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Found 4 results

  1. I have my Logitech G X52 Hotas working well in P3Dv4.5 using FSUIPC5 to assign and calibrate axes. I have not installed the Logitech software and am reluctant to because I am not sure that the drivers will cooperate with FSUIPC. I am also not sure they can be readily uninstalled and the Windows drivers reinstated as others have reported problems trying to do so. So why am I writing? Its the lights. You can't control them without the Logitech software. And the mutifunction display is not backlit so I can't use the timer. So can anyone say if I can install the Logitech software and still use FSUIPC with the stick? Thanks Steve P.
  2. Hello, First, as I have written in the title, I own the X52Pro. My main question is to ask, if it is possible to move the slider on the throttle to move the speedbrakes, escpecially in the B738 or B772 from PMDG? In FSUIPC5 the axis is known as axis S. I'm too inexperienced of these tons of buttons to make them move the speedbrake lever, although hoping that it is possible? Does anybody have a clue? Any answer is appreciated. Regards, Ralf
  3. Hello, I've a question on how to get the mode system to work for the Siatke X52 Pro Joystick. The mode selector switch (a rotary knob) on the top right corner of the joystick is not seen/detected by FSUIPC; meaning that as i switch from mode 1 to 2 to 3, there is no joystick action registered in the "Button + Switches" tab in FSUIPC. However, the mode switches work with default windows game controller properties as three red tabs that light up as you switch the modes. The mode switch also works with Saitek ST Programming software and it allows be different functions to be set on the same key with different modes. For reference, I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, and X52 Pro driver version is, and ST Programming software version is also; and FSX:Acceleration Here is what I would like to do, I have a few mouse macros in FSUIPC and want to assign them to my X52 joystick buttons with mode 2. Those joystick buttons are already taken in mode 1. So, I want to assign 2 different functions to 1 joystick key using 2 modes. Mode 1, joy#1,btn#1 will perform X action, and Y action when in Mode 2. Can this be done? Anyone here has experience with the X52 controllers and modes with FSUIPC?
  4. Hi, I have FSUIPC (FC), registered, with FSX and Saitek X52. Now I want do programm Button B on X52 with the command 'AP panel Altitude hold' = CTRL+Shift+Z. I use Tab 'Key Presses' to enter the Keycommands (on Keyboard). But it doesn't work. And the selection 'Buttons + Switches' for define which Joystick button for this command is active, means I could use this option. See attached File. I have spent a lot of time do solve this problem, no chance. Thanks for help (My native language is German, therefore sorry for errors :oops: ) Regards Ruedi
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