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Can Prt Scr be mapped to a controller button?

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Yes, Windows sees the key.

Yes, that's the problem, which is why it can't be used to program an FS or FSUIPC function.

I wanted to assign it to a joystick button to make screen grabs easier. Flying a helo takes two hands on the controls.

Oh, I see! You actually WANT it to do a Print Screen. Sorry. I thought you were asking whether the key could be used for other things. My misunderstanding.

FSUIPC doesn't see the Prt Scr key.

Its list only includes those usable in FS, that's why. I'm not sure if I could make an exception for Button programming (as opposed to Key and Hot Key programming) -- but I'll have a look. If it is easy I'll slip it into the interim test version I am planning to upload here later this week. Watch the announcements.



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Yes, Windows sees the key.

Further to my last reply, I've looked into this.

It is not possible to program a button to send the Print Screen keystroke using the FSUIPC options screen, but you can do it by manually editing the FSUIPC.INI file.

The reason is that Windows takes the keypress before FSUIPC can see it, so it can never fill in the box on the Buttons screen.

Edit the FSUIPC.INI file and program it there. To make it easy, program your button to make, say, a "space" key press, then close FS and edit FSUIPC.INI. In the [buttons] section look for the line with


at the end. That will be the sapce. Replace the 32 with 44, the keycode for PrintScreen.

This gives you a "normal" print screen -- the whole screen. I've also tried it with ALT (for the current window),


and this works too, but unfortunately the ALT also brings up the normal FS menu.

Other keys which won't be easily displayed by FSUIPC but which may be usable by direct editing include:

19 Pause

20 Caps Lock

27 Escape

144 Num Lock

145 Scroll Lock

Hope this helps,



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