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Found 4 results

  1. I posted a GSX aircraft profile for the feelThere E170 V3 on FSDreamTeams' forum in the GSX Sharing area - Airplane Configs board. The download for the profile is in the post. Here's the link: http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,23316.0.html Jeffrey S. Bryner
  2. Hello All I am finding that my button textures don't all seem to be working correctly depending on the button state on the overhead panel in the E195 V3. I am running P3Dv4.5 on Windows 10 with a high end PC. As examples I have taken the following images from my sim: 1. APU Gen Button looks fine when 'in': 2. APU Buttonis glitched / incorrect loading of textures when in 'out' state - same thing is happening with other buttons on the overhead - e.g. windhshield heat buttons: 3. MCP button lights don't illuminate - by this I mean the white/green rectangular lights above the VNAV, ALT, FPA, A/T, etc. buttons (not the back-lighting which I understand is inop). you can see on the FMA that AP is armed and NAV for example... but no lights to indicate this on the MCP? I notice the following posts have the same issue: Any suggestions for cause or fix would be most appreciated! Thanks Adam
  3. PLEASE ALWAYS POST SUPPORT QUESTIONS IN THE SUPPORT FORUM! So, I've had the Saitek X-56 Rhino for a while, and it's worked without problems, until about a week ago. Neither the stick or trottle quadrant is working in P3D at the moment, but the wierd thing is it's working in the Saitek program. I've tried most of the usual stuff like changing USB port, I've also done a troubleshooting in Windows, with no results. I am using FSUIPC 4 and I have disabled my controllers in P3D. I've been told you can change the JoyNames in the fsuipc.ini file, but to what, and what numbers to change? Very wierd problem, seems like it should be an easy fix. Thanks in advance /Fred
  4. Hey all, i have P3D V3.2 and as controls i have saitek yoke and panels. as drivers for saitek panels i use SPAD Which requires fsuipc to work. so till today FSUIPC was working fine. earlier on i tried to install FS-Recorder 1.331 Manually. and when i launched the sim. fsrecorder did not work although i edited the DLL.XML and also FSUIPC Was not working + GSX. so i left fsrecprder aside and tried to fix fsuipc/ so i tried remove the dll from the modules and reinsalling... not working so i then tried to0 manually edit the xml file......not working so i then desperately restarted my pc.... not working so i then again tried to manually install and edit the XML file....... not working. if anyone has a fix, PLEASE Help me. im really desperate to start flying. + i have a livestream in 2 hours so i need help asap. thanks for everything helping me out. really appreciate. regards, Ryaan
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