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VB or C programmer searched for a FSUIPC function

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I am preparing an article about "Do more with your joystick", of course based on "Button programming", and I am looking for a good soul to write a little DLL: to display a message in the "scrolling text window" or in a corner of the screen for a second or so. The text has to be appearing when a certain variable, written by a button programming command, changes. This variable defines the number of a the text row in an external file.

The goal of the DLL: you can program an up/down "sequencer", some kind of a software rotary switch, with Button Programming. Depending on his setting, certain commands can be executed, like the setting of radio frequences, course bugs, Vor OBI, trim up/down, propeller pitch control etc. The only problem is that, because it is all Button Programming, there is no "physical indication" of the sequencer setting. Therefore I need this little DLL, to display the sequence number (minimal) or better, a short text row, stored in a file, with "COM1 set" or "VOR 1 OBI set" etc.

I assume you understand that the DLL must be freeware, and I am sure it will be a successful addition to FSUIPC and not limited to my proposition as application alone.

Thanks in advance,


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