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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Pete I have had a number of reports from users that their VRInsight Combo MCP panels are failing to connect to FSUIPC and LINDA. I have been unable to find a common cause and have been unable to reproduce the problem on my own system. There is a possibility that the problem may be linked with a Win10 update (power management) or a change made to FSUIPC5 5.14-5.15. My system is fully up-to-date and I am using v5.15 without any issues. When FSUIPC connects to the VRI Panel using the comport defined in FSUIPC5.ini [VRInsight] block, it reports "VRI port 1 "com5" opened". This should be acknowledged by an entry identifying the panel model connected "VRI MCP2 ("MCP2 Boeing") detected on port com5". This is the information (CMDMCP2B) returned from the panel with the command CMDFUN. See attached FSUIPC5-VRIConnection.log line 344 = BAD and FSUIPC5-VRIGood.log lines 281 and 60500. The VRInsight software VRISIM.exe can be used to test this. In the reported cases, there is no panel model reported by FSUIPC but the Device ID is returned . LINDA uses the Device ID as confirmation that the panel has been successfully connected. However, commands to the panel (CMDCON and CMDFUN) do not work and the panel is unresponsive. Have you made any changes to the VRI logic? Any suggestions? FSUIPC5-VRIConnection.log FSUIPC5-VRIGood.log
  2. Bonjour J'ai un simulateur de vol A320 avec MCP Combo II - FCU Airbus, CDU II Airbus et V320 OVHH de Vrinsight.j » installé (réglé) FSUIPC4 4.957c et je ne parviens pas à faire reconnaître mon matériel (équipement) Vrinsight, pourrais-je avoir de l'aide? Je reste à votre disposition si besoin de plus d'informations. D'avance merci Cordialement ALEXANDRE ALAIN
  3. Hi Pete I would like to assign the button TOGA, CLIMB and FLEX in my VRInsight MCP II when I move the throttle to TOGA or CLIMB or FLEX position for the FSLabs A320. Is that possible through FSUIPC? My scenario: Prepar3d 3.4.22 FSLabs A320 VRInsight Combo MCP II Thanks a lot Kiko
  4. First of all a HUGE thanks to Pete for arguably the most useful and influential piece of supporting software ever written for FSX! I am just about to purchase the VRInsight multi switch panel. According to all I've read this works without drivers so I am hopeful that I can assign the various buttons and, especially, rotary knobs to the main aircraft that I fly. (PMDG 737/777, FSLabs Concorde X and A2A C172) I have spent a good deal of time experimenting with these three aircraft and FSUIPC - Concorde being the most problematic but now resolved via rotor_brake commands - and have no issue with operating the crucial functions (heading/course selector/altitude select etc) using button combinations on my PC keyboard. Before biting the bullet and purchasing the panel, I just wondered if anybody out there has had any experience or issues with this device? (As I said, it is a little different to the normal VRSinsight boxes as it does not rely on their serial connection but behaves instead "like a joystick" according to their website.) The rotary controls are my prime concern as I have not yet been able to test these on my joystick but from reading the FSUIPC manuals this seems fairly straightforward to set up.
  5. Thanks to prokopiu for his script using FSUIPC. I success make script to make Vrinsight CDU II work with PMDG 737NGX without original VriSim. Because VriSim allway ask to config Panel FMC, I make change Display size of CDU II in fsx.cfg to 768x1024x32 then can using undock panel in full screen mode, don't start VriSIm. Here is script for it. Vri_CDU2_PMDG737NGX.zip
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