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  1. Starting with the official Tower!3D Pro User Manual I've created an annotated version (attached to this post below) in which I cleared up typos, made grammar corrections, added airport diagrams, and aligned the descriptions to match the current visible behavior of the Tower!3D game (for non-voice recognition) and Tower!3D Pro game (for voice recognition). I think it adds some useful information to the manual to clear up confusion during play. Please note: this is not Official Content from FeelThere. Enjoy!! Rameus tower-3d-pro-um-annotated21_bp.pdf
  2. I just installed Tower! 3D Pro onto my laptop and it crashes upon opening every single time. Sometimes the opening screen doesn't even make it open when launching. I believe my laptop meets minimum and recommended specs, but I will list them below. Has anyone else had this problem and fixed it, or can I get an explanation for why it crashes upon every launch? I also have this on a full fletched gaming pc and it works fine on my system. Thanks! Specs: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1065G7 CPU @ 1.30GHz 1.50 GHz Nvidia GeForce MX230 2GB 16GB RAM Windows 10
  3. Has anyone any idea where the GA area is at London Heathrow? I know due to the amount of traffic on a Commercial/Cargo basis that there is very little due to available landing/take off slots but there do appear to be the occasional GA flight that makes it in and out but cannot see on any map where they reside. I am assuming its on the southern side of the runways, possible between the Cargo area and Terminal 4 where the Royal Suite is etc or the Eastern side by the Maintenance base is? Anyone with informed local knowledge that can provide me with an accurate situ please 👍🏽
  4. Tower 3d Mobile if it was a thing I would buy for sure to have it on the go would be such a good idear.
  5. Good day, i have a problem with DLH Planes when they would pushback and after the taxi clearence they don´t move anymore. I have reportet the problem first in the dicussion from Steam. At this seasson is Lufthansa Flight 1418 this problem, but this problem is only when a plane start from the position who you can see at the pictures. Thanks for your help. (Sorry for my bad english). Patrick Fürll output_log.txt
  6. 🎄Merry Christmas Controllers,(late I know)🎄 Welcome to Christmas in Los Angeles(KLAX) Again! Schedule from Tuesday, December 25, 2018 Schedule includes the following: Airlines file GA file Schedule(including snippets) Terminal file Note: Be sure to backup your Real Traffic or other KLAX files before using this(or any other) schedules After you backup your KLAX files simply drop and drag the files in, feel free to use either the full schedule or one of the included snippet schedules! Check out my other schedules: KMCO- New Years 2019 KPHL- Halloween 2018 KSFO- July 2018 KLAX- Christmas 2017 Looking for a schedule for an airport not listed? or a newer schedule from the list above? Feel free to suggest it in the comments! 😁 Happy Controlling! 😁 KLAX Xmas'18.zip
  7. Hello I purchased JFK and OMBD for tower 3d and I down loaded them but they've not added to my game do you have any advice or a way to fix this.. I know when I down loaded real colour and real traffic I had to add a different code for file location ... many thanks I'm stuck at a loose end here
  8. Files included KPHL_schedule.txt KPHL_GAandLocalTraffic.txt KPHL_Terminal.txt Read_me_notes.txt Notes: You need REAL TRAFFIC to enjoy this schedule. Your original KPHL_airplanes.txt and KPHL_airports.txt and KPHL_airlines.txt files should be compatible. I only include the two schedule files and the terminal file. Note #1 make a copy of your KPHL airport folder and never mess with it. If you begin to make your own schedules, you will wish you had those originals untouched. Mine was named by windows KPHL - copy and it does not mess with Tower!3D's functions. Note #2 you can then copy these three files into the KPHL folder and it will overwrite them. It will also leave the original KPHL_airplanes.txt, KPHL_airports.txt and KPHL_airlines.txt files untouched. Options for CSB, Cargo South The original KPHL_airlines.txt file did not include this airlines and at KPHL, there are many flights per day from this airline. So if you want to see the CSB that is in my schdule, you can add the following to your KPHL_airlines.txt file. If you do not do this, no harm, the program still runs, you just won't see CSB arrive or depart. //CSB added for KPHL flights CSB, 2I, CARGO SOUTH, 21 Air, United States Options for REAL COLOR users. If you have REAL COLOR, I found my original KPHL_airlines.txt file needed to have one line changed. Yours may need to be changed too. To see Piedmont livery, I had to change my original airline file to use the old US airways 2 digit code instead of the new PT code. So I changed the line in KPHL_airlines.txt. Otherwise, I would only see the white paint job for Piedmont. //PDT, PT, PIEDMONT, Piedmont Airlines, United States CHANGED TO "US" FOR REAL COLOR PDT, US, PIEDMONT, Piedmont Airlines, United States Working notes. I changed the terminals file in version 3, removing all airlines that were not used in this particular schedule. It does make this terminals file unique for this schedule. I also double checked (FlightAware.com and/or FlightStats.com) to see where many of the affiliate airlines used for arrival and departures and moved them to the proper terminals (thus version 3). There are many more airports in the world than are in KPHL_airports.txt. When a real schedule is used, you have to make a decision to either (1) eliminate those flights, (2) modify the KPHL_airports.txt file, OR (3) change the schedule to move those flights to the closest airport that is in KPHL_airports.txt. I originally chose option 2, but since it is unclear if I should be uploading massively modified KPHL_airports.txt files from REAL TRAFFIC, I came back to option #3. This option balances reality with realistic. Good luck. ===== 2/21/2019 Pete_agreatguy offered this modifcation and attchment is below as V3.1.7 "...had to replace the following liveries as I don't own KMEM Real Colours (used this to work out which to replace with): airline code / aircraft (@Scout Yu's schedule) / replaced with aircraft ENY / ER3 - E135 (kmem) / ER4 - E145 (kjfk, klga or kmem) SKV / E75 - E175 (????) / E70 - E170 (klga) RPA / E75 - E175 (kmem) / E70 - E170 (katl, kbos, kjfk, klga, klax, kmem, kphl or ksan) JIA / CR7 - CRJ7 (kmem) / CR9 - CRJ9 (klga or kmem) I've attached the edited schedule file ONLY for anyone else who, like me, doesn't own KMEM - but would like to see all the liveries 🙂." KPHL_20181107_V3.1.zip KPHL_20181107_V3.1.7z
  9. Hi Folks, I did a few searches and didn't really find any that dealt specifically with this, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Does anyone understand how aircraft fly the circuit when given that instruction? When I give them the command, they'll do the circuit at 1500 (unlike the standard 1000) and I have had wildly different results from aircraft to aircraft, with no discernible pattern that I can find. I've had them turn onto the downwind and just fly forever. I've had them do a turn in the wrong direction and just do circles (i.e. left circuit they will enter a right had orbit) I have had a couple turn onto a very long final, we're talking like 5 miles or so which for the circuit is nuts. Also, inbound traffic on final will often come too close and you get a penalty for loss of separation even though this scenario happens regularly at airports all over the world. So, what I'm trying to figure out is: Is there something I'm doing wrong? Or is the circuit in tower3d Pro basically broken? Thanks folks! Happy controlling!
  10. Some (FRTxxxx?) can't find her Taxi-way after landing and the order "Taxi to..."??? Is it a bug or a EDDM-feature?😤 Sorry for the external link, but the max. Size for me is hier 20kb. 😨 --> Bug-Picture <--
  11. Did a session last night with 8 and 7L active. A few bugs to report again .... LOG file attached :) 1) AAL1597 gets stuck after pushback and will not taxi to runway 8 whatever command is issued (inc. continue taxi) 2) FDX3711 will not taxi to ramp via the following route after landing ... Now taxi's via this route ... 3) FDX556 will NOT taxi to 7L via the following route output_log.txt
  12. Hi all, Been doing a SP session on T3Dpro and came across aircraft getting stuck. See this screenshot. Log included. Air shuttle 6301 was instructed to taxi to runway 27R at E via taxiway's H, E. Southwest 237 landed on runway 26 and was instructed to taxi to terminal via A, D, H but to hold short of taxiway E so that the Air shuttle could pass. The southwest aircraft did hold short of E but the Air shuttle got stuck when going by. See screenshot linked above. output_log.txt
  13. Hi all, I was playing SP today and using runways 22R and 22L. 22L for landings. I had an issue with Southwest 2106 getting stuck. After SWA2106 landed successfully, I issued the command "TAXI TO TERMINAL VIA C M K E2". He replied to acknowledge the command but did not move. After clicking on the aircraft, there was no taxi path showing. I issued the command again without success. At KBOS, there seems to be no link from K (near taxiway A / B) to the end of the terminal area (just past taxiway E2). Screenshot here. Log file attached. output_log.txt
  14. Hi, I've been playing on KBOS a lot today and have noticed a couple of issues (could be bugs): 1) After landing on R32, I instructed AAL2126 to hold short of taxiway K; however the aircraft never did stop and ended up face to face with another aircraft (see this screenshot). 2) Any aircraft landing on R32, all aircraft stop prior to joining taxiway B without instruction to hold short (after taxi to terminal commands have been provided prior to this). See this screenshot. Informed No 2 is not a bug! Log file has been attached fo r both of these issues :) output_log.txt
  15. I want to switch from tower3d to tower3d pro i want to get rid of tower 3d and purchase tower3d pro so i only pay the difference in the games p.s. i bought tower3d on steam
  16. Hi all, I was doing a session just now at KPHL and I could not get a SpiritWings (NKS877) aircraft to taxi to runway 27L. I tried several routes and even a the very basic "runway 27L" via clicking with the mouse on the control panel. See this screenshot. I have attached my log file below. output_log.txt
  17. I install real traffic and real colors for TIST St thomas airport ( real traffic first) and all i get when i try and load it is sound from the game (sound like the sea) and it loads up to 99% and stays there forever, here's the log that was generate im usuing tower3d pro steam edition but the addons are from atcsuite.com windows 8.1 pro 12gb ram [EDIT: removed log file dump ... please don't cut&paste log files into forum, see request below by Gabor (aka, nyergesdesign) to send log file.]
  18. This probably has been brought up somewhere but what chances do we have to get a user increase for multiplayer session. A benefit of doing this is the airports can be split up. Witch would and a level of complexity to the game. Plus if we could also get tracon entagrated then we could have both departure and arivales controls.
  19. Hi all, I have recently bought Tower!3D PRO in the steam sale and am interested in making it a more realistic simulation. Does the real color series of addons for Tower3D also include the voice changes (i.e. airline callsigns etc) or do we have to purchase the "REAL TRAFFIC FOR TOWER!3D" separately?
  20. While I appreciate the desire to inform your customers about new add-ons, I find it annoying that the game always defaults to one of these adds, instead of the most recent airport played. This is particularly annoying when exiting a session. Recently I exited a session with the intent of restarting it to try again, but was instead hit with an add for KLAS, and had to manually reelect the airport I had been playing. Is there some way to make these adds a bit less aggressive? Andrew
  21. Hi All, I've done a clean install of Windows 10 and Tower3D but can only have either male or female pilot voices, I used to get both but it's stopped for some reason. I live in the UK but have trained the speech recognition to US. I've downloaded all the English voices from MS so have a few to choose from. If anyone has any ideas please let me know! TIA.
  22. I have been playing Tower3D Pro and have noticed that on KJFK that when I give the command to taxi to the terminal there is a very long pause before this happens causing the next landing plane to stop on the runway and the following in trail to go around because they will crash. What I have noticed is that even after giving all the commands, the plane will start taxiing once the next plane no matter the distance in trail will exit the runway once another plane is on short final. Is there something I am doing wrong or do I need to give this command earlier? I normally give this command as the plane escapes the runway on KLAX and have no issues so I am wondering why I am having it on KJFK and sometimes on KPHL but not KLAX.
  23. If you have been putting off buying Tower3D or any of its' add-ons, now looks like a good time to buy. Everything looks to be 25-35% off. You can buy KSAN and Real Color for KSAN for less than the price of just what KSAN was. But you have to go to feelther.com and not atcsuite.com Happy Valentines Day everybody, RickyJ
  24. http://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/flights/todayinthesky/2017/01/05/better-jfk-airport-ny-gov-unveils-10-billion-upgrade-plan/96214812/ Will periodic updates to KJFK for Tower!3D include new visuals as the new construction progresses? Construction equipment moving amongst the aircraft and service vehicles, way too cool. RickyJ
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