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Found 14 results

  1. Starting with the official Tower!3D Pro User Manual I've created an annotated version (attached to this post below) in which I cleared up typos, made grammar corrections, added airport diagrams, and aligned the descriptions to match the current visible behavior of the Tower!3D game (for non-voice recognition) and Tower!3D Pro game (for voice recognition). I think it adds some useful information to the manual to clear up confusion during play. Please note: this is not Official Content from FeelThere. Enjoy!! Rameus tower-3d-pro-um-annotated21_bp.pdf
  2. Bought the Deluxe version of Pro on Steam, which adds New York and San Diego six days ago, used San Diego once and now when I load it up it just sits loading at 99 percent. All other airports are working! Any ideas?I have verified my files on Steam and all is good. When I select San Dieg Justo and click Start, it loads to 99% then just sit there for ages spinning the triangle and not starting. I've attached the game log file as advised by feelthere. Well, I DID try to upload but it wont do it for some reason so here is the log file text too! Cheers.
  3. Does anybody noticed the issue when Airplanes calling the tower they say for example: Los Angeles Tower, Delta 1234 with you Runway xx Same at Philadelphia But in JFK and Las Vegas it is only: TOWER, Delta 1234 with you Runway xx I'm wondering why is there no Cityname before "Tower" like LAX or PHX!?
  4. Greetings everyone, I am thinking of creating some new schedules over the next few days, now is your chance to vote on which airport you would like to see a new schedule for. Complete with: GA traffic Updated terminal file Updated airlines file Cheers 😁 Rogue *Edit: Added KPHL to the list*
  5. Vic, Gabor I the aircraft to RWY 26L at T/way B12 & they don't stop at the taxiway stop bar. They continue onto the runway. I gave a hold short command on one A/C & it continued onto the runway. Google earth show a stop bar with the stop side being on the entrance to the runway at B12. 2017 map. Also taxiways A7 & B9 show as closed with X markers both on google earth & airport maps. They work on the sim. Vic & Gabor, can these be put on the please fix list. Other than that & those others snags mentioned it is a good airport to control. Enjoying it. Kev M logs Attached output_log.txt speech.log
  6. Just wondering if You have any plans to add these add-ons as DLC on Steam? Would be a lot easier for steam users to have the add-ons installed by steam in case of need for re-install the computer or anything.
  7. I have installed JFK and JFK true colors for Tower3D Pro however, on the selection screen it shows it as If i haven't installed it. The directory i installed it into was D://ProgramFiles(x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3DPro Is there anything that can be done to fix this issue?
  8. I want to switch from tower3d to tower3d pro i want to get rid of tower 3d and purchase tower3d pro so i only pay the difference in the games p.s. i bought tower3d on steam
  9. i bought tower 3d pro from steam i downloaded it run it but mic dont work , i did setup mic in windows first when i push shift it beeps but doesnt do snything in the command field i also have live traffic i installed it now all liveries are plain so i found out you have to have real photo so i bought that installed it it loads to 99% and goes dead please help i have lots of wasted time trying to get it to work thanks Keith
  10. So I played every other airport on high settings no lag when I play ATL I lag real bad I tried every setting high and low and I still lag. https://imgur.com/8yboYNL The game uses my GPU but it looks like it is not using the other GPU resources My hardwhere: CPU R5 1600 3.9gh 16GB RAM GPU R7 370 4gb
  11. Hi guys, A friend of my showed me his Tower3D pro version but the voice recognition stops after a few minutes. The airliners won't be rcognised. We tried several settings. Voice Deeper, Higher slower.....nothing helps. The first 20 minutes were awesome but then we needed to use the mouse. And the special commands such as: "Cleared for take of upon reaching altitude 1000, contact departure" and "Taxi to terminal via Y,J" are only possible with voice recognition and not with the mouse. So is this still a bug ? I was also planning to buy it, but now I get my doubts Kees, Rotterdam, The Netherland
  12. Hi there All I'm really sorry I know you must be Sounding like a broken record but I do have some questions. I have seen you tubers game-play and I have to say my Game looks nothing like theirs. Please let me give an example. When installing the RC texture Pack for KATL the Delta CRJ's paint is not set right on the planes skin. By reading tons of Forums responses before I wrote this I realized a couple of things. The helpful members all seem to tell us where the put the RC files, However my confusion is there is 2 sorts of downloads one is this file: example KJFK_for_Tower3D_Pro_SP1.exe and then you have the RC files. So here is how I have been setting my game up the RC files I have put into the Airplanes folders while the other files as i gave the example above I put into the Airfields folder to the appropriate Airport. Am I doing this right? Please help Thank you so much in Advanced and once again sorry for being the dead horse
  13. I hope this is the appropriate place for this suggestion/request. If not, my apologies. We really need a command that allows runway crossing instructions as part of the taxi clearance. It really bogs down the flow when every aircraft stops at every runway intersection. While that is mandatory for all aircraft without crossing instructions in RL, it is very common to issue crossing instructions as part of a taxi clearance and it's done all the time in RL. My biggest issues involve aircraft landing at 25L and 24R at LAX. I would love to be able to issue, "American 123. Cross runway 25R. Taxi to the ramp." I would consider this a major wishlist tweak that would keep the simulation highly realistic. Thanks for your consideration. Love the sim guys! TJ
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