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Found 3 results

  1. HellO I launched 100 times Tower 3DPro with KBOS extension and wind is always between 323 and 068 degrees..... hard to use 22R and 22L..... 😡
  2. Wanted to get a feel on a few changes that could be implemented with a SP update if possible. These may have been asked about in various posts, but I checked tons of pages and only found a mention or two. I know these are small things, but for a game that is primarily based on ground movements, these things can really increase the realism, and illustrate the true complexity required. 1. Continue taxi to cross a runway -- This is #1 on the wish list as all FAA airports require "Cross RWY XX" command from ATC. Continue taxi is only meant for halted planes on non-rwy spaces to move again. 2. Wind -- Wind should always be given in an ATC read back for landings. Departures will get it to depending upon the controller/airport requirements, but landing should be a required piece. Every pilot needs to know what they are facing (crosswind, helping, headwind, etc). Game now will clear an aircraft with a modified cleared to land instruction, but to increase the realism, code in some wind language. 3. Incremental taxi -- Flow and traffic management is key -- issuing drawn out, lengthy tax instructions is not always effective and is a lot to remember, especially with a lot of ground traffic. Good way to increase realism and give better control would be....."Taxi via Echo-Charlie - Hold Short at Victor - (to allow another jet to taxi past) - THEN when it's time to move issue further taxi instruction to the next point. ATC does not have time in real life to call out "hold position" each time there is few jets in a specific area. 4. Better control of gating -- Give a heads up on the AIDRS when a plane is being given an instruction who is on approach/just landed where that gate will be (even if the plane hasn't landed yet). Real world ATC will often know the gate ahead of time and be able to issue proper roll out instruction for a high-speed further down the runway to facilitate better/more efficient
  3. Pete, Is there any way for a future update for FSUIPC to implement these features: 1. A way to switch off the rudder animations below a certain speed. This is so that when taxiing, only the nose wheel would turn and the rudder would stay stationary. Currently when I taxi, the rudder would turn when I twist my joystick (rudder control of course), but I feel like the rudder should only move when the aircraft is above a certain speed, let's say 40 knots. This would allow the rudder to stay still during taxi but would move above 30kts in situations for example to compensate for crosswinds during takeoff and landing. Of course, some aircraft don't have steerable nosewheels, so this option could be controlled to specific aircraft or simply a tick-check box in the user interface. 2. This is perhaps one feature that I would really desire in FSX. At the moment, when I accelerate up the runway for takeoff, any wind above 1 knot would force the aircraft to turn into the direction of the wind and will not go in a straight line.This also applies when taxiing the aircraft. Now this is a natural occurrence called Weathervaning, but I feel that FSX has really exaggerated it. I shouldn't have to wrestle with the rudder controls to hold the aircraft on the centerline if there isn't a crosswind above 10kts. The same thing happens when I'm landing and touch down, the aircraft would drift off erratically and I struggle to keep it on the centerline. I think there should be a feature to prevent this effect, I feel like it should be controlled realistically by the wind in FSX. For example, if there is a headwind at windspeed below 10kts there should be absolutely no weathervaning effects on the aircraft. During crosswinds, the effect should be proportional to the windspeed again, below 10kts, again there shouldn't really be any effect. If the windspeed is higher, then the weathervaning would gradually increase in intensity to simulate it realistically. I hope you can take these suggestions into consideration. I have no idea on how FSUIPC works so I'm not going to expect these to be implemented, maybe I'm just being ambitious, though I would really like it if they somehow where.
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