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Replacing patch sound file


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Upon reinstalling My Traffic 2004 in FS9 I ran up against that 'patchsound has been modified' business. I extracted USEnglishBig.gvp from CD2 and put it in the main FS9 directory: it didn't replace any file. In the main directory the files I have are suffixed with 100M, 1001, 1002 and TAIL.

I tried to run the Database Builder again and it wouldn't run. Am I doing it right? What should I run after replacing (or not replacing but installing, in my case) the sound file?

Is the MT2004V20HD the upgrade file for MT2004?

And what does MyTrafficSound2004V21US do? Is it an alternative or an improvement?


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You should put the sound file, usenglishbig.gvp, into the directory \sound, there is will replace an existing one.

Now you doubleclick to soundpatch.exe, and it will add the callsigns.

The new file 2.1 is an extended version, which adds many more callsigns for the giant monster in my neck :lol: called MyTraffic version 2.1 with an excess of 800 airlines and 1800 paints. So if you do it from the fresh file, I recommend you use that one, so you do not have to do it again when you upgrade to MT2004 Version 2.1.

There I still am working on the performance. Having vastly improved the regional airline/commuter situation in the US including advanced schedule technology, it shows that there are many airports which are dominated by ERJ145,ATR, SF34 and Dash8 - and I currently make faster models for these since you wouldn't understand framerates to be lower at a commuter airport with 20 commuters than at a large hub with 100 or more.

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First part:

"So if you do it from the fresh file, I recommend you use that one, so you do not have to do it again when you upgrade to MT2004 Version 2.1."

I'm sorry, you'll have to explain this: are you saying to use the new MyTfafficSound V2.1 instead of the origional?

Second part: I ran the updatechecker, it told me to go to http://www.fsrail.com/MT2004U20a.zip: I cant find it: it doesn't seem to exist.

And what is this file, at the top of the Downloads page: MT2004V20HD? Is this a previous update, the update the updatechecker referes to, or what?

It's not clear from the downloads page what these files are for, and why and when they should be installed.

Thanks again.

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The updatechecker tells you to download

http://www.fsrail.com/MT2004U20a.zip and this exists, I checked a second ago. You posted http://www.fsrail.com/MT2004U20a.zip: which cannot be a valid url.

This updates MyTraffic2004V1.0 to V2.0.

For 2.0, for those users who want to have a higher traffic density the high density expansion exists. The traffic delivered with version 2.0 stock is optimised to have all airports running smoothly, without significant congestions. The HD version, with 50% flights, is guaranteed to have congestions at major airports, of course reducing the traffic density helps against these.

In order to hear all the new airlines in ATC, you have to add their callsigns using the ATC sound patch. I recommend that you use the new 2.1 version now, it contains all (300 approx) additional sounds from 2.0 and approx 200 more for 2.1. Soundpatch update can be done cpompletely independent from the MyTraffic Update and is mandatory. If you have another source of ATC sounds, you can skip it. Hope this makes it clear?

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