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Found 7 results

  1. Dear All, Hope you are well. I have a problem with my home cockpit. It incorporates two yokes, both with trim switches as per the real thing. They are connected to TSR Systems (both on prority 0) on a wideclient pc "instrument 2". Inputs are being read by FSUIPC on the FSX "server" pc and I can successfully trim up and down without issue on both yokes. The problem: I cannot make either yoke's input, repeat (even though it is selected in FSUIPC) like the real trim in the real aircraft allowing for smooth trim movements by holding down the yoke switch. For example to tr
  2. Hi All. I don't know if anyone can shed any light on this. I've set up the following conditional button events to set and re set elevator, aileron and rudder trim. lines 23 to 29 work perfectly well, but lines 20, 21 and 23 are giving trouble. These resets events work once and once only. After that they do nothing until I restart FSX. 17=;***************************************** 18=; Throttle quadrant 19=;***************************************** 20=CP(+3,2)2,1,C65706,0 -{ELEVATOR_TRIM_SET}- 21=CP(+3,2)2,3,C66731,0 -{AILERON_TRIM_SET}- 22=CP(+3,2)2,4,C66721,0
  3. Hi Pete, this is about the problem of the misalignment of the Saitek trim wheel when disengaging the autopilot. As soon as you move the trim wheel the airplane bounces up or down related to the absolute position of the trim wheel. That is well known to all users of a trim wheel and really miserable. I found in a X-Plane forum an idea which leads imho to a really handy and reasonable workaround to avoid that problem: i wrote a lua to deal with the problem. what it does: in AP mode the trim wheel disconnect from the trim axis in non AP mode the trim wh
  4. I am having a strange problems since updating to latest version of FSUIPC with the elevator trim on all my aircraft. As soon as I start my engines during pushback my elevator trim begins erratically moving up and down until I start to taxi and the plane reaches a few knots ground speed at which point the elevator trim corrects itself. Thou it is not a serious bug it was bothering me enough to uninstall FSX and reinstall my 60+ gigs of addons which unfortunately has not fixed anything. I have tried running FSX without my flight yoke. I've updated all addons and drivers. I've spent a few hours b
  5. Hi Mr Pete Dowson Sir I'm a newbie to FSX and FSUIPC as well. So please bear with me if I have asked you a silly question and not googled hard for a similar question/solution already asked and answered. I have a requirement in which I wanted to read/write Pitch & Elevator Trim executed via lua scripting triggered by a button in a Joystick. I'm new to FSUIPC and hence started browsing example code from your collection of lua scripts ... and slightly modified "Display Vals". The offset document and code example( display vals, liar) is neat and clear when it comes to read
  6. My first post: I have FSUIPC4 4.939 (registered) running in P3D 2.5; Saitek yoke, throttle, rudder, and trim fully controlled by FSUIPC (and thank you for that!). My problem exists with or without TRrackIr 5 or ASN add on programs running. When I start P3D for the first time after a PC boot everything works perfectly until I adjust the trim control; once the trim is used I lose all control inputs and FSUIPC not only quits working but is frozen to the point that the program cannot even be modified, nothing can be selected. However, if I exit P3D and restart, everything works perfectly ag
  7. Hi Pete, First, thanks for your tremendous work, which allows us to build our home cockpits ! I have a question relative to building a motorized yoke for a Baron58 in a FSX/Win 7 sim. I want to get a "real" trim, i.e move the neutral position of the yoke when I use the trim whell (or when the AP moves it). I am using OpenCocpits SIOC language. I currently have a motorized trim wheel with a multi-turn potentiometer ; when piloting manually, to set the trim, I read the pot, and send its "value" to offset x0BC0. Under AP, I read the offset value, and move the motor so that the pot (an
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