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hi guys,

I'm having problems programing the buttons of my Go-Flight jet system with FSUIPC to fly the A/330-340-737NG adds-on , if anyone who did it can help me please .

You don't seem to be getting any replies to this. I don't use any of those panels so I really don't know what options they have for control other than by mouse clicks, though I'm pretty sure that the PMDG 737NG (if that is what you have) does provide keypress assignments for many of the main functions.

If they only support mouse clicks then the only way you'll be able to use external hardware will be by using something like Luciano Napolitano's "Key2Mouse" program (http://www.wideview.it/key2mouse.htm), and then assign buttons to keys to drive it.

If you think of the GoFlight buttons, switches and knobs as simply joystick buttons, then you will see you can assign keypresses to them in FSUIPC's Buttons page. When you operate a GoFlight 'button', FSUIPC will recognise it* and you simply assign whatever you want, as described in the FSUIPC User Guide.

(* if FSUIPC doesn't recognise your GoFlight buttons then you need to go get new GoFlight software and install it -- FSUIPC accesses the GF stuff through correctly installed GF drivers).

The only special case to deal with are the rotaries. FSUIPC provides 4 buttons per rotary -- slow and fast in each direction. Don't use the 'repeat' option in FSUIPC with rotaries, they do the repeating for you. Also remember that, because you will be assigning keystrokes, you cannot expect the values to keep up with fast turning of the knobs -- the keyboard buffering and Windows message queuing imposes a constraint. This is why I provide a "fast" mode. You can also make things go a little faster by assigning the same control to the button 'release' as well the 'press'.

FSUIPC does not drive the displays on your GF equipment, so you will find the MCP operation a bit disappointing. I do have a display module on my list of things to do, but it isn't imminent.



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Moved from private message:

I did all the setting allready as it is described very clearly in the user guide but the problem was with using the GF-MCP: the displays (it is clear now)+ a conflict some time with the hold button of HDG SPD ALT as I'm trying to assign it for the push action for A/330-A/340 & another button in the RP48 for pull.

do you have any suggestions?

Sorry, can you explain more about what the problem is? If it is just re-using the same button for different things, you can use every button differently in each aircraft -- just make the assignments "Aircraft Specific" in FSUIPC.

in the advanced user guides there is the pollepicbutton+pollinterval ,I added them in the FSUIPC.INI [bUTTON] does it help & what is the best rate for the rotary switches :25? does it help also for the displays?

The Epic one isn't applicable unless you use an EPIC card or EPICUSB device.

The polling interval is irrelevant for GoFlight buttons because, as noted in the documentation, the GoFlight system is by a call-back from their driver -- there is no polling involved, their driver calls my routine when anything happens.

Displays aren't handled at all by FSUIPC. As I said, I do have a display module on my list of things to do, but it isn't imminent. Sorry.



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