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Problem with the Throttle

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hi, i have build my own Throttle A320

It works like a normal joystick X Y axes but in FSUIPC the Throttles only show on the Main Page Page1 for Flight Controls.

On Page 3 the numbers stay on 0

how can i get the Throttle to show up on the other Pages?

The throttles shown on the 4 separate throttles pages are those assigned to

throttles in FS, one for each engine. You must assign them and calibrate them normally in FS first -- get them working there before using FSUIPC.

The throttle on the main flight controls page is the default all-engine throttle supported by FS for most users, those with simple controls and single throttle levers. The fact that yours shows there means it is not assigned to a specific engine in FS, so it won't show on the specific engine throttles page (unless mapped from the one common throttle)..

What are you wanting to do with FSUIPC's pages for this in any case? It is just for more accurate centering and null zone setting. You should be able to get everything working fine first in FS alone, then just use FSUIPC for accuracy.



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in the FSUIPC page the throttle shows. but it wont work in FS Assignment

i can moove it but nothing hapens. why is that?

FSUIPC is only showing what FS is telling it the throttle input is doing. If it is changing there it must be changing in FS, because that is all FSUIPC displays.

Maybe you have the engine connection broken for it -- try pressing E then 1 2 3 4 (on the main keyboard) in FS. This tells FS to control all 4 engines with the main inputs. Check FS help for stuff like this, it isn't part of FSUIPC at all.



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The only explanation is that they are assigned to X,Y rotation and not X,Y linear.

Try to D/L this:


This a package for PSS but inside the package there is a configurator program that will indentify the axis name. Since the program doesn't use FS but reads the joystick directly with DirectX the axis name is the correct one.

José Oliveira

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