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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, First, I must thank you for a very useful product. It worked for a while, and had nice visuals with it, and P3D Realtime Weather plus FSXPilot. As you probably know, both those depend on FSUIPC. Then it stopped working. I have tried everything that I could find suggested, including deleting wxstationlist.bin and the collected .wx files. Reinstall FSUIPC (install goes without any complaint). Deleting fsuipc4.ini. Deleting SimObjects to have it rebuild. Nope. If setting FSUIPC Disabled True in dll.xml, the scene loads and remains stable. I can take off and do everything. The moment I enable FSUIPC though, I get CTD as the scenery begins to load (getting half-loaded virtual cockpit visuals for the few seconds before crash, and half-loaded scenery). The CTD, according to Event Viewer, happens either in util.dll, or, more often, in weather.dll. Both are 0xc000005 errors. The fsuipc4.log file suggests no cause as to why it would crash, the last log line being consistently the "Starting everything now..." message. (Maybe "starting everything" is the cause of it, I don't know.) At crash time, neither P3D Realtime Weather nor FSXPilot are running, so I would not put them to blame. I have no further addons installed in dll.xml. I have tested the memory chips for a good four hours last night with Memtest86, nothing there. I have been busy trying getting this back to working state for the past one day or so, but to no effect. System is windows 7 equivalent (Server 2008 R2); have 8Gb of memory. There are a couple of planes installed, the one I am trying to fly is a Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 Marquise, made by Premier Aircraft Design (an FSX design, but works quite well). I know the above is not a full run-down, but please indicate what information you'd require next to help resolve this issue, or any further suggestions as to what to try. Thank you in advance Peter
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