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Found 4 results

  1. I thought I read somewhere that if I disconnect my controllers and reconnect them in a different order later that I lose all my configurations saved for each aircraft. I know that each usb device has a unique identifier in the usb device but is this associated with the Joy# in FSUIPC! The reason I am asking is that I have different hardware devices for whether I am flying lanes and Helis, etc. I could have as many as 9 different hardware setups. I suppose I will go through a test tonight to see if changing may hardware and re-connecting it will cause assignment problems.
  2. Hello, I just wanted to share my experience here for some possible input. I have a home built flight simulator full cockpit with overhead panel that is currently being refitted with different usb interface boards. I discovered this particular USB interface board will not work to "FULL POTENTIAL" using FSUIPC and FSX (PMDG in my case): http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=94&products_id=300 My original overheard panel used 5 of the "BBI-32" usb boards and they worked fine. The problem with this usb device (BBI-64) is that FSUIPC will only detect 32 of the 64 inputs. Note that FSUIPC is listed under "Product Downloads/ tab. If Pete knows how to remedy the issue that would be great. Otherwise I will have to stick with the 32 pin boards for flight sim use and lost quite a few usb ports. Dont forget windows usb port shortage errors! (maximum usb ports used) Here is what Leo Bodnar website replied to me about this problem: "If FSUIPC does not support more than 32 buttons then it will not work with BBI-64 that has 64 buttons." To verify the interface board works as it should, I used a program called PPjoy to test inputs. All 64 test good. But when using "Windows devices/properties"..... only 32 inputs will show. Maybe this is the problem. FSUIPC does not recognize all 64 inputs (maybe is does not look for that many) seems windows does the same thing. Hope this could be resolved and possibly help someone else. Larry
  3. PLEASE ALWAYS POST SUPPORT QUESTIONS IN THE SUPPORT FORUM! So, I've had the Saitek X-56 Rhino for a while, and it's worked without problems, until about a week ago. Neither the stick or trottle quadrant is working in P3D at the moment, but the wierd thing is it's working in the Saitek program. I've tried most of the usual stuff like changing USB port, I've also done a troubleshooting in Windows, with no results. I am using FSUIPC 4 and I have disabled my controllers in P3D. I've been told you can change the JoyNames in the fsuipc.ini file, but to what, and what numbers to change? Very wierd problem, seems like it should be an easy fix. Thanks in advance /Fred
  4. Hi, So I am trying to build a panel for PMDG planes and want to connect the hardware through Zero Delay USB Encoder and FSUIPC. The problem is that while for example FSX recognises this and shows "Button 01" or others, FSUIPC takes no notice of the input. My question is thus: Is it possible to do this at all or does FSUIPC not support Zero Delay USB Encoders? Thanks
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