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CH YOKES& Spoliers & PMDG 737NG 7 Fsuipc registered

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I am runng FS2004 over a two PC netowrk with registered and lastest versions of wideFS and FSUIPC for which I am grateful!

I am trying to configure the spoliers on the PMDG737-700 NG to one of the axis on my CH Yoke.

I just cant get it to work! Everything else is set up and calibrated perfecto........

Anyone got any thoughts or better still cracked it?

Happy New Year


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I am trying to configure the spoliers on the PMDG737-700 NG to one of the axis on my CH Yoke.

Specifically on the PMDG737? You are saying you have spoilers on other aircraft working fine, but not on that particular one? If so you need to contact PMDG support to see what they've done. I thought that they operate the spoilers in the standard manner, using the normal FS controls.

If you don't mean specifically that aircraft, but FS in general, you need to go into FS's Options-Controls-Assignments, select the Joystick, scroll down to find the spoilers axis, and do the assignment there.

The fact that you use FSUIPC and WideFS isn't really relevant. You do not need either to get FS2004 spoilers working on an axis. This is supported by FS out of the box.

By the way, don't try calibrating and testing the spoilers on the ground. The control only works correctly in the air. They'll flicker or move to 100% deployed (i.e. ground detente) if you try to use them on the ground.



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