the second flight was normally ignored. To fix this it was necessary to change one of the flight numbers to a unique number. This took quite a lot of effort. especially for operators like OO etc. where there were a lot of these flights. Ques. Is this still a problem with Tower 3DPro as LAS has several of the flights. Also there are a couple of duplicate flight in the schedule. These are easy to delete but going through the schedule making sure there are no duplicate flight numbers by the same operator can be quite time consuming. Maybe I'm getting lazy Kev M
  9. I found an error when attempting to pushback a cargo plane at JFK(the gates on QD) it just sits there and cannot find a route.(no route line ever gets drawn) Screenshot and log attached. Dev output_log.txt
  10. Controller- Rogue

    Tower! 3D Pro KPHL issue #FEELTHERE

    Greetings, I was doing some custom scheduling and noticed a departure flight was getting dropped, which confused me because looking at the terminal there (should be) two gates available making it a non gate issue, however would appear that it is a gate issue. I dropped a flight from the schedule and re-ran it and boom there was the missing flight. The terminal is terminal D at KPHL see screenshots below. Has anyone ever noticed planes using these two gates? I ran the default RT at different times and did not see those two gates used . I tried it without RT and saw 1 plane using one of the gates so its possible that RT is for some reason unable to use the two gates. Dev ***EDIT*** **The "GATE D1 & GATE D2" labels are from a KPHL terminal map and may not be what they are referred to by the game**
  11. mpatricksp

    Little Help with Tower 3d Pro

    Hopping someone can give me a few pointers. Been play KATL and using voice recognition and having quite a bit of fun. One issue I can't seem to figure out is how to tell a plane to push back and taxi to a certain runway using a specific taxi way. I can get it to push back and go to the correct runway but I can't seem to figure out the correct sequence of commands to tell it to use taxi way Echo for example. I have tired to say (plane)pushback approved, expect runway 26L taxi via Echo which is what comes up if you click on the command bar but it never recognizes anything after the runway 26L. I can get the taxi to terminal via to work just not when giving a plane the pushback clearance. Anyway hoping someone can give me some tips on how they are issuing the commands to tell a plane to go to a certain runway using specific taxi ways. Thanks for any tips. Mike
  12. Zpike

    Tower 3D Pro Questions

    I'm on Win10 and recently purchased Tower 3D Pro. I'm playing in FULL SCREEN mode with dual monitors. 1) Is there any hotkey support? I've searched and could not find any reference to them. 2) When I open one of the displays (radar, etc...) in a separate window, is there any way to force the new window to my second monitor? 3) Is there any way to close a new window once they it is open? I can find no controls at all for the windows once they are open.
  13. 707FAN

    Game crashed at KPHL

    KPHL crashed in the middle of the session. I received a message on the main screen that the game had crashed with a reference to a folder with the attached folder. I missed getting a screen shot of the message but the folder was 2017-07-29_203752 which is now located in the Tower! 3D Pro folder. Can someone put some light on what is happening here. I have never seen this before as in previous times the program has crashed, there has been no message like this. Interesting Kev M crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  14. Just recently I bought the additional airport (KATL) for tower 3d pro on steam as well as the real color for KATL, however the Liveries are not showing up on the aircraft. Only the original Liveries show up as well as the callouts from the AI such as Denali, and Leslie. I have already bought real traffic for tower 3d pro as well as the real colors for KLAX, Phili, and New York which all work fine. When going through the installation path I installed steam on a different drive rather than my C drive. That path that I select when installing is like so.... D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\Extensions\Airplanes (I see a texture folder but I do not select it in the path I stop the path at Airplanes). May I please have some help. Also with the .bat file or whatever it is I cannot find it to assist you guys in my issue. May I also have help in finding that please.
  15. For information to those who might be having problems with hanging at Start, I completely redid the KPHL schedule using Flight Aware and it was hanging at 72% on start. After some checks I found it would start at certain start times and not others i.e 0600-0900 hangs. After 0900 all good. Had to be a problem with the schedule file. Turned out it was an A359 A/C that is not in the aircraft file. It arrived around 0830. Changed it to an A333 & it all works fine now. I had changed the departure to an A333 but missed the arrival. So, lesson is if you have changed either the Terminal or schedule .txt file, make sure the aircraft types and airlines etc. are all covered in the airline, aircraft .txt files. Also the RT file really needs to be updated to reflect the Airbus 350 series A/C, (generic will do). Also the RC for QATAR who operate the type into KPHL. Kev M
  16. Crystal Noir

    [Tower!3D Pro] Manual and question

    Hi there, In fine I bought the 3d pro version of the game. However, I think that the manual is some way to light for a beginner. I saw that the 2011 Se manual is more dense and instructive. Do you think I can use it to help me understand some concept or for some commands ? I started read both. Already got some questions, like the heading command. I saw that we can tell pilots a heading (head the airport they want to reach) but I don't understand where I have this information (what is the heading of the airport they want to reach ?) some things like that. So I wonder may be I could read both documentation and make sort of crossover of informations I will find. Thank you for your help. (Sorry for my english).
  17. Could keyboard shortcuts be added? - mouse clicks with the command bar is not sufficient (airports get too busy) for those who do not wish to or cannot use speech. Paul Racines
  18. In Tower 2011 aircraft approaching each other from different taxiways would sort themselves out without "bumping" into each other. The only time they crash into each other is if they are heading in opposite direction on the same taxiway. Pro doesn't seem to have this feature. An aircraft coming on to a taxiway after landing will taxi straight into an aircraft already on the taxiway. A big penalty. In RL the surface movement controller would take care of this. In Tower, with a single player, you are doing the job of about 4 RL controllers at once. Could the feature where a/c on taxiways approaching at right angles, automatically sort themselves out as in Tower2011 be introduced into Pro. Trying to handle 70-80 A/C per hr & sort out every gnd taxi movement makes my head hurt. Kev M Brisbane Australia

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