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Found 8 results

  1. Hey everyone, Within the past 24 hours I was clueless to what I was even attempting to do and now I have got a pretty good idea and some basic functionality going. I am trying to make a Discord Bot that sits on FSX Host Computer that will see all the Tail Signs for the Different Airplanes in the server and will move the Channel they are in based on the COM1 Frequency selected by the Pilot. I have gotten it working on an individual level using Address 313C for the Tail Number and Address 034E for the COM1 Frequency. Now I want to do this but for all the Air/Ground traffic. For example in this case assuming there is a single Aircraft on the server I would be able to see the Tail Number using Address E096 which is the AI ground traffic ATC id[1]* and the COM1 Frequency using Address E0A6. *Note this is for ground traffic but works the same way if the Aircraft is in the air. The problem I am running into is showed in the picture below. For some reason FSUIPC will replace the Tail Number with the Airline Call Sign. This could show up as "Navy" or "Pacifica" but the problem is I am getting duplicates with no way of identifying each aircraft individually therefore breaking my Bot. I hope this helps clarify my situation. I was looking into Address D000 and F000 as shown in the FSUIPC4 Offsets Status document but I am not good with Bytes and don't really understand offsets. I really want to make this bot for the Flight Sim Community once its stable I will release it on GitHub. I hate how terrible in-game communications are and always wanted get use out of the Plane Radios with Discord. I believe every server should just be able to open a Jar file input a few variables and have realistic COMs. Any help is greatly appreciated! Screenshot of the Interrogate is below and I also posted a quick GIF of my current progress. Thanks everyone! CrazzMC As you can see below it doesn't pick up G-BAFM, N-ACAB, UKR1337 and NAVAD163. But it does pick up the local guys. Problem is it replaces NAV001 with NAVY. Not sure where the tailsign goes. Here you can see I get it working if the "Pilot" has the script running, but this isn't that nice as I would rather have the script running on the Server Host computer.
  2. Can you please fix this penalty spree bug in the current (29/12/2017) Tower3dpro Steam Edition? Exact version available in the screenshot. I encounterd this penalty spree as you can see in the screenshot, I paused the game took a screenshot and then quit the game because I really do not wish to continue trying to get into a positive score which that huge penalty list. The only way to stop getting the penalty every second was to delete the airplane, but that was already to late because I set the game to 16x speed because it was during a slow traffic hour. Also, this is the only airport where I have to ensure the airplane category separation? I've played many hours now on a few different airports, and it was never required to rearrange in-flight airplanes to the same cleared runway. It is normally only required todo so when you are shifting/changing runways to other ones as requested by the flights themselves. How should I upload screenshots to prove/indicate the problem/bug when I can only upload 0.02MB?
  3. Good day all, Taking a dip into the traffic schedule today and i noticed there are so many flights missing from the daily schedule. As an example, starting at midnight yesterday, 9/2, at LAX, here are the first 5 flights that were set to depart. I took out the lax_schedule.txt file that was in the LAX folder and replaced it with the same named file but only the 5 flights below to test. When the game loaded, the first 5 flights that came up were not these 5 -- it started with an Asiana flight, followed by Alaska, KAL12. I do have Real Traffic, and I assume that the real traffic file is running what the game uses, but with so many REAL flights missing, how do I modify the real traffic (if even possible)? I am also on Steam, so please let me know how to adjust it (i.e. WHERE is the real traffic file as I don't see it in any folder on my PC). Thanks! LAX, ICN, 744, K4, 2817, 12:00, 00:05, 1, K4 LAX, MCO, 320, B6, 132, 12:00, 00:03, 1, B6 LAX, CAN, 388, CZ, 328, 12:00, 00:03, 1, CZ LAX, SJO, 763, GB, 2213, 12:00, 00:01, 1, GB LAX, NAN, 333, FJ, 811, 12:00, 00:01, 1, FJ
  4. Does your PC struggle with AI traffic? Have you ever wanted AI Traffic not to be loaded except where you're flying to/from, to increase performance? Here is your answer! Unwanted AI Remover will remove any AI which isn't flying to/from your Departure or Arrival airports. This can increase performance significantly! For example, say you are at London Gatwick - you will notice that AI traffic has loaded at London Heathrow. AI Traffic remover will remove the Heathrow traffic (and any other traffic, except EGKK and where you specify your Arrival airport say, LEBL). I have seen an increase of 7-9 frames at Gatwick alone! Just follow the simple instructions included! 01/10/2017 - Now updated to Version 1.002 (minor bug fixes and few improvements) https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=201300
  5. I want to report a bug with FSUIPC version 4.962 on Prepar3D v3.4 + HF3 The traffic limiter option interferes with the external lights of the new PMDG 747 v3 How to reproduce: Make sure setting are set to display air traffic and the traffic limiter is set to off (i.e 0) Load up 747 sitting on a runway at any airport at night (I tested at EGLL) Turn on the landing lights Now open FSUIPC and set the traffic limit to a number instead of zero (I set it at 100) After clicking okay the landing-lights of the PMDG no longer illuminate the ground, even though the switch is 'on' ?? Toggle the switch several times eventually restores the external lights, but sometimes it never comes back on? I'm sure this is a FSUIPC bug and not a PMDG one, because disabling FSUIPC from the dll.xml file fixes the problem completely.... I noticed some people on the PMDG forum were complaining of poor external lighting on the 747, maybe this is linked? Thanks
  6. Hi Pete, I intend to purchase AI traffic software and run it on my client computer and connect it with my FSX computer (Server). Are you aware of any software that will be network compatible and run either via widefs or simconnect? None of the programs I have seen so far (i.e. MyTraffic or Ultimate Traffic) seem to be network compatible - at least the description doesn't mention so. Kind regards Robert van Veen Germany
  7. For Tower! 2011 how do I add addons like airports and real traffic??? I have already bought it where would I put the addons in which folder? For Tower! 2011? Thanks Joey :)
  8. Hi Friends Are you aware of any open source traffic injection tool in FS2004. i am looking for some demo code for traffic injection. Thanks Arya
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