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Found 8 results

  1. I can not get the program to run. I've uninstalled the program multiple times and the 2010 Visual C files. I click to run it and nothing.
  2. Greetings everyone: I'm posting this question to other fans of TRACON 2012 who've developed their own sectors in the hopes you've run across this problem and come up with a solution. Since winter snow has trapped me inside for the next month I decided to develop/create a CYVR sector. Everything works EXCEPT for aircraft departing and arriving at airports within the Vancouver base sector (Eg. Departing Vancouver and arriving in Victoria, approx. 30 miles away, both airports are within the base sector region). The aircraft in question will follow all commands including clearance to land at it's destination airport, but the moment it's handed off to the destination tower, the aircraft will immediately call Departure, similar to it's initial contact call (Eg. Departure Jazz 8077 with information INdia at three thousand climbing to three thousand). The aircraft will continue to descend until it falls off radar at which time the calls to departure are non-stop and I have to end the game. I hope I'm making sense because it's got me stumped. Any ideas? I'm wondering if the game was ever set up for this type of scenario even though there are plenty of examples on maps like LAS, LAX, MIA when you could create a similar situation if you wanted. Thanks in advance. Screenshot of CYVR is attached. Jim P.S. Thanks to SATCH_999 for his helpful posts on how to create sectors. They provided a wealth of information.
  3. Hi, Is there a way to change the PPT key (currently it's the TAB key)? I'd like to change the PPT key to have both tower 2011 and tracon 2012 running on the same machine. I'm sure it's shouldn't be too hard to do that. Cheers, Manuel
  4. Hi I installed Tracon!2012 on Win10 in the german environment, switched it to US english and in principle, voice recognition is working. Pilots sentences however are not plain english, it seems that the computer tries to read english words with german pronounciation. That sounds quite terrible and is hardly to understand, especially the ac call signs. Any idea how to repair that ?
  5. Hello, while controlling the las vegas area, i had an arrival destined for Nellis. In the course of the game, Nellis shut down. how do i redirect this aircraft to another airport to land him? I didn't see anything in the manual regarding this. Also, how do i reposition the datatags on aircraft. Looked for instructions in the manual, but apparently i missed it. Finally, in future releases would it be possible to have hotkey control to turn on/off the waypoint names, sector boundaries, etc. thanks for your help tw
  6. can i get some help please!! When i want to make an new TMA and i create the runway's for the airports it craches. saving it in other namens doesn't help and i don't know how One note works i can create everything but the runways. What am i doing wrong?
  7. Good morning Tower2011! and Tracon players and builders, I play Tower2011! and Tracon for some time now and with great pleasure . I am very satisfied with the voice commands you can give compared to other ATC simulators. Meanwhile I have bought various Add-ons and they are piece by piece great. Yet I encounter a small problem which I do not find on this forum page. I have the idea that (mainly) at Tracon my PTT button hangs. When i played the simulation for about 10 minutes and I push the PTT button to talk to a (random) plane, then the name of the previous plane I spoke to keeps coming back in the command display (it sort of freezes). I have to pause the simulation and have to click on different places on the screen, with random mouse clicks (left, Center, right) to get it running again. Within 2 minutes it starts all over again. Is there anyone who has the same problem, or better, is there a solution for it? (additional info I play with 3 screens). Builders, Many thanks for the great game and add-ons. it is very addictive. ps is there a possibility that there will be a add on for the Dutch (EHAM) sectors soon? Kind regards, Dennis.
  8. So far I've done all of my time controlling KLAX and I've gotten a little complacent I must admit. I've edited some of the SID's and STAR's to make minor corrections in altitudes or missed legs on a route and things normally flow quite smoothly. Notice I said normally....I should have known better. Session parameters - KLAX - Time 14:00 - 100% Approach Rwy 24R/25L, 50% Departure 24L/25R, realistic weather, Real Traffic addon. It starts off nice and slow at first, UA18 is climbing out and although I know QFA93, SKW6123 are inbound they haven't been handed over as yet. I'm casually re-arranging the menus, getting the zoom right on the scope and generally settling in for a few hours of fun. And then it happens...I'm in the middle of giving an instruction to one of the flights when suddenly the runway centerlines switch! I look over at the wind gauge and sure enough there is a 20 knot tailwind blowing down the runway centerline. Approaching flights are going to have to land from the oceanside of LAX instead... Oh boy. Alright I say to myself, it's ok. I don't have any flights cleared for approach, it's not too busy yet but I know I have a lot of planes incoming. Now I start re-routing the incoming flights..."QFA93 cleared direct to Waker"...I hear a burst of laughter from the kitchen as my wife hears me say "Whack her". She also tends to giggle a bit when I vector flights to "SAD" as well. Wow, the wind gauge is reading 38 knots almost due South now, glad I'm not landing in that crosswind. "SKW6123 cleared direct to Pevee"...ok, breathe, oops LAN600 is being handed over, what am I going to do with him? He's way over by Riivr and expecting to land on 25L. "LAN600 Radar Contact", "LAN600 proceed direct Holtz". I can just imagine a real pilot would answer "Holtz? I'm going to LAX buddy not Santa Catalina!". Oh well, I'll figure it out when he gets closer. Oops better descend him to 10,000 before he gets too close to the Imper departure route. Valujet 346 didn't make his turn and now he's late heading that way and will cross LAN600's track quite nicely for a conflict. QFA93 is approaching the western boundary, I better turn him north, "QFA93 proceed direct Nancy" I say rather breathlessly. His answer? "Negative". "QFA93 proceed direct Nance"...answer "Negative". "QFA93 proceed direct Timse", thank goodness he takes that one. Whew! Ok, note to self, find out the correct pronunciation for NAANC. Whoops, I have to clear him for landing...uh oh...I don't know what runways are used for ocean approaches! Agh! Desperately I radio QFA93 who must figure I'm having a nervous breakdown "QFA93 cleared visual approach runway 7L", answer "Negative". Then I try 7R, 6L, 6R, all are rejected...he's almost crossing the centerline now. Ooops, forgot to ask if he can see the airport, that's why he won't accept any clearances to land. Eventually, I figured out that it was runway 06L and 07R and that you had to pronounce that leading 0. More departures, more arrivals are being handed over. Some departures aren't following their departure routes but are just flying heading 070 forever. Oh well, things are settling into a routine as I re-route flights for ocean approaches and start realizing which departure need help and which don't. I'm still somewhat rattled from the sudden change and it's a relief when I hear my wife call out that supper is ready. When I sit down she asks what's happening because it sounded like I was getting a little frantic there for a bit. I briefly explain the wind change and she rolls her eyes and hands me my plate. Air Traffic Controllers get no respect... Oh well, still having fun and I didn't crash anyone yet...now what's the pronunciation for NAANC? I'll have to Google that later.
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