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request for sample application in VB.NET

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After doing all my programming projects in VB so far,

I now switched to VB.NET

Is there any good sample application project available where I can study how offsets are read or written correctly in VB.NET ?

Thanks in advance

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Its easy. Once you have connected to read stuff just call these functions:

FSUIPC_Read(offset, size, token, result)
FSUIPC_Get(token, value)

Offset (ie &H2342) and size are from the SDK and relate to the variable you are trying to read. Value is the actual final value. You need a different token for each variable you want to read.


FSUIPC_Read(offset1, size1, token1, result)
FSUIPC_Read(offset2, size2, token2, result)
FSUIPC_Get(token1, value1)
FSUIPC_Get(token2, value2)

And writes are simply:

FSUIPC_Write(offset, value, token, result)

Email if you want my .Net dll.

MOST important, remember to declare your variables as the same data type as specified in the SDK. ie if it says integer with length 2 then use int16 data type.


To register your app with FSUIPC

Dim token As Integer
Dim bytecode() As Byte
Dim a As New System.Text.ASCIIEncoding

'Insert your key in this line
bytecode = a.GetBytes("A4729AOCNPVU")

FSUIPC_Write(&H8001, bytecode.Length, bytecode, token, dwresult)

'if Process returns true then success else failed to register
If FSUIPC_Process(dwresult) = True Then
 '...success code
End If

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ReadOnly Property COM1() As Integer
            Return CInt(Hex(myCOM1))
        End Get
End Property

This is how I do it. I have a separate class which reads all the FS data I need on a regular cycle.

myCOM1 is a private vriable of type Int16 and I place the data I get via FSUIPC into myCOM1. This returns the com frequency * 1000 but without the starting 1.

for example if property COM1 returns 2346 then the actual com1 frequency is 123.46

Same works for COM2 and I presume the Nav frequencies altho I do not currently collect them

Hope this helps

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