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Found 13 results

  1. Hi I am thinking of getting the DFW add on for the game but the tower is really low to the ground and I feel it hard to see most of the planes. I know it is that short in real life (I have been there many times) but I wonder if there is a way to go in the game settings or files to raise the height of the tower to about the height of the LAX tower. Thanks -ProPilot
  2. Question is in the title. For me I play tower often on MP with a friend. I love boston with a northwest setup. I love the challenge in busy periods of getting the departures off of both 33L and 27, whilst keeping an eye on arrivals. I also love JFK with the diversity of traffic. I would enjoy EDDM more if the slow taxi bug wasn't present and we were able to shoot the gaps. I love the challenge of KLAS, especially if using 19's and 26's 🙂 You have to really keep an eye on the gaps leaving 2.5nm space for a departure on 26R. I love KLAX for the sheer number of flights and the diversity. Even though it is quieter than others, I really like controlling at KPHL using 35 and 27R for arrivals, 35 and 27L for departures. I think my favourite would be KSFO but only if we could control this airport realistically. Currently it is impossible to shoot gaps at KSFO using 1's and 28's without sending aircraft to G for takeoff clearances or instructing arrivals to go around in order to create a gap. So overall, I think I would choose KBOS, KLAS and KPHL as my overall favourites.
  3. Had a multiplayer session a few days ago on Phoenix; and came across the following issues: Notes: Used @crbascott's custom schedule found here; however these are occuring with the default RT one as well. 1) Gate Pushback issues (aircraft pushing back incorrectly): DAL136 pushbacked in a unconventional way. Couldn't get a good screenshot myself as I was doing tower. AAL2189 appeared to pushback from the wrong gate causing issues on pushback: SWA3037 had major pushback issues, including blocking taxiways. 2) Serious issues with aircraft not exiting onto taxiway B7 when landing on runway 8. It's not a taxiway connection issue. This issue seems to be linked to landing distances of some aircraft (mainly CRJ's): ASH5954 (CR9) did not exit at B7 but again left onto A7. B8 would have been preferred if not B7: AAL1169 (B738) managed to exit at B7. Around time index 14:07:15. DAL947 (B717) managed to exit onto B7. Around time index 14:12:42. ASH5957 (CR9) did not exit at B7 but again left onto A7. B8 would have been preferred if not B7 AAL2342 (B738) managed to exit onto B7 at around 14:30:00. NOTE: I tried using both the commands "[callsign] exit at taxiway bravo 7" and "[callsign] vacate runway right onto taxiway bravo 7" with the same results. See log file below for more details: output_log.txt
  4. Hi, ISSUE 1 = Heavy aircraft runway assignments ... Had an issue with KBOS tonight with heavy aircraft being assigned runways which should have been feasible but were not being accepted by the sim. Was using KBOS custom schedule by Jonas found here in a multiplayer session. Setup: we were using 22L for inbounds and 22R for departures. 22L for heavies was the plan but they would only accept 33L; even though there is only a small difference in runway length. All the following aircraft in this session should have been able to takeoff from 22L but only accepted 33L: ISSUE 2: ALL aircraft are taxiing off runways extremely slowly which is causing serious inbound traffic issues, resulting in many go arounds depending on Traffic Density setting. Please fix this. ########################### HOST LOG FILE = Can be found here.
  5. Hi, Another bug to report at Phoenix. Taxiway B7 is not connected to the runway nor taxiway B. Evidence: Aircraft landing do not taxi onto taxiway B7. In the log file I instruct AAL634 to exit via B7 .. yet it taxi's off of the runway onto taxiway A6. output_log.txt
  6. Hi, More issues to report for KPHX (Phoenix)! Some maybe similar to this post. Log is attached as per usual. 1) Inbound American landed fine and began the taxi to the assigned gate. For some reason, no idea why. he got stuck and I had to delete him... 2) American outbound did a unexpected taxi across the airport terminal and gates towards no mans land ... 3) Outbound ASH5896 got stuck after pushing back. Tried several commands to get him going without luck. Had to delete him ... 4) Outbound southwest SWA3812 did a 360 twirl after line up and wait command prior to takeoff command ...
  7. Hi, Been playing single player on KPHX using 7L and 7R for takeoffs and 8 for landings. LOG file also attached. Issue 1) UPS cargo aircraft taxi issues (it actually taxi'd out to the city and back). Gave instructions as shown in the screen shots. After realising where it was, I gave the simple command "UPS### TAXI TO 7L" and it found its way back to the 7L runway. Issue 2) Timetable issue with a Southwest 737. No gate available. output_log.txt
  8. Dear Folks, Sorry for the quiet time, please let me share a screenshot of our upcoming T!3D Pro here:
  9. Mainly out of curiosity, but is there a way to assign gates/spaces to airlines in particular? For example, MCO-Orlando International Air Canada uses gate/stand 93 & 95 on airside 4, is there a way to narrow it down to just these two spaces and not the next stand in line tower defaults too.
  10. Hi, Newbie question again. Playing with Airfield graphic file creation and having great fun. A bit perplexed by meaning of RAW file format for some of the graphic files. My understanding if RAW is that it to s a non-standard format - commonly associated with camera manufactures and other imaging device outputs. The actual format being 'custom' to a specific device manufacture. So, I'm asking, how do I know what specific internal format to save my files and in? In using GIMP + one or two other graphics packages and need to 'tell' applications how to output/export. Anyone out there who could guide please? Regards Graham
  11. For Tower! 2011 how do I add addons like airports and real traffic??? I have already bought it where would I put the addons in which folder? For Tower! 2011? Thanks Joey :)
  12. Hello, when i try to do a multiplayer session over local area network the client app freeze while loading. it happens every time and it doesnt care which computer is the host or the client Thank You
  13. Hello, When I start Tower! then the main menu screen is wildly flashing and trying to select an airport starts loading the airport scenery but the game doesnt start. Recently my PC crashed and I installed both Windows 7 and also installed Tower 2011! once again. I never used to have this problem with my previous installations. Technical specs: Windows 7 Home Premium - Service Pack 1 32-Bit system Processor: Intel® Core i3 CPU 550@ 3.20GHz RAM: 4,00 GB (2,99GB usable) I hope someone can help me. Thanks and Regards Jan
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