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Found 21 results

  1. pete_agreatguy

    T3D more KPHX Phoenix bugs

    Did a session last night with 8 and 7L active. A few bugs to report again .... LOG file attached :) 1) AAL1597 gets stuck after pushback and will not taxi to runway 8 whatever command is issued (inc. continue taxi) 2) FDX3711 will not taxi to ramp via the following route after landing ... Now taxi's via this route ... 3) FDX556 will NOT taxi to 7L via the following route output_log.txt
  2. Starting with the official Tower!3D Pro User Manual I've created a new Annotated version in which I cleared up typos, made grammar corrections, added airport diagrams, and aligned the descriptions to match the current visible behavior of the Tower!3D game (for non-voice recognition) and Tower!3D Pro game (for voice recognition). I think it adds some useful information to the manual to clear up confusion during play. Please note: this is not Official Content from FeelThere. Enjoy!! Rameus
  3. Hi all, Been doing a SP session on T3Dpro and came across aircraft getting stuck. See this screenshot. Log included. Air shuttle 6301 was instructed to taxi to runway 27R at E via taxiway's H, E. Southwest 237 landed on runway 26 and was instructed to taxi to terminal via A, D, H but to hold short of taxiway E so that the Air shuttle could pass. The southwest aircraft did hold short of E but the Air shuttle got stuck when going by. See screenshot linked above. output_log.txt
  4. Hi all, I was playing SP today and using runways 22R and 22L. 22L for landings. I had an issue with Southwest 2106 getting stuck. After SWA2106 landed successfully, I issued the command "TAXI TO TERMINAL VIA C M K E2". He replied to acknowledge the command but did not move. After clicking on the aircraft, there was no taxi path showing. I issued the command again without success. At KBOS, there seems to be no link from K (near taxiway A / B) to the end of the terminal area (just past taxiway E2). Screenshot here. Log file attached. output_log.txt
  5. pete_agreatguy

    Tower3D Pro KBOS bugs?

    Hi, I've been playing on KBOS a lot today and have noticed a couple of issues (could be bugs): 1) After landing on R32, I instructed AAL2126 to hold short of taxiway K; however the aircraft never did stop and ended up face to face with another aircraft (see this screenshot). 2) Any aircraft landing on R32, all aircraft stop prior to joining taxiway B without instruction to hold short (after taxi to terminal commands have been provided prior to this). See this screenshot. Informed No 2 is not a bug! Log file has been attached fo r both of these issues :) output_log.txt
  6. I want to switch from tower3d to tower3d pro i want to get rid of tower 3d and purchase tower3d pro so i only pay the difference in the games p.s. i bought tower3d on steam
  7. Hi all, I was doing a session just now at KPHL and I could not get a SpiritWings (NKS877) aircraft to taxi to runway 27L. I tried several routes and even a the very basic "runway 27L" via clicking with the mouse on the control panel. See this screenshot. I have attached my log file below. output_log.txt
  8. I install real traffic and real colors for TIST St thomas airport ( real traffic first) and all i get when i try and load it is sound from the game (sound like the sea) and it loads up to 99% and stays there forever, here's the log that was generate im usuing tower3d pro steam edition but the addons are from atcsuite.com windows 8.1 pro 12gb ram [EDIT: removed log file dump ... please don't cut&paste log files into forum, see request below by Gabor (aka, nyergesdesign) to send log file.]
  9. ml0130

    Multilayer Increase

    This probably has been brought up somewhere but what chances do we have to get a user increase for multiplayer session. A benefit of doing this is the airports can be split up. Witch would and a level of complexity to the game. Plus if we could also get tracon entagrated then we could have both departure and arivales controls.
  10. pete_agreatguy

    Tower3D Real Airlines Query

    Hi all, I have recently bought Tower!3D PRO in the steam sale and am interested in making it a more realistic simulation. Does the real color series of addons for Tower3D also include the voice changes (i.e. airline callsigns etc) or do we have to purchase the "REAL TRAFFIC FOR TOWER!3D" separately?
  11. While I appreciate the desire to inform your customers about new add-ons, I find it annoying that the game always defaults to one of these adds, instead of the most recent airport played. This is particularly annoying when exiting a session. Recently I exited a session with the intent of restarting it to try again, but was instead hit with an add for KLAS, and had to manually reelect the airport I had been playing. Is there some way to make these adds a bit less aggressive? Andrew
  12. Hi All, I've done a clean install of Windows 10 and Tower3D but can only have either male or female pilot voices, I used to get both but it's stopped for some reason. I live in the UK but have trained the speech recognition to US. I've downloaded all the English voices from MS so have a few to choose from. If anyone has any ideas please let me know! TIA.
  13. I have been playing Tower3D Pro and have noticed that on KJFK that when I give the command to taxi to the terminal there is a very long pause before this happens causing the next landing plane to stop on the runway and the following in trail to go around because they will crash. What I have noticed is that even after giving all the commands, the plane will start taxiing once the next plane no matter the distance in trail will exit the runway once another plane is on short final. Is there something I am doing wrong or do I need to give this command earlier? I normally give this command as the plane escapes the runway on KLAX and have no issues so I am wondering why I am having it on KJFK and sometimes on KPHL but not KLAX.
  14. futureboy

    Tower!3D Good Time To Buy

    If you have been putting off buying Tower3D or any of its' add-ons, now looks like a good time to buy. Everything looks to be 25-35% off. You can buy KSAN and Real Color for KSAN for less than the price of just what KSAN was. But you have to go to feelther.com and not atcsuite.com Happy Valentines Day everybody, RickyJ
  15. futureboy

    Tower!3D KJFK Updates

    http://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/flights/todayinthesky/2017/01/05/better-jfk-airport-ny-gov-unveils-10-billion-upgrade-plan/96214812/ Will periodic updates to KJFK for Tower!3D include new visuals as the new construction progresses? Construction equipment moving amongst the aircraft and service vehicles, way too cool. RickyJ
  16. Avwriter

    "LIne up and wait" bug

    Just came across an odd bug when I accidentally issued the "line up and wait" command to an aircraft that was already taking off (intended to issue it to the next aircraft in line for departure). I issued the command just as the aircraft began to rotate, and the aircraft came to an immediate stop with its nose still in the air. The aircraft just sat there like this and did not move further. Also, discovered that if I issue the"cleared for takeoff" command after this happens then the plane will miraculously continue its takeoff as if nothing happened. Very strange to see, and even a little amusing :-) The incident happened at KJFK with Real Traffic installed. See screenshot below, where I issued the command to FDX 3616 (an MD-11) departing on 4L, just before it crossed runway 31R, almost to the end of the runway. As described, the aircraft was in the process of rotating, and it just froze. I tried this with several different aircraft, with the same result. I did not try it on other runways, or at other airports.
  17. navyman


    Can anyone tell me how many voices will work on Tower3d as I have four voices but I only hear two of them. Thank you
  18. Action Camera will not work at all in the new Airport JFK , the camera works fine in all the default airports. I have uninstalled and reinstalled with no effect. I cannot shrink the file to the size you want as winrar can only shrink the game file to 12k which is slightly more that you allow.
  19. I get an error whenever I try to test speech in settings or a voice is played in game. towerspeakbridge has stopped working, and no sound is played. The game itself does not crash. Had no prior sound problems before SP1 finally arrived. I have US English and UK English language packs from MS installed, running Windows 10. MS David, Hazel, Zira Desktop are the ones listed in the oldschool tts control panel. Susan, Zira, George, Mark mobile are the ones listed in the new Win10 settings menu. The same error happens regardless of voice selected, and settings in game. Have also tried compatibility mode and running as administrator, but no luck. game.log
  20. Avwriter

    Weather question/suggestion

    My experience so far in the sim is that with the random weather function, the weather only seems to change after lengthy intervals, seems like an hour or so. Ie. if the sim begins during a storm, the storm usually goes on for an an hour or so before the weather begins to change. Is this what others are seeing too? Is this by design? Would it be problematic to add a slider that lets the user adjust the frequency of changing weather, according to preference? Sometimes it would be nice to see a popup storm that passes after 15 minutes or so. Andrew
  21. nolanblew

    Tower3D - typing commands

    Hello, I prefer typing commands rather than using the UI and clicking commands. I've noticed that after giving a command (typing it and pressing ENTER), I must use the mouse to click in the "Command Panel" again in order to start typing. Can I suggest making it so if you just start typing, it will automatically go into the command panel? Or at least keep the focus on the textbox after you give a command. Loving the game so far. Thanks! -Nolan

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