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A Possible Oops

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I received my rebuilt yoke (USB) today. So I unplugged my yoke with a gameport connection and plugged in the USB yoke.

However, I didn't clear the FSUIPC assignments I have for the GP yoke.

Now, when I start a flight, NOTHING works. I can't even access the menus.

Is FSUIPC looking for the old yoke and halting FS execution?

What do I need to do if this is the case?



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1st, what make of yoke?

2nd, have you returned to your old yoke to check if fs works?

If its a CH Products yoke, it provides a new set up that FSUIPC accepts without any problems (in my experience), that said though, you might have to cancel to setup in FSUIPC before it works, but I would guess not. Pete could answer that with more confidence.

However, if it is a CH Product yoke, it might be that you need to update you driver for it. I bought a new one seven months ago and I still needed to update the driver. That was a problem but the new driver sorted it.

If it is the CH Products yoke, here is a link for the latest driver.


Hope that helps

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