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Found 6 results

  1. When ever i give a some commands they will just respond with "Negative" not a reason but just that it works fine with "Flight Level 180" but not "Climb and Maintain one zero thousand", also ther planes won't accept approach clearances Evan within 30* of turning distance and a respectable amount of space for intercept. Please Help Me I love this game!!!!!!!! (I have read Manual)
  2. Hi. I'm trying to recreate my sector in tracon2012 but I'm not really sure how to setup this procedure.... We don't have any STARS or GPS NAvigation so pretty much all traffic inbound, when entering the area is vectored to the ILS. We do have a central VOR and I believe the best way to setup this would be create "stars" for each boundary waypoint direct to our VOR. Would you do it differently? Also I have a problem with my SID's. Our east departures have published SID's because waypoints have radar coverage but for all western departures our procedure is "track extended rwy centerline until 4700 then resume own navigation" Because all departures in the editor are POINT based how do I set this up? Thanks for all the help. In case you need references lookup LPLA charts on this website: http://charts.portugal-vacc.org/ and here is the link for my sector so far... https://we.tl/t-hLOFaio1Zt
  3. Hello, I have this problem with Tracon 2012 Steam Edition, every time I press start to start the game in single player, the game loads but it crashes as soon as it is loaded and ready to play. Any help will be appreciated. System: OS Windows 10, 64 bit, English US 32GB RAM NEVIDIA GTX 1080 openAL installed Speech recognition not installed as I have no intension of using it Manny thanks, Jason
  4. I purchased both Tracon! 2012 and Real Traffic for Tracon! 2012 to download. I know the boxed version comes with a manual, but I would expect that a downloadable version would at least have a downloadable manual available? I have yet to find ​ ​​a manual online, or at least more information regarding tower/center frequencies and approach/departure information for the available maps and runways. Can anybody help me please?​
  5. Hello all! I'm starting with TRACON! 2012. I've updated TRACON with the real-traffic add-on. The next thing I wanted to do is download the SID and STAR charts for LAX. A few charts can be found online, but a lot of SID's and STAR's are updated. For example: I need the DP (SID)-chart of "Sebby 7", I can only find "Sebby 8". Can you let me know where to find the old charts, or is it possible to update TRACON? Thanks in advance. Regards, Matthijs
  6. Can anyone please confirm whether there has ever been an update/patch to TRACON (time of writing: Oct 2014)? I bought the DVD version in September 2014 but it is quite possible that such hardcopy versions might not be up-to-date with the very latest version and require updating/patching. Also, I have seen someone mention a "common problems" thread but I've been unable to find it in this forum. (http://forum.simflight.com/topic/76246-tracon2012-do-i-need-an-update-patch/?hl=%2Bcommon+%2Bproblems)
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