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Why does my battery run down now after 2 min w/ latest vers?

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No, I have not spend $24 USD on a registered copy as the only thing that I would use is the stinkin' battery failure switch that MS so graciously forgot to include but still, the newest version of the FSUIPC acts as if I have a Sears Diehard 2 minute special, and despite whether or not my APU generator on PSS Airbus or the engines are running their Generators, my radios still fail every 2 minutes on the dot.

Please tell me how to fix this, and even if I did spend the $24 USD on a registered copy JUST to fix this one problem (i.e. not worth that price) I'm thinking my problem might bes greater than just what a registered copy would be able to fix. If the newst version of the FSUIPC did not cause this, than what else would be playing with this feature that is such a pet peeve of mine?!

Please advise, I'm pulling the hair out of my head!

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Please advise, I'm pulling the hair out of my head!

Please calm down, or we cannot discuss anything.

i have not changed anything relating to that option. Please check it first with a default aircraft. If t works with a default then I'm afraid you need to ask the aircraft authors for assistance. It is quite easy for any aircraft maker to override almost any of the FSUIPC options.



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