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Found 20 results

  1. Hello. I have downloaded the real traffic and is in the correct place in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\ and it is still not working. Please help me. Thank you.
  2. I bought Real Traffic for Tower3Dpro on 8/23, but now it isn't showing as active. I also cannot find the activation email they send you for steam. How can I get it back?
  3. Hello, I am currently working on a custom KPHX schedule featuring only Canadian airlines. This is what I have so far let me know what you think of this. Comment any bugs or missing things in this fourm Hours that work 5 am 6 am 7 am 8 am 9 am Enjoy kphx_terminal.txt kphx_schedule.txt
  4. Hi, faced with some taxi issues on KLGA. I apologize if these are mentioned before. Planes departing from the Marine Air terminal cleverly hold short of runway 4, but then never move with the command continue taxi again. I have to re-assign them to the runway to let them continue the taxi. Another issue is on RWY31 at taxiway Z...planes are enter the runway w/o any clearance even after the hold short command For example at W everything is fine. Thanks in advance,
  5. The game and the manual have conflicting port numbers that needs to be open/forwarded when starting a multiplayer server. The documentation lists two different ports, 21112 and 22222 and the game lists one port 21112. The correct port to open/forward for the multiplayer server is 22222. The client (connecting machine) does not need to open/forward any ports. In addition you should have these two firewall rules: Name Profile Enable Action Override Program LocalAddress RemoteAddress Protocol LocalPort R
  6. Hey folks, I just installed a fresh Tower3D Pro version over Steam. Tested it to see if the 747 works with LAX = it worked. Installed the actual version of RT and tested again for the 747 = worked well. Now the big Problem: installed RC for LAX (of course a fresh download) and the 747 is gone....... it has become a white twin engine jet....... What am I doing wrong here? By the way, the RT works well and the RC colors working as well with other airlines and planes such as southwest at LAX.... Any suggestions!?
  7. Hi All, Having some problems with KJFK in Tower3D! Pro (SP33c). After setting up desired settings (runway, time, weather, etc) I click start and the loading page appears. Music continues to play for a few seconds however the loading icon makes half a turn and the status remains at 0%. Shortly after I can hear traffic talking to me and tapping the PTT button plays the appropriate sound and I am unable to interact with the aircraft. The airport graphic never loads. I've tried other airports (including both included and add-on airports) and JFK is the only one doing this. Other troubles
  8. For you clever simmers out there, How is the best way to handle International flights that depart a different terminal to domestics by the same operator. e.g. UAL, AAL etc. international flight arrive & depart form different terminals, at some airports. e.g SFO. In Tower 2011 I handled this by assigning different IATA & ICAO codes to them i.e. United became UAH & UH for int. flights & terminal assignment UAH Etc. This worked fine. There was No RC involved so no problem there. Has anybody tried this in 3DPro? How does it handle two different ICAO/IATA codes in the airlines.
  9. Working KLGA I have noticed that some A/C exiting at taxiway F can't find their way to the terminal. Example: EDV 3638Arr 1515 sat at the exit hold point & wont move. The following sequence occurred: 1515 Told to taxi to terminal, no movement 1516 Tols to taxi via R A. no movement 1516 Told to taxi via R B. same. 1517 A/C deleted by me Log file (attached) shows rout calculation problems. This has happened many times. This is the first time that I have captured a screen grab & a log file. Any ideas. Kev M game.log
  10. Morning, I wasn't able to upload my output_log file due to the file size restriction so I am not able to provide one as of now. On to my issue I bought KBOS today from steam and updated my game, then I got real color from feelthere.com. Updated the game to 3.1 amusing steam has already done that and Boston was then added to my airports. I then installed Real Color for Boston having to change the directory to my D drive .......... D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\Extensions\Airplanes\Texturepacks After installing I started the game yet I had issues with the liveries not showing
  11. New to game, having a blast. I searched for a description of the symbols on ADIRS panel but couldn't find what the cross to the left of zoom in zoom out buttons was used for. Doesn't really seem to do anything for me. Also, how to I re-position data tags for overlapping tags on ADIRS or DBRITE?
  12. When Tower3DPro was released, one of the included features was the ability to manually turn on and off the runway lights. There is even a little button at the top of the dashboard for this purpose. However, the feature has always been somewhat wonky, and I am not certain if it is airport specific, as I have not tested it. Problem 1: At least in the past, if I started a session in the daytime, I could torn on and off the lights at will when it got dark, or at any other time. However, If I started a session at night, the lights were already on automatically from the beginning of the se
  13. For Vic & the FeelThere team I know you guys are working on airports & Upgrades but I wonder if KSFO is on your short list. I was watching KSFO on fltRadar 24 & listening on Live ATC last night and realised how mush I enjoyed working KSFO on Twr2011. Kev M Brisbane Australia
  14. Doing multiplayer when trying to connect the server is started and waiting for connection is displayed, the client goes to join but after about 10-15 seconds the message "not connected" comes up. Further attempts are unsuccessful. Pinging the "server" is successful with 62ms response times: ----???.???.???.??? PING Statistics---- 92 packets transmitted, 92 packets received, 0% packet loss round-trip (ms) min/avg/max/stddev = 62.0/63.10/72.2/1.61 Traceroute gets as far as the ISP in the "servers" city then times out, which is probably expected. Router is set to forward any
  15. This may be a limitation since the "plane tracking" has been changed but when you tell a plane to "enter final" for a different runway, such as going from KPHL 9L to 35, the camera view returns to the planes entry point (9L) when it is lined up for 35, until it gets to about 3nm from the runway, instead of the where the plane. Has anybody else experienced this, or is it just me? RickyJ
  16. After the local traffic at KSAN has done their "stop and go" or "touch and go" or both I clear the plane to land and have it taxi to the terminal. Once the plane arrives at the terminal, the plane flight strip does not go away and I cannot select the flight strip to delete it once the plane reaches the terminal. I can delete the plane after I tell it to taxi to the terminal or I can tell the plane to contact departure after it does its' final procedure and the flight strip information will be removed. Screenshot and game log attached. Should I not be landing the plane and sending it to
  17. When using local traffic at KSAN for low approach the plane will to the low approach (100ft) but with give a message that it is "going around". There are no penalty points and the plane keeps flying until it reaches 300 feet then will stop in its' tracks (othere planes will keep moving) but the SIM will come to a crawl until the plane is deleted. Then you can resume normal operations. Attached is the game log file and screenshot. RickyJ LowApproach.log
  18. Since nobody has complained or everybody is using "voice command" it does not look like there are any plans on expanding the "Command Panel" selectable text. I am aware that English is the spoken language of the air industry, pilot or controller or otherwise, but some of us may be voice challenged and have to type in a lot of the commands for the Pro version. I guess maybe if you cannot speak then you are not a Pro. Or is there a trick to adding more selectable text like there is for adding more voice commands? With saddened heart, RickyJ
  19. I had to capture this because previous attempts to land at runways 8 and 35 at KPHL resulted in air collisions. Hooray for Tower!3D Pro........ RickyJ
  20. It's good to see the main directory naming convention is back (the exclamation point is back). I can now takeoff from KPHL runway 26. The bluish tint and labeling of the taxiways is pleasing to the senses. The higher camera view lets you see the planes better, mostly noticeable at KJFK. This makes up a little, but not much for more camera zoom. Although a lot of the commands do not have drop-downs, I have been able to create a text file and do a copy/paste. The added pushback step keeps you more busy. The added "CALLSIGN, RUNWAY 9L CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF UPON REACHING ALTITUDE 004 TH
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