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Thank you for your fast answer.

Eranswer? Oh, I see. you started a new thread called "Re:". That's not very meaningful, is it. Could you try to keep in the thread you started, please, so I can understand what's being said. I have to try to keep track of many things at once here and it is difficult without the threading. You see? Thanks.

But the Report comes when I try to connect GPSOUT after starting fs2004.

What do you mean, "try to connect GPSout". There is no connection to do. GPSout has no switches, no controls,, nothing. You simply install the DLL into the FS modules folder and it does its thing with no further ado.

When the consol switch on the Parameters( Altidude / Speed / Position don't show anything. All Parameters are set on 0 .

What "consol switch"? what "Parameters( Altidude / Speed / Position"? Sorry, but you've lost me again. Is this on a separate computer using a separate program and connecting with a null modem serial cable?

Please be a little more explicit as to what you are talking about. You other message was talking about some FSUIPC program which presumably you are running on the FS PC. This cannot be anything to do with GPSout. They have nothing to do with each other.

You ARE using two computers linked by a null modem serial cable I assume? Else what are you using GPSout for? What are you actually doing?

Did I do something wrong ?

How can I know? You don't tell me anything to make a judgement on. Sorry.



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