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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I own a copy of FSUIPC 5, and am looking into getting FSUIPC 6, in order for it to be compatible with my P3Dv5 installation. I have a couple questions about its benefits, as I was not able to get the previous version to work correctly with my cheap Logitech yoke and pedals, most likely because I did not know what I was doing 🙂 Is it true that FSUIPC 6 can help with the short travel of Logitech Yokes. Not sure if travel is the correct term, but the issue is that the smallest movement of the yoke translates into too much movement in the sim. Almost as if there should be a curve in terms of how much pressure is actually translated from the yoke travel to the sim. Can FSUIPC 6 also help with brakes after touchdown? The fact that there are two separate brakes is causing me to skid in one direction if there is the smallest difference between the pressure I apply between the two brakes. How do fellow flight simmers deal with this issue? Does FSUIPC fine tune the sensitivity of the brakes for me? Thank you for your time and help!
  2. Dear All, Hope you are well. I have a problem with my home cockpit. It incorporates two yokes, both with trim switches as per the real thing. They are connected to TSR Systems (both on prority 0) on a wideclient pc "instrument 2". Inputs are being read by FSUIPC on the FSX "server" pc and I can successfully trim up and down without issue on both yokes. The problem: I cannot make either yoke's input, repeat (even though it is selected in FSUIPC) like the real trim in the real aircraft allowing for smooth trim movements by holding down the yoke switch. For example to trim down by one push on the FOs yoke moves the trim down a step at the moment. I have studied and found that instead of using the FSUIPC dedicated options for trim dw/up you can use offsets. I have used offsets X0BCO and it increases the step size (16383 etc) but the step problem remains. To troubleshoot I thought that the sim could be experiencing conflicts. I removed all Trim selections from FSUIPC and I confirm no FSX controls are active in the FSX GUI. However the trim still moves. So this hypothesis seems to be correct. In the FSUIPC file attached I see buttons that have been configured. I cannot see them in the FSUIPC GUI. So I think they have been added outside the program. Linda? LUA? I don't know. Could you kindly look at the file and advise what the keys translate to? ie. the name? of most importance are the trim keys - I will delete them. If you can help identify more than even better. Just to add, I know by updating these would be annotated. But I am worried updating will loose any configs and or previous programming. If Mr. Thomas Richter is out there, I believe he did a lot of work on this sim in the past. It maybe that he in fact programmed this originally. If you could point me in the right direction as to how to make this work I would be very grateful. Thank you for a great program. KR Nick FSUIPC4.ini
  3. MOVED FROM FAQ SUBFORUM! I am running FSX Steam Edition Microsoft@ Flight Simulator X Deluxe 10.0.62615.0 (FSX.20150710-10ss) on a Windows 10 Pro build 15063, 64 bit system using FSUIPC version 4.969. I cannot get my CH Eclipse Yoke and Saitek Pro Throttle Quadrant both working together. I can assign and calibrate either device and use it standalone without any problems. However, if I configure both, the CH Eclipse Yoke seems to take control and I can only assign axes to the yoke. This happens regardless of I having "AutoAssignLetters=Yes or No." Both devices are using a USB port on the motherboard. I have tried exchanging ports with no resolution. I have tried using both devices on a USB 3.0 hub with no resolution. Whenever both devices are configured I receive the following information from the FSUIPC console ----------- 172 ---------------------- Joystick Device Scan ----------------------- 172 Product= CH ECLIPSE YOKE 172 Manufacturer= S 172 Vendor=068E, Product=0057 (Version 0.0) 172 GUIDs returned for product: VID_068E&PID_0057: 172 GUID= {6F807CF0-680B-11E7-8001-444553540000} 172 Details: Btns=26, POVs=(0, 0, 0, 0), Cal=x00000000, Max=R1023,U1023,V1023,X1023,Y1023,Z1023 172 Product= Saitek Pro Flight Quadrant 172 Manufacturer= Saitek 172 Vendor=06A3, Product=0C2D (Version 2.2) 172 GUIDs returned for product: VID_06A3&PID_0C2D: 172 GUID= {FD6494F0-6D53-11E7-8001-444553540000} 187 Details: Btns=9, POVs=(0, 0, 0, 0), Cal=x00000000, Max=R0,U0,V0,X255,Y255,Z255 187 Product= HP Wireless Keyboard Kit 187 Manufacturer= Lite-On Technology Corp. 187 Vendor=04CA, Product=008D (Version 0.97) 187 ------------------------------------------------------------------- 187 Device acquired for use: 187 Joystick ID = 1 (Registry okay) 187 1=CH ECLIPSE YOKE 187 1.GUID={6F807CF0-680B-11E7-8001-444553540000} 203 Device acquired for use: 203 Joystick ID = 1 (Registry okay) 203 1= 203 1.GUID={6F807CF0-680B-11E7-8001-444553540000} 203 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks, slapstock
  4. Hi Pete and everybody else, I'm now using a yoke for my simming, the Saitek ProFlight Cessna. All buttons set but for two on the right hand side. One button is for use in saiteks own profile editor for changing modes to increase the number of commands per switch/button but i'm not using the saitek editor. Can the mode switch be used via fsuipc for the same effect? The rhs on-off-on switch I have set to autothrottle dec and inc, ie left and right with no command on release. My problem is that when on the ground I have unlimited control of the autothrottle value, I can adjust up and down as expected so for example can select 178 as v2+20 as my initial climb speed, what i want to do as i retract flaps is increase speed to the 'bug up' speed which is around 220knts approx, but what is happening as soon in flight is that the speed can only be adjusted in steps of 10 so I get 188 198 208 etc, not the single steps as when on the ground. I'm fairly certain I've read about this problem but I cannot find the same text about this, is there anybody out there that knows a fix for this. regards Steve
  5. Hello Guys , So I've updated the Aerosoft Airbus A320 to ver 1.30 , even though , I have bought Saitek Flight Sim Yoke . The issue is that I'am using C1 and C2 to move the rudder ( i've set it in FSUIPC ) , but there is no reaction from the aircraft ! is working on almost on all aircraft , any help regarding this ?
  6. Hello all! A newcomer to the forum here, and a complete beginner to FSUIPC, SPAD, Lua and all that jazz. My dilemma is that I do not know how to control and input multiple control axes, a Saitek Pro Flight Yoke and X52 joystick at the same time. At my ATC (Air Cadets) squadron, we have a pretty comprehensive setup, with Saitek panels, pedals, three screens and a projector. I'm in charge of the renovation project and a particular problem was the complications of having the two control inputs working at the same time; we had to reset FSX every time we wanted to swap. This is a problem and as far as I'm aware, is impossible in FSX's default binding settings. Using SPAD for the multitude of panels we have "shouldn't" be a problem (we'll see!) but I am clueless about setting up multiple axes to work simultaneously (even a method where there is a "sidestick priority-esque" system to use a button to switch between control methods is fine). Any insight is much appreciated and thanks to anyone in advance, Liam
  7. Hello peter, nice to meet you. my problem is when in windowed mode in fsx steam I click anything on the bottom windows task bar say to open plan 3 g it disconnects my ch yoke everytime and I have to come right out of fsx and start again I have your free fsuipc installed but somebody senior on the orbx forum said the only cure for this known problem on windows 8.1 is to purchase the full fsuipc version. will that correct it? many thanks.
  8. Good evening Pete, I have just had to re-load Windows 7, and thus ALL my FSX Program, add-on aircraft and add-on scenery. Don't feel sorry for me - it was all my fault! :oops: However (there had to be a 'however'!) on flying the FSX Beech Baron I thought the pitch response was mighty sensitive, one might say fierce. I tried altering the response slope via the FSUIPC calibration page and it did not seem to make much difference. I then 'flew' the Carenado Beech Baron BE58, and lo and behold I had the same problem. On accessing the pitch calibration page I noticed an anomaly. When moving the yoke forwards the response varied according to the slope set, and reached the maximum set number of about 16,400 at full yoke movement. However, when pulling the yoke backwards the response was far more rapid, and reached the similar maximum set number of about 16,400 after only one third of the yoke movement from neutral to maximum. This reflected exactly what the pitch response was when 'flying' the simulated aircraft. I suspect this means there is a problem with the sensors inside my Saitek Pro yoke, but I would be grateful if you could give your opinion. If indeed this is the problem, do you know if there some way I could fix it by opening up the yoke black box and cleaning contacts/pitch pots or whtever may be causing the problem? :(
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