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Software Accreditation with FSUIPC

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Dear Peter

First appologies for posting in the group if this is already covered, howver, being unable to find a direct line for correspondence. I thought I would be so bold as to start the thread.

Speaking from the angle of a sim hardware developer. I am very interested in an application becoming accredited with your eminent FSUIPC should our projects become popular.

Without your time and effort in producing such an outstandingly versatile piece of software for us sim addicts! such forays as ours would be far more difficult to realise. For those not in the know, software development can be a long, tedious and lonely business not to mention a fine catalyst for the developement of bald shiny nubs through hours of hair pulling and stress.

For the reason above It would naive of one to presume there would only be a small royalty fee for accreditation.

If accreditation is only given based on your discretion, do you sell a bulk or commercial registration alternative?

I would very much look forward to your thoughts both in and out of the forum.

regards Mark


fsuipc :D atcplace.co.uk

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If accreditation is only given based on your discretion, do you sell a bulk or commercial registration alternative?

Not sure what you mean by this. There's not been one instance yet where amicable agreement on terms has not been reached very quickly. I expect the other party to be honest and fair, and trust in their judgement as to what sort of reimbursement is reasonable and realistic. Same with the methods of payment.

Please, in the first instance, download the FSUIPC SDK from http://www.schiratti.com/dowson and read the Access Registration document. Section 4 is relevant. Then contact me on petedowson@btconnect.com.



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